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 i'm 5'4 and weight about 120, is the water only diet and okay one for me ?

Is 5"6 150 pounds overweight?
would a docter consider that overweight for a 16 yr old girl?My friend seems to think so but im not sure..

νєggιє ѕιмвα
look if u think ur overweight
just become a vegetarian
and then ur body will find the rite weight by itself

kkind of...not yet but getting their

Forget about the weight and exercise 4 times a week, it will keep you fit and healthy

In society you wouldn't be considered overweight, but on the chart you doctor will bust out you will.

Paige! :)
no, your bmi is 24.1 overweight is 25

NO. Not at all.

Absolutely not. I'm not just saying that: according to Body Mass Index-check it for yourself: Wikipedia- you are in the normal range.

I dont think so it all depends on your frame you know like if you have a small frame then bearly. If you have a medium one then no. And large then no your way off

Haley D
hell no, tht fine!

duuudes, i have a question, and i need help.

no .. your bmi is in the 80th percentile which sounds like alot but its not it means your healthy =)

laura ♥
if she loses 20 pounds
its better and healthierer

Are you healthy? Do you feel good about yourself?
That's what counts. Don't listen to your friend.
Hollywood has given us all distorted views of "normal".
I'm sure you are fine.

No I don't think so. depends on your frame size

Emily R
ur not overweight unless u fill like it so if this person thinks they are overweight then yes but if they dont then no but my honest opinion is no thats not overweight at all

HELL NO! your are no way close to being overweight. work what you got girl! and love it!!!

Just at the limit.

maybe just a little

no, i think you're fine! maybe just try eating healthier--it can never hurt even if you were 20 pounds (but then you wouldn't be alive....so whatever...you get my point! haha). try getting some exercise...jump roping, running, and situps are my favorite. haha. next time you go to the doctor you should just ask him..but i really think you are fine!!! and tell your friend that she is being mean

Its a normal weight for your height.

Not at all!

im not sure.
go to this website to find out the weight you should be:



No, it's right on target.

no not at all you seem pretty average to me

[email protected]
No way! thats average. you should search BMI calculator in the yahoo search box. BMI, Body Mass Index calculator asks you to put in your hight and weight then they will calculate to see if your overweight, average, obese etc. they give you a number that corresponds to a chart thats tells ou how you measure up.

Bret L
If you feel good about yourself that is all that matters

redbull rox my sox
Age doesnt matter, what matters is your height. If your 5'8 and 100 pounds, thats really skinny (and bad). But since your 5'6 and 150 lb. its not bad at all. Hope I helped!

T r i p p y
You are NOT overweight.

There are so many factors that go into deciding what is truly overweight, other than the LBS.

Your BMI is 24.2, so you are at a healthy weight for your height.
It is NOT overweight! :D

NO, according to the BMI rating you are normal weight!

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
according to BMI, it's not overweight yet.

However, a DOCTOR also knows better than the BMI calculator.
Some people's weight is off because they have more muscle mass than the average person, or their frame, which isn't meant to support a smaller body weight.

edit: the idiot who told you to weight 115 - 125 is retarded.
please don't listen to them.

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