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Hayley :D
Lose weight by only eating on weekends...?
First of all i know its really unhealthy and all of that so no lectures.
I will put the question on again if i don't get a decent answer.

So i was going to not eat any food in the weekdays [monday-friday] and then on the weekends [saturday and sunday] eat a small lunch and dinner.

How much weight will i lose?
i need to lose 6 pounds per week, do you think i can do it?
Additional Details
But on the weekdays i will be drinking water, maybe diet coke and organic juice.

jerry r
its not just unhealthy, but its also a bad way to lose weight.

first, youll be losing muscle mass. none of this "oh but i dont want to be buff anyway" bullcrap, it means you'll literally be skins and bones.

second, youll be messing up your digestive systems and your metabolism this way. you might lose some weight, but you will also gain it back much faster.

third, 6 pounds a week is a lot. unless youre morbidly obese, you shouldnt be losing more than 2 lbs a week. and even if youre obese, starving yourself is not the right way to do it. eating better, not less, is the best way to lose weight.

You would lose weight fast, but then when you began eating normally, you'd gain weight back really fast because your body would want to store fat for the next famine. You'd also ruin your metabolism and make it that much harder to lose any weight in the future.

if you dont eat ur gonna get really low blood sugar and youll get weak
that is not healthy..especially if ur gonna be exercising!

dont do thatttt.
just exercise AND eat!

lee :)
If you're trying to lose weight, you'll actually lose more if you eat during the day.

Not eating messes up your metabolism, so you won't be losing anything but muscle. The fat will still be there. When you don't eat, your body actually creates fat cells out of what it has in order to support itself.

I suggest that instead of not eating entirely, just eat super healthy in small portions, like having six small meals a day.

you'll only get fatter. no, im serious. when you starve yourself like that, your body goes into survival mode and clings tighter to fat. when you wait it out long enough, you wont be hottie skinny, you'll be holocaust skinny.
go healthy and natural. like, eat veggies, fruits, WHOLE grains, and fish for the entire week. they're 1) good for you, nutritious, blah blah blah, 2) they're complex 3) they wont make you fat.
and of course, you've probably heard this already. excersize. i find running refreshing and very effective at fat burning
diet coke? you're joking right? the word "diet" basically means cancer. i'd probably go w/ water and skim milk all the way. as for the juice, just stick w/ fruit

Wow. really, dont do this. I am in the same situation you are wanting to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Like two weeks ago I started an oatmeal diet... i usually try to eat oatmeal for every meal. I get the low sugar apple and cinnimon kind because its only 110 calories. At least eating three packets of oatmeal a day, you are bringing in some nutrients. I have lost over 10 pounds in two weeks.

The key thing about this diet is be flexable. Like for example, last night I went to chilis and got fajitas... i ate half and brought half of my meal home because I was stuffed. Its okay to add other foods to the diet and this isnt a lifetime diet... but its a good idea to kick start a weight loss plan. Im 21 years old and it seems to be working for me, but I also go to the gym a couple times a week.

Hopefully this diet interests you more then eating nothing because that really is unhealthy and will make you sick.

Sports pro
Yah good idea!

I mean youll gain weight because
your matablolism will freeze
and anything you eat
will turn into fat you cant work off

And then u can keep doing that to keep burning that fat
You will run so low on energy, that you won't even get energy to get food on weekends

And u know, if u keep it up, u might even die!!!! Now wont that be great!


you are mad. deluded? maybe so.

when the body goes for a day without eating, your metabolism slows down so much that you burn less energy and the body clings to it's fat stores.

after a few days, you would virtually not be burning any fat or energy. hence loosing no weight. you would also feel tired and be unable to concentrate.

by the weekend, the first thing you eat would be converted to fat because your metabolism has been so slow. you would put on a few pounds at the weekend.

some dieters try eating 6 small meals a day rather than 3 normal sized meals, as this keeps the metabolism high and enables you to loose weight.

please do not starve yourself. it never works because everyone who does it puts the weight straight back on as explained above ^

i hope this helps. (:

you'll lose the weight and then you'll gain back even more... just eat right and stay off the junk food... oh ya not eating for a week is horrible for your body.. you will simply just go into starvation mode... good luck with that

Micah J
if you eat small meals every 3 hours your metabolism will speed up and you will lose weigh faster.You need to exercises as well.in order t ol ose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume.
___If ugo ahead with your plan,it will be hard to focus,you will get head aches,your skin will be more prone to acne, and you will be grumpy.Plus you will gain the weigh back when you start eating normally.

Melissa T
I hate to tell you but that is the most unhealthy diet that anyone can have. I have never heard of anyone say they are just going to eat only on weekends. The diet you are putting yourself on is not only unhealthy. Only eating two days a week is going to make your body reject the food and you are not going to lose weight. You need to eat healthy foods everyday to keep your body from shutting down and you will see more results if you eat a little every day and exercise. If you don't look at it from a healthy stand point than you are going to fail.

I am not skinny but i do know that diet and exercise is more important than starving yourself. I have tried every diet pill and program and i haven't lost weight but i would never starve myself.. If you need a friend you can contact me through email.

Not healthy, follow the recommendations on healthy living by the CDC.

Samantha R
that is a really stupid diet.
you will lose more by eating HEALTHY AND WORKING OUT

Um you would probably lose about 3 lbs... But how about just eating salads everyday with some water and exercise a lot?

Um, that's not healthy.

And once you start eating more after you lost it, you'll gain twice as much back.
just saying.

excersie instead.

You will end up putting more weight back on as your body will soak up more calories to make up for the fast.

I don't really have to think very hard to know this..........If you are successful at this crash diet your going to end up in the hospital and probably become anemic as well. my advice is DO NOT TRY THIS!!

I woudnt even try. Its really unhealthy and you want be able to do a thing. You will crash. Thats really unhealthy. You wont be able to go to work at all. Theres no benifets really, youll lose more weght if you eat more.

Grammar SS
you'll lose weight, but you will gain back more afterwards... you'll wind up fatter than before.

You wont lose any weight. You need to work out and eat right. ALL THE TIME. There are no short cuts.

You will gain weight if you eat what ever you want all week.

No, you will die! Just Do some daily exercises and you can do it. Stay motivated!

Kevin ツ
just eat like rice and boiled fish and chicken everyday

You lose weight from your metabolism and exercise, not necessarily from decreasing food intake. I think you can keep the weight off by eating less. But I don't think that rate will last long. You might lose about 10 pounds and then your thyroid may not be active enough so it will stay that way.

youll gain more weight, because your body will go into starvation mode and the calories you do it on the weekend will be turned into fat, even if its healthy.

you will slowly kill yourself

Uh.... you're an idiot

Have you ever heard of a thing called exercise? Yeah, you might wanna check it out...

i can't wait for summer!
honestly, you won't be able to function. if you go 5 days without food you won't be able to make it to the refridgerator. you will get sick.

Alice K
Perhaps you should just try . . . eating healthily. It's quite a good thing.

J o c e l y n ♥
u wont lose
youll gain
your matablolism will freeze
and anything you eat
will turn into crazy fat you cant work off
my mom said not eating was one of the biggest
mistakes she made in her life

There's not a more idiotic thing you could do...

Max Super Saiyan 3 with Scouter
youll lose like 5-8 pounds a week thats a good plan. you should at least eat a LITTLE on the other days thou, or else your body goes into a hyperbolic starvation mode and you dont lose as much weight. eat about 200 calories a day and 500 on the weekends.

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