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I'm 15 years old, and 235 lbs.. I want to lose 15 pound before August 12, my birthday and school starts . How?
Please help me!! I so scared of being fat and dying from it. Please someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Just stay focused and rember you want to loose those 15 pounds i know you can do it just rember why u want to loose wait do a lot of planned exercise and ask people if there is other methods

excercise eat healty and stay away from JUNK food

do a lot of walking hun. buy a super cool water bottle and drink nothing but ice water, eat a lot of crisp raw veggies and fruit...stay away from sugar completely..even fruit juices.....but the water and the walking like a mile it will just start melting off. i have had 3 kids and this is what i do when i cnt afford the gym or have hardly no time on my hands....good luck hun.......email me at [email protected] and i look online for healthy recipes for u to have for dinner...and also to curb the craving...make a mint gum ur best friend!

exercise [run, jog, stretch] and eat right [salads & lay off the sweets and fats]

Well you can do what I did. I was 240 lbs until last May, now I'm 165. If you eat a lot of flour and pastry, I suggest go low carb for two weeks. Stay away from the sugar and flour for 2 weeks (and I do mean STAY AWAY...no tasting either). Only have meat, cheese, and vegetables (no sauce either). You'll start seeing results instantly. After the two weeks, you can gradually start back eating anything with flour, and by then, your sweet tooth will have almost completely died out ;-)

talk to your doctor. weight is very fickle. you need to get out there and exercise. at first you will lose water weight, and then if you keep at it you will gain muscle. You also need to eat healthy and especially pay attention to portion size of foods. Losing weight is hard and you have to be dedicated and committed to it. You may have to try several different ways to lose weight until you find one that works like weight watchers, etc.

when you're healthier you're happier. good luck and don't give up!!!

stay away totally from junk food maybe just one small snack a week,also walk alot and drink lots of water. eat only 3 meals a day and you should be able to lose the weight .I am pretty sure it will be difficult at first but u wll get used to it.or you can go to a nutritionist I wish you the best of luck

ask your parents for help. Get a close friend of yours to start doing something active each day.....maybe play tennis.....or just walking.

Start cutting out candy and sweets...

DRINK TEA....it will curb your appitite
make sure you are eating 1 portion meals (read packages...you will see that the majority of food has multiple servings)


good luck :)

and happy early birthday

I don't mean for this to sound harsh, but I have been in your shoes and the answer is to stop eating when you are bored, tired, watching TV, or playing on the computer. If you only eat when you are paying full attention to the food then you eat way less. I have spent the last 10 years of my life trying to loose the weight I gained as a teenager because I thought I was fat and no one liked me for it...then I ate. This is so avoidable....don't find comfort in food. After 10 years of struggling I have found that food is my enemy not my friend....it will not make me feel better, it is what makes me feel bad to begin with. Please contact me if you need more individual help, but know that I feel your pain and want you to be happy. Best wishes

First off, stay strong. Don't let anything make you feel like your worthless because you are overweight. I have found that when I am happier about myself, I lose more weight while I work out and what not.

And remember as a rule of thumb burn off more calories than you take in. I wasn't able to make drastic changes in my diet at first, I took it slowly, I just made sure I exercised more.

So far, I have lost 20 pounds...and it took me 2 months. Good luck to you, and you are beautiful no matter what.

just start out by walking every day and night,gotta burn some calories girl..and quit eating that dam junk food..eat cereal for breakfast and more fruit..good luck and i think at 15 you need to lose more than 15 pounds..at 180 pounds you would still be way overweight..give it your best, you can do it and you'll feel so much better too..see ya!!!

hi :) am not sure whats available in the markets...but, this is what i did to lose weight... and as general info... PLEASE DONT TAKE PILLS... pills are nothing but anorectic agents... they make you feel less hungry... there is no way to loose weight fast... though , sauna , steam and massages help slightly... it has to be combined with diet and excercise... pills are very bad in the long run...

Also... Dont try short term diets...short term diets are no good because , they terribly pull down your body metabolism rate since you dont eat much during that period ... Because of this , once you break your diet , you'll start putting on more weight, the reduced body metabolism will take longer and slower to burn the food you take in...

