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mallory. (:
If you eat 2 meals a day,will you lose weight?
I was wondering,if you ate cereal in the morning,or something like that before breakfast,and before school,go to school,don't eat lunch,come home,and eat a small dinner..will you lose weight?

The worst thing you could do is skip meals. u will get a multitude of health problems and only loose little or no weight. It is better to eat 3 or more healthy meals... Eat lots of vegetables and fruits & avoid junk food. Plus regular exercise is also good. Make this part of your everyday lifestyle. This will help you loose weight and help keep it off.

IDk, you tell me. I eat usually one and lose some weight. But idk about two

You will probably lose weight, but you'll be hungry. And losing weight that way is kind of bad for your body.

Baby Bang
It depends what is in those meals and if you eat snacks before and after those meals

kiera j
No, unless you are on a diet! Sometimes when you are eating two meals a day, you might not be eating the right two meals, so if you want to lose weight look at these tips!

1. Get on a diet, or exercise. Then you can eat two meals a day!
2. Always pick the right diet so you won't be stuck eating lame food and don't even be losing weight!
3. lastly always exercise a little bit so your body won't be tired! Because a really REALLY fast beating heart is not the thing you want!

No just as long as you get enough nutrition

Night's Eve
no, you will actually gain. you need to eat a lot of small meals to get your metabolism going. the fewer your meals, the more your body thinks it needs to keep it in your system.

Scott H
no because your body will evantually get used to having two meals so when you eat more than two meals once you will gain weight

you lose weight by exercising daily, not cutting back on food because then you consume less nutrients to make you body healthy.

Zayed S.
no, but skipping dessert might help. you have to have three meals a day to keep your body healthy and satisfied.

NO! you wont lose weight and if you start skipping meals it can be very harmful!

No, your body can possibly go into starvation mode. If you don't eat enough food then your body will think it's starving and start packing on the fat. I suggest you eat 5-6 meals a day, not big meals but small ones. So it would be breakfast,snack,lunch,snack,and dinner. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner you should only have about 400 calories each. For snack you should have 100 calories or less. Eating 5 times a day can help speed up you metabolism causing you to burn more calories.

probably not. you'll lose some well needed nutrition. but no.
exercise and eat healthy. that's how you lose weight.

Jennifer S
uh no, but if you eat a balanced fruit and cereal, then a lite lunch like a salad with low cal dressing or none, and fruit then a totally healthy dinner, like skinless chicken, and steamed veggies, you should shed a few pounds. don't eat snacks, except fruit, and stay away from bread, best advice. i lost over 100lbs a about 4 years ago, and i keep it off still good luck

eat all our meals and excersise daily
then youll loose weight

Vegatarians have more fun:)
no it makes u look fatter u haave to eat atleast 3 meals with 1 or 2 snacks a day but be healthy with ur food choices and keep workimng out

That depends on how big your two meals are and on what you are eating.

I quit eating after 4:00 and lost 35lbs in about 3 mos. Eat a big or all you want for breakfast and the same at lunch then nothing after four. worked for me.

Probably not, because you will end up feeling hungry after, and besides that isn't very healthy.

I suggest, 6-8 meals a day, but a very small amount.

Such as granola bars, and healthy stuff like that.
Just make sure it is low in calories than you will lose wait. I also left out some stuff, but make sure to drink plenty of water if you are still hungry.
If you need more tips just go to google and search "How to lose weight"

NO! Your body will store more fat and you will gain more weight. Just eat less when your eating your regular meals but dont starve yourself. BAD IDEA!

well there isn't a doubt you'd lose weight but it's not too healthy. it would depend though on your ammount of activity. i assume that you probably are not a full on couch potato so yes, you'd probably lose a bit of weight

hope i helped :)

Lee Schmidt is my knickname!!!!
I dont know but i mostly dont even eat breakfast.

Try the Lil Jack workout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKCGe2Ezris

eat 5 small meals a day.. speeds up your metabolism. plus run!

no, you will put your body into starvation mode doing that...and then it conserves FAT.

you would do better to eat small amounts, foods low on the glycemic index, frequently.

Nope, actually, eating more healthy small meals will help. Eat three meals, Eggs in morning, chicken salad for lunch and a piece of fresh fruit, and half of what you would normally eat at dinner, and another healthy snack before bed. This will help. Along with exercise.

no, you'll probably gain weight.

Skipping meals is bad since it makes your body go into "survival mode." Basically, it'll just hold onto the calories that you do have, since you haven't replenished, and make it harder to get rid of them.

Plus, when you skip a meal, you tend to overeat during the meal after.

So, don't do it!

eating 5 or six small meals throughout the day is much healthier.

Alvin J
ok listen im a p.e teacher. umm... let me say this... YOU are just STARVING yourself!!! you THINK you are fsat but you really are not. eact as much as your body asks but dont eat for fun. and excercise alot!!!
i k now students arent big fans about running so i suggest you do as much push ups and situps a as you can a day. good luck

no ive heard that its better to eat 6 small meals a day

No, because then even if you eat a small dinner, your eating all this food after a long period of time.

You should eat 3 meals, but a healthy 3 meals. They should be limited in carbs, fats, calories, etc.

Try to eat healthy small meals.
Trust me you will lose weight!

Eating 2 meals means it will slow your metabolism, your body will need this food since it is not getting any more, resulting in fat.

You need 3 meals to keep your metabolism going.
Good Luck! :-)

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