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Lily <3
Is my daughter overweight?
okay, my daughter is 144 pounds, but 11 years old. but she doesn't look obese. I feel really bad for her because she told her friend,and she told everyone that she weighs that much, and now everyone makes fun of her. should she loose more weight? please no rude comments!
Additional Details
my daughter is 5 feet 2 inches, not very tall, but i have seen girls in her class that are bigger than her.

if she feels bad about it and if she wants to lose some weight, it wouldnt hurt
but if ur worried that she's overweight or obese take her to a doctor and see what he says about it
hope this helps! :)

Its obvious you are talking about yourself by your profile name but no need to be ashamed.

Don't use the body mass index (BMI) this should not be used by children or those under 16yrs as it is not accurate in this age group.

144 pounds eems a bit too heavy for an eleven year old unless you are extremely tall. Even then you will probably undergo another growth spirt soon and you will probably lose a bit then.

If you are really concerned ask your floks to see a dietician/doctor/nurse or another health care professional to properly assess your body weight, fat content and how you can safely and effectively lose some weight,

I don't recomend listenning to too much advice in Yahoo Answers though.

Chris- Registered Nurse

Kara S
well it depends on her height if shes tall then no i wouldnt worry about it but if shes small yeah id say its not really healthy for her.

You dont think she looks fat or that she is over weight cause your a loving mother. you love her so you dont want to see your daughter as over weight. But she is. But you can try and do something about it now that you have confronted the problem:)

a little bit

86% Barbie
Yes she is a little overweight. Espicially for an 11 year old. Even her best friends should prob not be trusted with that info. But yes a diet would be good. So that way she wont get sick, (diebeties, or somthing) ... But you may wanna check with her pediatrician if its not a thyroid prob.

Wait, 144 pounds in Kilograms is around 65Km. That is not average for an 11 year old girl, My sister is 11 years old and worried about her wait, and she weighs 40. I think your daughter needs to loose at least 10-15 kg.

shannon c
is she muscular and tall...even so she's probably a little over weight but don't force her into losing wieght...she'll probably have problems with her self esteem...just make it seem like you want to spend quality time with her while walking or running...or swimming or something of that nature...

Jas ♥
Yes To give you an idea I am 12 and I weigh 85 I am fine I am pure muscle.

Well, it would also depend on how tall she was. Check her BMI and use it to help you decide if she is in a healthy range or not.

You could try this site, it has an easy calculator on the bottom.

What is she eating?
Is she drinking too much soda?
She should loose some weight by eating better. Try 5-6 small meals a day, that will keep her metabolism working better and she will loose the weight and also keep it off.

Kimberly J
If she doesn't look fat to you it's either A: she isn't fat or B: you as a mother have just gotten used to it. If no-one told you or her that she was fat before then maybe she just has heavy or dense bones. I never thought that but I'm small and people say I weigh a lot for my size yet I was always told I had solid sturdy bones!

Francisco N
No offense but i do think she is overweight because I am almost 11 and i don't weigh that much, and I have a 13 year old brother who only weighs 117 pounds. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. Just watch what she's eating and serve healthier food. And you could also do these things with her so she doesn't feel alone.Try to do exercise with her too. HOPE I HELPED : ) P.S Maybe the height adds extra weight because i am 4 foot 9 but i still think she is overweight.

Stop spending
Get her in sports and teach good diet habits.

Maybe just a little but that's okay. My sister went through that but as she grew up, she got taller and slimmed out. Start having her take runs with you after school or something and just say that you want some bonding time with her and start buying some healthy food for her. She's 11, she's still growing. I wouldn't make a big deal out of it, just start having some healthier alternatives. Hope this helps!

Yugioh dude
well it depends on how tall she is i weigh 118 im 5 foot 2 inches and all my coaches say im a good weight. so i would reccomed trying to find a BMI calculator online and using that but if you ask me she is not obese or anything.

umm, yeah. i think that it's a little overweight.
what's her height? it depends..

it depends on how tall she is.
it's not SO bad, she might just have heavy bones.

It depends if it is body muscle or body fat, because body muscle ways a lot more.

5 feet 2 inches and 144 lbs! Yes, she is obese. Be a good Mother and get her some dietary health before you ruin her life. Fat is NOT where its at.

Random guy number 1988
well for that age it does seem like a lot.

j c
Better get an answer from the experts.
The links below will help you.
No matter how many girls are bigger than her, if she is overweight or underweight, you should accept it and, if necessary, find a solution.

Your Highness
Yes, she is

You need to get her into a sport, and if you're one of those families who eats fast food and goes out to restaurants all the time, stop doing that too.

ok well first it all depends on how tall she is for every inch taller she is than another person she should weigh 10 pouds more than them the average woman in america is a size 12 so yeah im

Yes, she is bigger, and I would get her to lose weight for her health and also for her personal health(people making fun of her, bad thoughts of herself/loss of confidence, etc.). When you ask her if she wants to work out with you or however you are going to tell her to lose weight if you are, say it with sincere meaning and why you want her to is because you love her(if she brings up a question.)
Good Luck!

Check with BMI.

she sould lose some weight its not that much weight but maybe 120 at least.

Tra la la! ♥
Is your daughter the one who just posted a question just like this? I believe her name was "anonyms" or something like that.
Try and cut some of the junk food out of her life, make sure she only eats 3 meals a day, with not too many snacks in between. Healthy foods, like fruits and veggies...

Your daughter is the same weight as my twin sister, who is twelve.

I'm sorry, but if she looks anything like her, she could stand to lose a couple pounds.

how tall is she? but it sounds obese....sorry the truth hurts :( i know

She is a little bit overweight according to the guidelines of what someone who is 11 should be, but I wouldn't worry, she could have a growth spurt in a year or two and be very slender. If she is not happy with herself or uncomfortable begin walking a little more every day and drink lots of water. the most important thing is that she is happy <3

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