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 Do you consider this fat?
I'm 16 and 5'2 and 120lbs. I simply cannot lose weight i've tried everything! EVERYTHING! It sux. What can I do to drop 10lbs?
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Wow I wasn't ...

 Is my daughter overweight?
okay, my daughter is 144 pounds, but 11 years old. but she doesn't look obese. I feel really bad for her because she told her friend,and she told everyone that she weighs that much, and now ...

 How many sit ups do i have to do to get abs?
im average skinny and i want to get abs im 5'1'' and weigh 93 lbs and 14 years old
how many a day?
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I don't think I'm fat but I'm concerned that maybe I should be a little bit less. Please don't tell me to get over myself or anything like that. My mother weighed 115 pounds when ...

 is 5'8 a bad hight for a girl?
only 14...

 i wont to be anorexic?
i am 12 years old and 5 foot and weigh 5 stone 2 pound.i want to lose weight really fast so this boy will like me.people say i am already skinny but i dont belive them.can you please help me become ...

 how to make them stop calling me anoreixc?
i've always been skinny my whole life but now some unpopular girls keep telling me that im anorexic and bulimic. it dosent make me feel bad, its not like im being called fat but it's ...

 How can Cheese Pizza be that bad for you?
Now I know pizza is considered a high fat food. And I understand with pepperoni and other meats on it, it becomes greasier. However what about just plain cheese pizza? Cheese may have fat but it is ...

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thank ...

 I'm 5'7 and weigh 145lbs. Do I Weigh too Much?
I weigh 145 pounds at 5foot 7inches. I don't know if im overweight or now. I do play basketball and have some muscle but I still don't know....

 am i too fat to wear a bikini?
look at these picture and please tell me. i am aware that i am very pale&i'm talking about the upper part i am aware i need cover up for my legs lol. please be honest not mean (:
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 13 year old girl 5"5 134.2 lbs... over weight? perfect? anorexic? ?
i was wondering if im in a healthy fitness zone or not.,...

 What causes people to keep eating when they are already full?

 Am I obese for my age?
Im 5'3 and weigh 122 lbs
and im 14
ill apreciate the ...

 Is straving onself the fastest way to loose weight?(PLEASE DO NOT TALK ABOUT OFFERING PRODUCTS)?

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I meant ...

 Am I fat?????? (pix included)?
Okay, I have recently lost 15 pounds and I can see a difference I just dont think I look good a enough to wear a bikini this summer, which is my main goal. So imma hope you guys give me the most ...

 how can i motivate myself to run?
i'm SO lazy, like any teenager ;) haha, i go to school, work, then come home around ten pm and i'm exhausted! what should i do?...

 If I don't eat anything until August how much weight will I lose?
I am very overweight and I need to lose weight fast
For the last year I been very ill with depression and I haven't left the house. I have gained a lot of weight in that time.


 I don't understand fat people?
Why don't they go on diets and excercise and try to be healthier? It's very sick looking, all that excess fat hanging around. I'm not trying to be rude...it's true. I'm ...

 If I am 5ft 4in. and weigh 260 lbs how many pounds do I have to lose for my height?

Is 115 a good weight for someone who is 5'7?

Additional Details
I'm 13 years old by the way.
Personally, I actually wish I weighed less =/
I feel so intimidated when I see those 90 lb girls even though they are wayyy too skinny, and guys don't like them [heh]
I'm kinda curvy, so I don't think i'm underweight.


omg im jealous of u! yeah that is an amzing weight that i wish i was! i weight way more than that. im not huge either but i would like to be thinner

That is actually a bit underweight. The "green zone" is 120-150.

Anthony B
it depends, if you like your weight then stick with it, but if you wana go lower then go lower, it's all up to you no one else.

Yeah thats awesome!

Guzel K
Your Height to weight is very good. Don't listen to these fat people they are just jealous. For you to actually be unhealthy from being too skinny you have to be very skinny. Don't listen to them.

sounds alittle too low a number to me...i'm 5'3" and go between 115 and 118 and wear a size 5 jeans....and i don't feel like i'm too heavy so.......sounds like your too thin to me

I think its sounds to skinny Im like 130 and 15.

Way too skinny At 5'7" and medium bone frame 150 is what is considered a good weight or normal.


Security Without
Yes, I weigh more I'm about 5'6

Vegas Mike
U remind me of nicole richy. you are 13 and worried about 115? Waigt till you grow up a few years and gain 20 lbs. Then a person with your low self esteem is in trouble. Worry about your self-esteem, not weight

Adriana A
yeah because they are tall so the weight evens out.gain more skinny girl

it depends on how old you are.
but to me it sounds like your fine.
go to this website just to check.


you usually want your BMI over 18.

It's a little light, but if you're a teenager, it's fine.

git r done
i would say 115 to 125 is a good range,my wife is 5,1 and 117 is just right.

Of Course, I'm 5'4 and I'm 115, and I know I am not fat, I can see my bones sticking out on my stomache!

If you are female this weight is okay if your frame is small. If your frame is larger you should weigh at least 120.

r u underweight? id suggest ud eat more cus im 5'9 and im bout 150-160 pounds and no im not fat

Underweight: http://walmart.triaddigital.com/Assets/Images/diabetes_BMI_chart.gif

As long as your ribs don't stick out and you have curves: It's all good.

P.S. stay away from the cheesecake!

Jessica Wellls
Yes that is actually really skinney but if you are an adult that might be too skinney

Teddy's Mom
Too Thin Should be around 135.

That is a bitunder weight. Refer to this site:

Maybe for a scarecrow o somethin'! Are u kidding? That is 2 little! Go grab a burger, perhaps 2 and some fries sweetie.

Au revoir simone
to skinny

I think that is unhealthily low actually. I am 5'9'' and weigh 140 and am still a size 3.... so I am just trying to imagine how skinny the person in question is.

Maybe a bit too skinny.

That is rather light. You could carry an additional 30 pounds if it showed up in the right places.

Nope, too skinny!

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