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Is this bad for a girl???!?!?!?
is it bad for a 13 yr old girl to only eat 1 meal a day
its not like she is trying to starve her self
its just she is never that hungry

yes even if she only eats a little she should eat 3 meals

take that girl to a doctor. theres probably something wrong going on.

uh yea id talk to the girls parents and the girl and get her to a doctor.
something has to be wrong.

She should try to eat 3 square meals a day.
Even if shes not hungry.
The meals don't have to be big, just
enough to get the right nutrition.

matt w
yeah thats pretty bad. force food down her throat

regardless of the intention behind only eating 1 meal a day, its going to be bad for you in tons of ways. eating 1 meal a day will slow down your metabolism because your body will want to hold on to whatever nutrience it can get with its intermittent meals. in order to maintain a healthy functional level of energy, you should be eating regular meals throughout the day. if your appetite is low, then keep them small and nutritious.

Craig N
The healthiest way to spread out your daily food intake is to have five small meals per day. Three reasonable meals is fine too, but less than that is probably a bad idea. But If you are only going to eat one meal a day, make it breakfast. And of course, what you eat is more important than when you eat.

Moonlight Wolf (cuteness)
She is proberly growing, if you really think she isnt hungry, but she still needs to eat, i would suggest reminding the person to eat, because this happened to me a few months ago, i never got hungry, and everyone thought i was anorexic, because i do have a history of anxiety disorders

But seeing the age group, i woud keep an eye on her, remind her to eat, and if she beings to lose big amounts of weight, obviously you have a probllem

but dont jump to conclusions, because hassling someone about anorexia can actually make them anorexic, i dont know how, but there have b een so many cases of it

I would take her in to your physician and have him check her thyroid and other things that might cause someone to lose their appetite. Lack of appetite is also a sign of depression. Teenagers are so vulnerable.

Yes she needs nourishment throughout the day.

Sexy Serena T
I guess but you should try and get you nutrients

Yes, its very bad Especially someone her age who is still growing. You should always eat at least 2 full meals a day, 3 is preferable. Eating only once a day is going to make her malnourished. If you arent always very hungry then just eat a little throughout the day. Eat an apple and some bread here, a small salad a short while later. Keep yourself(herself) healthy.

it is bad if u are hungry and don't eat.but if u realy arnt hungry then its not that bad.

i guess it would depend on what she is eating that one meal. but generally not a good idea. and she wouldn't even lose any weight, cause your metabolism shuts down to conserve energy if you don't take in enough calories.

yes. that is bad.
she says she isnt hungry because shes trying to starve herself and lying to you.
it is very bad.

it is bad!

instead of only eating one meal, just eat a little bit at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

im 13 and i eat like 3 meals.
i really don't know.
you should probably talk to your parents about it and see if they can help. there the one's you should ask.

That's unhealthy. EAT!

At least eat breakfast, and make sure you're not hungry.
A "meal" is a very vague definition and could mean a table sitting and forget to include snacks along the way.

But for the sake of said girl's sanity, whoever this may be, please at least eat breakfast. It may just be that she is anorexic after all, which is insanely nasty, and not appealing to anybody :)

yes, you should eat three meals a day, even if you aren't hungry, just try to eat smaller portions in your different meals. you're going to gain weight if you only eat one meal a day.

Electric Relaxation
Its not very healthy.

If you are not hungry it may be because you are not active enough. Try adding exercise into you day to day routine.

Food is fuel for your body. If you don't replenish the fuel used up during the day your body will eventually go into starvation mode: it will store any food it gets.

Breakfast is extremely important- eat within an hour of getting out of bed. Try eating small meals throughout the day rather than large ones.

its bad.
tell her to eat even if shes not hungry.
shell get fatter if she doesnt eat.
your metablism slows down.
and itsj ust not healthy anyways.

Daisy S
that's really bad, she'll have malnutrition

not good for you

Yeah, it's bad. Her body is still growing and developing. Even if she isn't hungry, she's losing a lot of nutrients and bone mass. She should probably talk to a doctor about taking some supplements and finding nutritionally dense foods for that one meal.

Yes and No.
She might be anorexic and just say she's not hungry just so she doesn't have to eat. Or, she might just really not be hungry. Sometimes I only eat once a day, but that's not because I'm trying to starve myself.. it's just that I either ate a late lunch or I'm just not hungry. lol She should at least eat some healthy snacks though (fruits and/or vegetables) and make sure she eats healthy when she does eat her meal. She should eat more than once a day though.
If she starts getting the anorexic symptoms then I would be concerned about her. She'll probably change her eating habits in a few months or so.
Here are some symptoms for anorexia:
People with anorexia often hide their condition, so the warning signs are not always easy to spot. Furthermore, anorexics will typically try to explain away their disordered eating behaviors when confronted. But as anorexia progresses, the signs and symptoms become increasingly obvious and difficult to deny.
Eating and food behavior signs and symptoms
* Dieting despite being thin – Follows a severely restricted diet. Eats only certain low-calorie foods. Bans “bad? foods such as carbohydrates and fats.
* Obsession with calories, fat grams, and nutrition – Reads food labels, measures and weighs portions, keeps a food diary, reads diet books.
* Pretending to eat or lying about eating – Hides, plays with, or throws away food to avoid eating. Makes excuses to get out of meals (“I had a huge lunch? or “My stomach isn’t feeling good.?).
* Preoccupation with food – Eats very little, but constantly thinks about food. May cook for others, collect recipes, read food magazines, or make meal plans.
* Strange or secretive food rituals – Often refuses to eat around others or in public places. May eat in rigid, ritualistic ways (e.g. cutting food “just so?, chewing food and spitting it out, using a specific plate).

Appearance and body image signs and symptoms
* Dramatic weight loss – Rapid, drastic weight loss with no medical cause.
* Feeling fat, despite being underweight – May complain about being overweight in general or just “too fat? in certain places such as the stomach, hips, or thighs.
* Fixation on body image – Obsessed with weight, body shape, or clothing size. Frequent weigh-ins and concern over tiny fluctuations in weight.
* Harshly critical of appearance – Spends a lot of time in front of the mirror checking for flaws. There’s always something to criticize. They’re never thin enough.
* Denies being too thin – Refuses to believe that his or her low body weight is a problem, but may try to conceal it (drinking a lot of water before being weighed, wearing baggy or oversized clothes).

Purging signs and symptoms
* Using diet pills, laxatives, or diuretics – Abuses water pills, herbal appetite suppressants, prescription stimulants, ipecac syrup, and other drugs for weight loss.
* Throwing up after eating – Frequently disappears after meals or goes to the bathroom. May run the water to disguise sounds of vomiting or reappear smelling like mouthwash or mints.
* Compulsive exercising – Follows a punishing exercise regimen aimed at burning calories. Will exercise through injuries, illness, and bad weather. Works out extra hard after bingeing or eating something “bad.?

Mum Mum
Yes! ask your Mum.

it is bad for a 13 year old girl to be only eating one meal a day:(
try to give her smaller meals if that helps:)
it might be that she is starving herself and just saying that he is not hungry:)
mabey get her to get council-ing to relise why she is not eating:)

It's called anorexia.

Yeah it's bad.

its bad go see a docctor.

Arianna Cullen
Never hungry? You really fell for that?

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