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Im 16 and I weigh...HELP!!!?
I am 16 years old and weigh 173 lbs. and I want to weigh at the most 120-130 so i would have to loose anywhere between 40-50 lbs. how long will it take me to loose that much weight? or at least half that?

I think i look like a cow but my friends think im perfect just the way i am but everyone knows that they are just trying to be nice...

if i exercise for an hour a day and i don't eat breakfast (i can't eat on school mornings it makes me sick [to early]) and for Lunch i eat SMALL pack of crackers (130-150cal.) and for dinner only a salad, will that help me loose if i exercise?

How much could i loose in a month?
if this isn't a good plan can you give me one?
any suggestions healthy or not please tell me... every time i look in the mirror i gross myself out. every time try to loose weight i just gain it instead.. please help me...
Additional Details
i am 5 foot 3. thanks for all the people who are being helpfull and for all you people who are just trying to be a smart a** how about trying to be nice!!!

i think if you keep this process going you will lose weight just try doing sit-ups and running that will help your abs

BudderNut Cat
Im sorry to say but a long time. In the morning eat a fruit and an egg- dont eat the yolk. Lunch- have a salad or an good sandwich- have a small snack- apple and cheese, soy crisps something like that- dinner a salad or something healthy- by the end of the week it should be about 3500 calories lost.

It will be much easier if you get a personal trainer at a gym or something. I once weighed 175 and i now weigh 147 it took about 12 months but i was in boxing so that made it easier.
So my advice to you is find a local gym tell them you are trying to lose weight and take it from there. Depending on your diet the most you can lose in a month i would say is about 10-15lbs

NO dont eat little because then ur body will adapt to burning little calories so you will maybe loose 2 pounds in 2 weeks, just eat healthy think of it as a healthy life style, not a diet, and dont skip breakfast it is the most important meal of the day, here is an idea for breakfast 2 boiled eggs, small toast with ham(turkey)

That is an incorrect way to lose weight. BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day because you need those calories to run, it also helps your metabolism! First off, you cannot deprive your body of calories and nutrients or else it will enter starvation mode and you will not be able to lose any weight because your body realizes it will not get the proper amount of food and will store the fat.

You need to do this healthy and correctly. Exercise and a change of diet! Lots of fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Visit a nutritionist or research proper methods online. The Canadian Food Guide is good, also join a gym with personal trainers. If you don't do it this way, don't even bother because you will stop following your 'diet' and gain it all back. LIFE STYLE changes are the best way! You're young and you can start early and change your whole life!

Please do this safely and cautiously. Visit your doctor before ever changing your diet. They will refer you to a nutritionist.

Sophia S
dayum girlllll
cut back on the chickan wangzzz

Okay, I have the same problem.
I weigh about 175.
Anyway, over the past summer I went from 200 to 168. (Yeah, I gained some weight since school started because I stopped working out.)
But this is what I did.

I ate 2 egg whites for breakfast everyday, ate something VERY small at around 10-ish, like an apple, ate some tuna salad with light mayo on one piece of wheat bread for lunch, again, ate something small at around 3, and then at dinner, I almost filled my plate with vegetables, and then out a little bit of meat/potatoes/rice on my plate.

I walked about a mile a day, and was on an elliptical machine for at least 30 minutes each day. Also, before I went to sleep, I lifted 5 pound weights(not very heavy, but it worked) for a good 15 minutes and did about 100 crunches/jumping jacks.. and other small excersizes.
You get the idea.

Do it, just don't hurt yourself.

Decrease your calorie intake and increase the intensity of your exercises. http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/health_advice/facts/loseweight.htm

albert a
take this two video :




One-eat ******* breakfast. It's better.
Two-there are anorexics that eat more than that.

stop skipping meals. your body will say im not being fed and hang on to your body fat. eating regular and a little bit at a time will help. exercise, especially swimming will help. i think your burning 600 calories an hour there. when your starving afterwards dont deny your body. if your friends think your perfect then you probably are.

ok, first, your goal should be to get healthy, rather than to be a number on a scale.. 120 lbs might not be right for your body...

