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Is 96 pounds overweight?
I'm 5' 2''
Additional Details
My boyfriend told me I should weigh 82....
I'm 14 by the way

Dump your boyfriend

No not at all

You need to kick that dude to the curb. 96lbs is almost underweight. Don't worry about what a guy says about weight.
He sound very shallow and i bet you could do a million times better.

No!!!!! Your are healthy! Tell ur boyfriend 2 shut up. I'm 14 too, 5'1 and I weigh about that much and people tell me "OMG ur so skinny!" 82 pounds is way too low

no way im 5' 1" adn im 88lbs and that's really underweight for my age/height

you're actually very underweight you should gain4-10 lbs to be at a healthy weight

wow. you ****** fail!I'm 13 and weigh 102!your boyfriend needs to get his face out of his ***, cuz that's what he's lookin at!


you know youre not overweight
stop trying to get attention
youre underweight actually
are you just looking for some compliments?
cuz if you are, make your question 'compliment me!'
you have nothing to worry about

serena ♥
Ew. Dump your so called "boyfriend". No seriously. He's not the one for you. Or anyone else. You're not anorexic, but, come on, hun. Pretend your boyfriend doesn't exist...think about it. Do you seriously think you should weight anywhere below 90 pounds?

If my boyfriend told me I need to loose 10 pounds I'd dump him like no ones ever seen dumping before. No scratch that, I wouldn't even be dating someone who would be putting me down like that.

You're at a perfect weight! :D


Slightly below the healthy weight range, eat more.

If your boyfriend wants you to weigh that he is an idiot and probably has a skeleton fetish.

Jared B
DUMP him on the side of the street and make him cry like a little baby... and how much does he weigh? i'd say your a little underweight. but if he was serious hes just a retard that needs to be dumped!!

you just want poeple to tell you your skinny...

Madi on Yahoo!
Nope. You sound tiny.

Goodness no!

Please talk to your parents or a friend about your self image! You might be anorexic!

a little under-weight actually

You have to be kidding i think youre under weight not over


Grand Tourer


Sara Jonas
No, you are actually underweight.

no, i am 5'1 and ideal weight for me is 121

Cherry Limeade
yes. you are extremely obsese. please cut down on the dunkin' donuts.



oh my gosh no!

No, your fine

ur kidding right?

Stop trying to get attention.


your humongo :)

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