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 am I fat?????????????????????????????????????…
fat, overweight, normal, normal to skinny, or real skinny
age: 16.5
height: 61.5 in (about 5'1 and a half)
weight: 112 lbs
Additional Details
oh by the way, i'm ...

 Why does my tummy get bigger & bigger even thou I ceased eating rice at night?

 Is it better to drink water or Gatorade while exercising?
I'm 16 and not worried about weight.

Is gatorade even healthy?
I want to know what to drink while moderately exercising (jogging, playing little contact sports, swimming?)

 how to starve myself?
im bulimic but im tired of it cause its starting to hurt my throat and my chest so i want to become anorexic but i cant stop giving into food and puking it up so please give me tips on how to avoid ...

 Is 115 a good weight for someone who is 5'7?

Additional Details
I'm 13 years old by the way.
Personally, I actually wish I weighed less =/
I feel so intimidated when I see those 90 lb girls even though they are ...

 starving myself will help me lose weight?
umm i started starving my self will i get results i am 11 and weight is 115 pounds is that ...

 I'm 15 years old, and 235 lbs.. I want to lose 15 pound before August 12, my birthday and school starts . How?
Please help me!! I so scared of being fat and dying from it. Please someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(...

 Is it bad to turn a girl down because she's fat?
just wondering.
Additional Details
not chubby, fat....

 I'm craving chocolate!! What is a good healthy substitute?

 Do my thighs look chubby?
Hi, I am being honest here. I think I have chubby thighs and would like to know if they really are or if it's just my perception.

Also, I would like to know if my thighs look better ...

 how tall are you?
how tall are you?
do you consider yourself: short, medium, or tall, compared to everyone else?

I am 5'2'' and feel very short.
Additional D...

 How in the world can I lose 20 pounds in 2 months???? ?
I'm 13, I'm fat, and I hate it.

I used to be really skinny but the summer changes a bunch. Any way I'm 5 foot 4 and I'm 125. DONT GO TELLING ME THATS NOT FAT!!! I Think ...

 If you eat 2 meals a day,will you lose weight?
I was wondering,if you ate cereal in the morning,or something like that before breakfast,and before school,go to school,don't eat lunch,come home,and eat a small dinner..will you lose weight?...

 honestly how much do i look like i weigh? (pic)?
13 years old.
5'3 1/2
116 pounds yuck!

Additional Details
no joke, im sorry about the bra D...

 im 5'3 and wheigh 170 lbs fat or wut?

 Do you consider this fat?
I'm 16 and 5'2 and 120lbs. I simply cannot lose weight i've tried everything! EVERYTHING! It sux. What can I do to drop 10lbs?
Additional Details
Wow I wasn't ...

 Is my daughter overweight?
okay, my daughter is 144 pounds, but 11 years old. but she doesn't look obese. I feel really bad for her because she told her friend,and she told everyone that she weighs that much, and now ...

 How many sit ups do i have to do to get abs?
im average skinny and i want to get abs im 5'1'' and weigh 93 lbs and 14 years old
how many a day?
Additional Details
Best answer 10 ...

 Be honest... Do you think I'm big for my age?
I don't think I'm fat but I'm concerned that maybe I should be a little bit less. Please don't tell me to get over myself or anything like that. My mother weighed 115 pounds when ...

 is 5'8 a bad hight for a girl?
only 14...

Is she model too thin??? Whats your opinion?
this is my favorite model!!! miranda kerr!!! do you think shes too thin??
is it gross how thin she is or does it look good??

I think she may be a little too thin- but I think she looks really good
Additional Details
hah I just noticed my question title is pharsed wrong- its suppost to be is this model too thin? haha just so everyone knows, that was what I meant!

Yes she is to thin! And yes it is gross

Her arms are really skinny, but heh, that's the modeling world for ya.

Yeah, she's way too skinny, but I don't think sh's going to drop dead of malnutrition or something.

Sheriff Holden
to thin.............women need to look like women, not little boys, not very pretty, or womanly...............no way, feed this girl, FAST

ramen and malt liquor
she needs to eat a cheeseburger quick super skinny isnt attractive u need some meat on ur bones

It's kind of gross but she is pretty I mean I don't judge woman but you have to admit she's gorgeous!! But her arms can use a little more fattening up!!



this kind of look can not call good looking
and i think that she eats to little and does alot of drugs
i don't know y they think her beautiful
but yeah too thin


shes basically anorexic because you can see her ribs D:

too thin, when you can see the ribs clearly like that



way too thin.

Yea she is really skinny but the sad thing is that sick people these days want models to be like that.

no she has a go0d body looks like she works out

I can see her rib cage for god sake. yes she is to thin. models puke their guts out if they didn't they would be like 200 pounds.

shes pretty but truthishly she has the body of a 11 yr. old

If she's naturally thin, I think she's ok, but if not, I hope she gets help.

Sarah K
there's a reason I didn't accept a modeling job. I don't want to look like that. I prefer to eat. That's just overboard.

Kristin W
She looks like she has a body of an immature 10 year old. She does not look healthy! Do not strive to look like that! Get some muscle and strenght, and eat healthy!! But, she looks gross!

She looks too thin for my taste. Her head to body ratio is off.

Emmi Jane
thats sick

Yes. Too thin. No figure whatsoever. She has the body of a seven-year-old.

too thin...

Pic a new favourite model unless you want to emulate a skeleton...

cute face - terrible body

she has the body of like a 10 year old.

she looks like a 12 year old boy

Too thin

dead can dance
I want to shove a big mac down her throat

She's very pretty, but she dose need to gain some weight. The ribs are kinda nasty...

She looks fine in the torso but her limbs are way too skiny

add maybe 5-10 lbs than maybe the ribs that are sticking out will disappear and she'll look a little healthier

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