DO try and eat breakfast.. by skipping it you're telling your metabolism to slow down and conserve as many calories as possible.. by feeding yourself regularly throughout the day your metabolism gets going and helps you burn more calories by doing regular activities..

eating a small pack of crackers for lunch isn't a good idea.. the number of calories in the crackers don't matter as much as the nutrients you're depriving yourself of.. eat HEALTHY, not tiny... lots of fresh fruits, veggies, protein and grains.. not crackers..

so.. try and make healthier choices when you're eating.. also try drinking more water (as opposed to juices/pops)... just those changes alone will do you better than any strict diet because you'll be able to stick to them..

finally, for exercise, try joining a team (soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc).. it'll be a good way to get you motivated to stay active..

as for how much you could lose in a month, no one can tell you that without knowing a lot more details...

your eating plan is very unhealthy

Don't eat that little, your body will end up storing it more than using it because it thinks you won't get enough food. Crackers are bad, they have no nutritional value whatsoever. Eat some fruit and a sandwich for lunch and eat a grilled chicken salad for dinner, a nice helping of it. The more you starve, the less likely you'll lose weight and you'll get sick faster because you're not getting the correct vitamins. Oh yeah and get a multivitamin like Centrum Performance. Also, eat what you want, just don't overeat. Strict diets never last and you'll think you can indulge once a month, but that once a month indulgence will store up more than you think.

Run, do a lot of running. That will get everything done for you.

DONT EAT LIKE THAT. it will ruin your body, make you weak, make your hair brittle and give you acne.

portion control is the way to go. eat healthy meals, but cut down on how much you eat.

exercise daily! join track team, or basketball, or something your friends are in! it will give you tons of exercise while having fun and being with people you know.

and it will take awhile to lose weight the healthy way, but dont give up! it will happen in time :)

good luck

First of all always eat breakfast. 2,000 calories equals a pound. check calories on the back of everything. Do pilaties, you can look that up on youtube. Give it about a month.

Thats okay I weigh about that amount and I am 16 also. Your weight plan is perfect except add a fruit to your lunch and put some chicken in your salad for protein. Eat heath bar in the afternoon for energy. I hope this help! I will try this diet too. I will tell you my results! Good luck!

Well first off, losing weight takes time. It's not something that happens right away. If you want to lose weight, you need to exercise. Burn more calories than you eat. Starving yourself is not going to help you lose weight. You just need to eat healthier. If you don't like exercising, try playing sports. It burns a lot depending on what you are playing. Your weight loss will depend on the amount of time of exercising and your dedication.

Live Laugh Love
You need to eat more. Eat healthy foods. If you have a wii you can get wii fit. Join a gym? If your parents are kind of big then you have that and you might not be able to help it.

First, stay healthy about it. Don't starve yourself. Your goal should be 2 pounds a week and no more than this. Bring an apple or orange or something with you to school for breakfast. Eat it between classes. Then for lunch have a salad. Eat a smaller dinner than normal. You should be eating about 1500 calories everyday. This is just want to takes to live. Exercise for an hour a day. Do a warm up for 20 minutes (walking) and then do cardio (running) for 20 minutes and then do a cool-down (walking) for another 20 minutes. Feel free to e-mail be if you need any support.

Everyone has problems with their weight, if you want to lose weight just eat better and exercise everyday.

to get the best results, try eating small portions of food about 4-5 times a day instead of 3 really big meals. and if u get hungry try eating a fruit and drink a few glass of juice or water. Exercise is important try for at least 30 minutes day.

Eating breakfast is very important, you need energy to get through the day. don't eat anything big after 6 because you won't have enough time to digest before you go to sleep

hope this helps a little. good luck!

if that all you eat you would lose a lot of weight fast but you won't have enough energy to work out..

At your age if you work out 3-5 days a week on a healthy diet, about 15 lbs. That's 45 lbs. in 3 months, plenty of time to get thin for summer.

dont start a change so drastically, what youre going to do if you eat that little is starve yourself, and dont forget that teenage boys need a certain intake of calories every day because youre growing and you need energy.

Go to the doctor and they will set you up with your own special diet and exercise regiment, its seriously that easy.

good luck.

Erin and Rian
You NEED to eat breakfast. It will jumpstart your metabolism.

Do NOT starve yourself. Your body will go into survival mode after 3 hours of not eating where it will "eat" muscle instead of food or fat. Muscle burns fat...Get rid of that and you've got nothing...

i am jack's colon
maybe eat a little more than just crackers and salad. and make sure you work out a lot. if you do a lot more exercise you need energy. make sure you eat healthy

?εżirεε* ѕσ hα??ψ i cουιδ δiε
Well, it depends on how tall you are.
If you were only 5 feet, than you would definately have to lose 40-50 pounds.
If you were 5' 7-6 feet,
than you should only lose around 20 pounds?

Only you can "do it". ..

Depends how tall im 6'2" at 230 and im about normal muscular build

Don't limit food like crazy just eat healthy.

Lauren G
don't think of it as losing weight. think of it as having a better lifestyle. if you look at something like a diet, you will probably just gain the weight back. if you change your eating habits and your excercise routines to healthier ways, it is more likely to be permanent. first try eating more fruits veggies, whole grains, and less junk food (pop, chips, candy). then when you get that down, go for a run 3 times a week or get a gym membership.
stay away from the fast food! trust me it isn't too hard, if you really want it, you will go for it

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