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Is it bad to turn a girl down because she's fat?
just wondering.
Additional Details
not chubby, fat.

Well, yeah it is bad but almost everyone still does it at some point.

is it bad?

how about
is it mean?
is it rude?
is it insensitive?


but oh well i'm not fat so idc:)


yea! that would be very rude, id atleast give her a chance


Yea if you liked her but her weight was stopping you then shame on you but if she just randomly asked you out then oh well its life.

No. Just say hello. and move on. You did not connect to her. That is all. Nothing is wrong here

It depends. Honestly i would say no because its not whats on the outside but whats on the inside but dont tell her thats the reason why you turned her down. Dont hurt her even more. But if its not your style its not your style.

IrOnIc SaRcAsM
and this is the reason we have anorexics in this world.

LilyKaz ℓιℓукαz lเl?кคz
I would say so... that's not very nice to do... looks don't matter its the personality that does...

Melissa B
She's not what you are into, so don't feel too bad, but be a nice person to her. Fat people usually have wonderful personalities, and are worth the friendship effort.

i keep myself physically fit so that guys will like me. I cannot and i mean CAN NOT see myself fat. i would never let myself be fat. it disgusts me. it shows an unhealthy lifestyle and it means you eat at McDonald's 24/7 ALL the time no matter what. If you didn't like her, its okay. it is your personal choice and it is want you want, accept, and like.
she is gonna one day ask you why you like her and if you think if she is pretty or not. when you say no, your gonna be stuck (do NOT lie to her).
just say you want to be friends with her. don't lead her on. tell her that she isn't your type.
if she isn't your type, she wasn't meant for you and that she CAN and WILL find some guy out there that will fall in love with her before he even lays BOTH eyes on her. he will love her for everything she has and has to offer.
she will have a better relationship with someone her type and that doesn't lead her on.

do what YOU want to do. it is your choice not ours. you two weren't meant to be and she should understand that.

****(your hot...)****

The Medical Biologist
of course not, you are correct not to want someone who is physically unattractive, that means they don't take care of themselves and are at a higher risk of many health issues.


You would do it to!... Unless you are a fat chick and have been shot down before!


Best believe if she wasn't attracted to you should would shoot you down.

Be nice about it and be a friend, but no DO NOT EVER SETTLE!!!

Man Up!!!

if a fat chick got choosen over me id be pissed .... so no .... or we would all be fat if it idint matter

Nope, if you aren't into her then it would be worse to lead her on.

You can't control if you are attracted or not to her.

no cuz u r telling the truth
maby she change its mind

Nope, if you're not attracted to someone it's far more cruel to pretend you are and lead them on. You did the right thing.

I guess if you mean not chubby, fat.
And there's no personality chemistry.
And you find it totally disgusting.
Plus for it to work out you have to be sort of attracted to them.
Then no, you can't torture yourself,
Just don't say No, your FAT.

That is bad. But obviously in order for a relationship to work you have to be somewhat physically attracted to them.

¦ηДτξ 21©™¦
Well yeah. You should turn her down because she has a bad personality or you just don't like her. However, if you just turn her down because she is just plain "fat" is pretty shallow.


Thats why i got 46 inch tires on my truck

fat chicks cant jump

Think of it this way - dating is the search for a mate/partner. You're *supposed* to spend the rest of your life with that person. It is more about common interests and of course attraction. If you're not attracted to her, there is nothing wrong with turning her down.

Katy Can But Doesn't
If she is so fat its a big part of her (no pun intended), than I don't think so.

Most people find obesity a real turn off, especially if your a person that takes care of your body.

No, its not. And it doesnt make you shallow, it makes you normal. Theres nothing wrong with you if you dont want to be with someone that you find unnatractive. Ive turned down fat people sorry to say, but if theres something wrong with me for doing that, then theres something wrong with like 75% of the population. So chill, dude, its okay. :)

...well if she's she obviously can't offer any physical attraction, but if your not drawn to her because of who she is then, watever you did the right thing, you like what you like, you can't help it. It would be a million times worse if you wound up dating her because you felt bad for her and then you'd feel like crap all the time and then you'd have to look for the "nice" way out and then if you ever explained why you actually said yes to the relationship she would probably kill herself.

It's harsh & shallow.
But, if you honestly only go for skinny girls, i suppose you can't help what you find attractive :)

Turn her down for what? If she's offering to cook you a meal, it might not be a bad thing!

Seriously, you should go by your own interests and what you personally find attractive. No one can tell you who you should or should not be attracted to. If there's chemistry, go for it. If there's not, just tell her that. No one wants to be a pity date.

No, if you don't find it attractive it's not your fault.

judging on your picture i'd say you're lucky anyone's interested..and no it's not bad.

Depends...are you fat?

The only way you can use the: "No fat chicks" clause...is if you are skinny!

How fat? Is she fat enough that when she walks across the living room, even the radio skips?

You know...fat chicks can be great lovers too! They go the extra mile (and a half) to please!

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