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Josh T
Is it better to drink water or Gatorade while exercising?
I'm 16 and not worried about weight.

Is gatorade even healthy?
I want to know what to drink while moderately exercising (jogging, playing little contact sports, swimming?)

Thanks for your time!
Additional Details
Screw the first question above....

By drinking water, ONLY water, before during and after exercize (and while doing nothing) will water be just fine? and work just as well as gatorade? Like will I regain my electrolytes?

What was gatorade made for?

purified water is the best. If u drink Gatorade that's ok, but it only fuels u up 4 about 20 min. And then with the water, it keeps u hydrated, and cleanses ur body.

Jade Lautner
water, it will hydrate you more than gatorade with all that sugar in it.

I drink water, Gatorade has too much sugar.

well gatorade has a lot of salt and rots your teeth,
i usually drink water
because gatorade leaves a bad after-taste,
so i say water. :)

Gatorade is made with electrolytes, that increase your energy while hydrating
Water just hydrates you.

Choose Gatorade.

water is liquid gold !!!

Both are fine.

water is better because gatorade is made for extremely extrem athletes. it has a lot of sugar and calories to keep them going. if its light excersise your doing. drink water. it quenches thirst and keeps you highdrated

iced water
with drops of lemon juice

Kebim W
Drink water, dude! Gatorade gets you going but you crash afterwards, yo.

holy schmidt!!
water is the best, u dont need any extra sugar unless ur diabetic =)

water is the best thing for you

Water. Cause Gatorade has the all of those calories and sugar and + the chemicals.(like Red 40.)


Water! if you want electrolytes and energy while moderate exercise try a tablespoon of honey, it is THE best source for energy.

And no Gatorade is not healthy. Anything with artificial food colors and refined sugars can't be the best for you.

[email protected]
water, gatorade has sugar and carbs

M&M's mommy
i think there is nothing better and yummier than water

It supposedly has electrolytes and other things that are supposed to be good for you but it also has a lot of sodium which dehydrates you. Plus it's full of sugar so I would go with water.

Some Gatorade is ok, its better to get an electrolyte supplement and add to water....

Although the following link is from the Gatorade site, it bears looking at:


The big thing is to hydrate while exercising. If it tastes good you are more apt to drink it.
If you are worried about weight you might look at the zero calorie "Powerade" that has come onto the market.:


you can never go wrong with some water in your system. gatorade has calories, so water is healthier


Gatorade has a lot of sugar in it. Too much to be considered a sports drink. Gatorade is basically Kool-Aid with some electrolytes a "sports" marketing technique.

cuz gatorade wont help you lose weight if you are working out.
it jus helps you keep up the energy!
water will help you lose weight and to keep up your energy!

get smart water.
it has the same electrolytes that gatorade does without all the sugars.

so far so bad...

Juan F
Hi Josh,

I have a son that is your age, and he is into martial arts since he was about 5 yrs old, I have always push for water, but he likes Gatorade better, and because of losing electrolytes while exercising and much of your body liquids, it's always a good choice to have a bottle of Water (first) then if you want you can have some Gatorade.

Later I found this great product called electrosport, which is a vial that you can just add to water it's 100% Natural, Super Concentrate and it replenish you liquids and electrolytes much faster than any other drink we have tried.

I'll give you the web site where you can order the stuff.


---you can go to shopping page from there---

Have a nice day and more than anything enjoy your excercise


Well when my mom was training for a marthon her trainer said mix Gatorade and water together so you can have the power of Gatorade but still have water, When you drink Gatorade while exercising can sometimes not be good because it can actually be to sweet and make you sick and we all know thats not good but when you just frink water it either might not be enough or you want at least flavor in your mouth so i recomned mixing gatorade and water together its doesnt taste bad at all either !!! even better

gatorade replaces the good things what you lose when you sweat,

Watch water boy......nuff said☻

Water is always best. Although Gatorade may have electrolites or whatever, it also has tons of sugar and calories.

Water is good, but it only does so much. It's good for drinking while you exercise.
Gatorade, however, can give you cramps if you drink it before exercise. It's very hydrating, so drink it after you exercise if you do drink it.

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