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 Yesterday my bf told me ' were you pigging out while we were apart, b/c you seem to have gained some weight' ?
Girls, ain't that so so rude...I ain't no fat *** I am 5'4 and 123-124... was he just being a jerl or what??...

 Will I Get Fat If I Eat Cereal Everyday?
I just moved into my own place with my buddy and neither of us can cook..so im wondering will we get fat if i eat a lot of cereal? we skateboard everyday and play baseball too.....

 Am I conciderd skinny?
Please be serious
I am 14 years old
83 pounds
7% body fat
should I lose weight?
please I am serious so be nice cause i feel very ...

 Which one weighs more fat or muscle?
Just wondering... People think I weigh a little bit, but really weigh a lot more....

 Is 5"6 150 pounds overweight?
would a docter consider that overweight for a 16 yr old girl?My friend seems to think so but im not sure.....

 am i considered overweight?
im 14 and 5'8 and i weigh about 149-150?...

 Do I look anorexic? How much do you think I weigh?

yes, I am tucking in my stomach, but not very much. I'm only around 5'1, keep in mind. How much does it look like I ...

 i starve myself, and then purge when i do eat.. but i have a question...?
if i ate healthy like 3 meals a day would it help me lose weight faster?
ever since i have been doing this i have lost weight..
but i think if i changed what i was doing i would gain not ...

 How much would you guess I weighed?
Judging by this picture I'm almost 5'2" .. just be honest, please. Not too rude.


Ignore the lovely background, haha! This is ...

I am 14 years old, 5'4'' and 95 pounds..

Please tell the turth
Additional Details
I am not asking for attention, some boy called me a ...

 Are these women FAT????

I can't believe ANYONE in their right minds would call these curvy women FAT!!
Additional Details
Good ...

 Am I obese, overweight or fat?
I'm 5'6 and 170 pounds according to the guy who weighed me(I think he was wrong but based on this...)

So what does this place me at?...

 Would you consider me under weight or over?
I weight 98 pounds and i'm 13
my friends think I'm under weight and my family thinks I'm over weight which one do u think
Additional Details
I'm 13 years old ...

 Tomorrow I'm going to start losing weight. Any tips?
Im going to lose some weight starting tomorrow. Any advice about what I should eat/exercise etc etc. No stupid answers please. ...

 is 99 pounds too skinny for a 14 year old?
I am just wondering like my ribs stick out and hipbones is this like ugly or what????
Additional Details
ooh yes and i am a ...

 How much could you lose it you dont eat for 3 days?

 How Much Do You Think I Weigh??

Im 5'9
Additional Details
I Weigh 112 pounds P...

 I am 5 ft. I weigh 100 pounds. How much weight should I loose?
I am 10 and. I am 5 ft. I weigh 100 pounds. How much weight should I loose? I feel Really fat! What should I do?!...

 am i fat!! I know you hate these questions?
i'm in 7th. I am 5'6 and 120 pounds. I don't think i'm too chubby except i'm a size 5 in jeans now thats fat. Am i, please i was cursed with this stupid hourglass shape. P...

 This guy called me fat, am i? ?
I posted a question that was asking how fit i am on a scale of 1 - 10

I was saying that i go to the gym 3-5 days a week for one hour, i can do up to 90 minutes on the elletpical, 15 ...

I weigh a lot. How much do you weigh?
How much do you weigh? If your 17 and female, can you please tell me your weight and height? I am 17, female, and weigh a lot- I weigh 134 lbs. and I'm 6 foot 2. I'm over weight! Also, can you tell me how to loose 20 pounds fast?

Mr. Guy
5 Steps to becoming a twig
1.Get 3 hours of sleep a night, don't let your body store those calories you need to be awake to burn em!
2.Eat 10 meals a day, 50calories each, so in total you will get 500 calories a day!
3. Go run for 10 hours or walk, burn some calories
4. Do AT LEAST 1000sit ups a day, gotta get those abs!
5. You die, because you are killing you self
Oh did i forget to say dont lisen to this and your weight is fine?

