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Is Eating Chalk Dangerous?
Hi Everyone.

I occasionally babysit a 10 year old girl for extra income and the other day, I noticed that some of the pieces of chalk in her playroom were disappearing.
When I went to find her to ask her about it, I found her hiding in the bathroom eating the little pieces of chalk.

I was wondering, is this dangerous to her health? I read on the box that the chalk was non-toxic, but I mean chalk isn't food.

Please tell me so that I can find a way to get her to stop.

Thank you.

Spilt F
Well it's loaded with calcium, so if she's constantly eating it for months at a time she could develop kidney stones.

B-ball guy
its dangerous!

If its toxic which most these days are not so dont worry about it.

eating chalk is like eating tums, just dont eat alot of it...

i doubt it's dangerous, but, it's kinda weird

I rule!
Well, yes...
It might be non-toxic but it still has like bacteria and all of that stuff on it.
She could get like sick from it.
So ya....

Susan C
You should make sure for one she is alright in the head, and two, she isn't getting high of it or anything.

It's not up to you to help her stop. It's something her parents will take care of. Make sure they know, and then leave it to them. She may have a deficiency that needs to be checked out. The fact that she is hiding, according to your words, is interesting too.

It's non-toxic. She'll be fine. Worst case scenario, tummy-ache.

At ten years old, she should know better. Is she developmentally challenged in some way? If not, talk to her about it like an adult and tell her if she's hungry, you can get her a snack. If she is a bit behind, admonish her like a younger child and take the chalk away.

Either way, speak with her parents about this. It's fairly strange to hide and eat chalk.

Sup3rk0Rn D00d5 1337

Well it can be dangerous. I mean yeah it's not food and of course if you eat enough of it you could get sick. my sister did that once and she threw up. So i guess it could be dangerous to her health. It's just like if she ate a crayon. Sure it's non-toxic, but she still shouldn't eat it.
And the thing is, it's probably going to be really hard to get her to stop. But my suggestion is that you watch her more carefully. And put the chalk in a high up area where she can't reach it. It's kinda wierd that a 10 year old would do that though. You'd think she'd know better.. haha

I would imagine so although it might help settle her stomach

Shane A
Eating chalk can be dangerous. If the box did specify that it's non-toxic then I wouldn't be too worried. I would keep the chalk away from the child though, large amounts could be very harmful. Another thing to think about is chalk is it's made up of mostly calcium sulfate. Due to the fact that everybody is different, somebody may have a bad reaction to the chemical so I would just keep an eye out! Hope i brought a bit of help to you

Eating chalk or other items that are not normally considered food can be a sign of a mineral deficiency, also known as pica it is a craving and instead of trying to break her of the habit you need to tell her parents and make them aware of it so that she can be seen by her pediatrician and see if she has a vitamin deficiency. there is an article on it and at 10 years old she knows better as evidence by her hiding to eat it. let the parents know and give them a little information so they can get her seen.

Sassafras and Mustard
If she is eating a lot of it, it will mess up the acidity of her stomach (essentially making it more nuetral) which can mess up her digestion. It won't kill her if she's only eating a couple of pieces, but obviously you should probably let the girl's parents know and take away the chalk.

Chalk is not toxic and is probably harmless in small doses, but large doses can cause problems.
More info at the websites below.



I don't think it is toxic, but it is definitely not good for her. I was in child care for 6 years, and I've seen plenty of children eat chalk with no health crisis. Just try to prevent the child from eating chalk.

Sam S
Chalk has a chemical called bio-crenetic puthemeral In other words it slows down digestion so she may throw up or have stomach cramps

it probably isn't good for her! but she could be suffering from pica she might have a iron deficiency. pica is a medical disorder where you want to eat odd things like chalk, dirt, paper, soap, ect.. have you told her parents?

I don't think that consuming chalk is poisonious or anything, but im sure that it is not healthy to eat. There is a professional term for that situation when someone has a craving for something abnormal. An abnormal craving to eat things that humans don't usually consume is called pica. The consistency of consuming such things as chalk or talcom powder, the residue from either one of them can be ingested into the lungs and could possibly cause pulmonary distress. If a human has a craving for such things as chalk or talcom powder is lacking a mineral deficiency and should have a complete medical evaluation.

Yes, it make you choke

It's basically calcium,

My science teacher would eat a chunk every year and explained there was no issue since it was just calcium.

Chalk is an antacid (a basic substance that is ingested to counter acidity in the stomach) therefore in small amounts is will not cause any harm. If more than a safe amount is ingested, it will react to form Carbon Dioxide within the stomach, leading to gastric problems or headaches.

just tell her mom

Probably not harmful. Kaolin is a component of KaoPectate.
Tell Parents.
Take chalk away if you are uncomfortable with her eating it.

No its calcium carbonate, its the same stuff as in tums, it's actually good for you if you need calcium but you may want to mention it to her parents she might have a deficiency of some sort.

I've eaten chalk before, don't ask. I lost a bet. As long as it says non-toxic on the box there are no health hazards at all, but I mean, it's hardly one of your five-a-day.

She's a kid, I'd spin her a story to make sure she doesnt do it again, but don't freak her out.

No chalk has been given to help induce vomiting. It's calcium carbonate and maybe she craves it because he has a calcium deficiency in her diet. give her a big glass of milk each time you babysit.

No it isn't dangerous, but dirt and chalk eating is related to a diet missing minerals. If she ate a lot of it, she could get bad constipation. You should mention it to her mom, as she probably needs some supplementaiton in her diet.

*~ciao bella*~
"Eating Chalk
An abnormal craving to eat substances which are not normally consumed by humans is called Pica. Chalk is not harmful in the sense that it can poison you. Because of it's consistency, however residue is easily ingested into the lungs and could possibly cause pulmonary distress. A person who finds themselves wanting to ingest such things as chalk, talcum powder, etc. is suffering from a mineral deficiency. They should have a complete medical evaluation.

U R Sofa King
not as dangerous as a happy meal, or a bag of doritos sad to say.

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