Luigi Fontaine
I am 5 years old, 352 feet tall, and I weigh 30 million trillion bazillian gillian google-og-illian pounds. do you think I am fat?

Your Future Self
Girl, you are NOT overweight. Plus you are very very tall, so don't sweat it. You're fine the way you are.

Corina Cannibal
dont be stupid. Anyways ur not skinny or fat u r normal.It is not good to be as skinny as me though. Here are sum of my stories:

1) so skinny the first time my dad held me i was so delicate, that i stopped breathing
2)people automatically hate me because they think im stuck up and anorexic
3) boys think im ugly
4) people say i will die
5) i am 12 and weigh 62 pounds
6)chicken legs
7)people think im weak
8)people make fun of me
9)everyone tells me to eat more, when i eat more than them ( i will chop someones head off if i ever hear that ever again)
10)i cant eat during breakfast, im not hungry (i only eat alot at lunch and dinner)
11)i get sumthing like an asthma attack when i dont even have asthma

I am 22 and female and also weigh 134 lbs. However, I am 5'6" and my bmi tells me that is a normal weight; in fact, I would need to be 152 lbs to be overweight.

You should not be overweight if you are taller than me. Unless you accidentally wrote 6' when you meant something else, your question is counter-intuitive.

i don't think you weigh a lot for your age and height. i calculated your bmi, which is 17.2, and according to the website, that is underweight. i am 17, i am 5'5'' and i weigh like 110. but i have always been kind of skinny.

You're 6'2"?!?!?!? You're definitely not overweight, actually, you are underweight. Your BMI is 17.2 To figure out your BMI, multiply your weight by 703, then divide your answer by your height (inches) then divide the answer you get by your height (inches) again.

Underweight= less than 18.5
Normal Weight=18.5-24.9

If this makes you feel any better, I'm a 14 year old female, 5 foot 9, and let's just say I weigh a lot more than 134 pounds! I'm really jealous of you, you could be a model!!!!!

Hope I helped!!!

you're not over weight, that's a normal weight (and probably underweight) for someone who's over 6 foot. Stop complaining and be grateful that you're so tall.

i weight 134
but i'm 5'5''

so if you're overweight, that must mean i'm really really overweight

134 pounds is definitely not overweight if you are 6'2". Not even close to being overweight.

you're definitely not overweight.
I'm skinny and i weigh 120 and im 5'6...
so get over yourself your skinny if your that tall

Lesie D
psh, fatty *rolls eyes*

Girl, you are NOT overweight! i'm 15 and 5 foot 2 and i way 105
if you would check your BMI you would see that you're a normal weight, and actually pretty light for being so damn tall

You must know yourself that this is ridiculous,if you calculate your BMI ( http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ ) you can see you are UNDERWEIGHT.

you are not overweight!! The average weight for a 17 year old female is 110 - 140 pounds. I googled it and everything says that. 134 is perfect. All girls think they're fat even though they're not :p

Nicole N is the best answers!!! She is good with ur question:

You are under weight

honestly people like you just have to look in the mirror and you'll realize how stupid you sound

You don't weigh anything.

I weigh : none of your damned.

Andrea B
My weight is only between me and the dreaded scale. hahahahaha sorry=)

Thank you Jon for pointing out the obvious.

you are so not over weight!!! you are just tall

You are the right Weight

Stop it. This isn't flirting101 or something, it's Yahoo answers.com

I Speak in the words of Judge Judy- GROW UP!!!

Bonafide Hustler
You don't weight a lot for your height at all. You're tall though.

Are you fishing for compiments or do you just want to look anorexic?

Yeah, drop 20 lbs and become anorexic! Smart...stop trying to get compliments!

Oh, and your BMI says your already underweight ;) have a great day!

Chunky Butt
Now you're just being silly.

Lying is pointless so STFU!
LMAO....people will do anything for some attention quit looking for compliments and get over yourself

Oh come on. You are just looking for compliments.

um You don't weigh a lot. You are so fit. You are perfect for your age and height.
i'm 13 5.1ish and i weigh.. 95ish.. ehh ..
You are perfect. ANd i'm sorry im not 17 =(

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