They also dont work because once you break your diet and start eating normally, you will get back to your normal weight as you might not be cautious as to how many cals you take in per day...

i lost 10 kgs in about 5 months time... i am getting married in august and i desperately needed to loose weight... i was 65 kilos when i started... according to my BMI , i was 10kgs + overweight... i stand 5'2.odd and 65 kilos is grossly overweight...

just dieting wont help like i found out in my case... diet + exercise will do the trick...

i'll tell you what i did... it worked for me... hope it works for you too :)

the trick is not to starve but to eat smart :) and stay healthy :)

what you should cut down :
oil , butter , cheese , margarine , mayonisse , sauces (depends , will get back to that a bit later), chips , crisps, nuts , chocolates , sugar , cola, fizz , areated drinks ,ice creams , chocolate , alcohol , cakes and everything else thats hi - cal... you'll need to avoid everything thats sweet , oily and sticky... if you are not sure about what foods to avoid... check the net...loads of info available...

vegetables / meat to avoid :
potatoes - very very important , beetroot (its a root and has concenterated sugar in it) , all kinds of roots basically except carrot... avoid lamb, mutton , pork , beef, and prawns... all these put on weight... eat only lean meats... thats fish and chicken.. avoid eating egg yolk... eat just the egg white...

fruits to avoid :
mangoes , bananas , jackfruit

now that we had a look at what foodstuff is to be avoided...you might be wondering if there is anythig at all that you can eat... thats how i felt... there is loads of stuff you can eat actually :)

here they come :)

fast foods are a big no no... you can order salads and special lo cal foods that are avaailable in most outlets...

its best to eat at home for the period you are dieting and trying to lose weight...after those few months... once you've shed your load...you can get back to your usual lifestyle... of course with some caution...

my diet...

skimmed milk (use skimmmed milk , is low in fat , other typer of milk are higher in fat content) , fruit... i am from India... am not sure where you are from and hence you might not understand certain food types we consume here... but let me tell you something... Indian food is very very oily and very difficult to diet...

and try cereal in the mornings... oats, weetabix... etc... have a good breakfast...alwaays use brown bread... whole wheat brown bread is very good for weight reduction...

for lunch , we are staple rice eaters... rice is bad for fat reduction... but i still took rice because its a habit tht cant be changed... everyone takes rice here... so... rice - one cup - 100gms and lots of veggies cooked in less oil.. and absolutely no coconut and curry with less oil... all in all keep your oil intake to 2 tea spoons everyday... that would be just for seasoning... also using olive oil helps a lot...

then for dinner... compulsarily have wheat... pasta is a good option...but make sure you buy wheat pasta... check before buying... and of course in pasta absolutely no sauces... some varities of sauces are acceptable... as far as they dont have cheese , butter , oil ,mayonisse and fattening substances in general... you can use tomato spicy sauces etc... make sure your sugar intake doesnt cross 2 - 3 spoons per day... (not tablespoons) and no butter and ghee of course... eat a lot of fruits and vegetables... and all kinds of cereal... if you are hungry... eat a fruit... or you can eat stuff like puffed wheat and puffed rice... but no puffed corn... corn products again put on weight...

eat sandwiches as much as possible... i dont know which part of the world you are from and hence cant suggest much for you in terms of recepies...

and combined with dieting... you need to excercise for atleast an hour everyday... you'll see the difference...defenitely... if you think gym is boring... take up dance classes... or run along the beach... if you have one... or skate... or just about any physical activity... brisk walking will also help...
the key is to stay healthy while you diet and lose weight...

drink loads of water...atleast 6 glasses per day... and do a lot of physical activity.... take the stairwy instead of the lift.... and small things like that...
if you have any more queries...mail me... cheers :) and good luck :) its not difficult...you'll get used to it in a few days... and of course the results are fab:) who doesnt want a great looking body...

you can get back to your normal lifestyle once you slim down... after that... its just eating what you like and burning it out the next day with just a little bit of excercise :) also check your weight everyday... its a great way to motivate and monitor your progres :)


personal exp :)

here are some tips
1. drink lots of water
2. eat healthy ( like salads, vegetables )
3. don't eat junk food
4. work out exercise go to the gym
5. try running

Leader Lady Sue
water for sodas
fruit and vegtables for candy and snacks
walk more ride in car less
ride bicycle more watch tv less
In other words eat smarter, move more. You'll do fine. You've already done the hardest thing. You've decided to do it!

try losing more

Don't eat lots of junk food. Eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables but enough protein and carbs. Also exercise, try just walking 30 min a day to begin with and then start maybe running and other exercises

Go to your doctor and get a thorough checkup. And then have him/her help you come up with a sensible diet plan and exercise program that won't endanger your health. Good luck, dear.

Somehow work out a tiny bit a litle every day,eat vegies and fruits,try not to eat junk food at all,eat energy bars.dont wacth tv for more than 30 minutes.Also get peple to help you and encourage you.

Limit your sugars and carbs - notice I said limit not omit. Also swim, swim, swim. When I was 19 years old I was a size 18. I swam 1000 meters in the morning and 1000 meters in the evening. In less than two months I went to a size 8. Although that was quick - I was very concious what I put in my mouth not undo the progress. I like to chew on something or basically have something in my mouth all the time - Granny Smith apples are good. They are filling and give you that crunch. I am in my 30's and still swim about 1000 meters 6 days a week.

Don't worry you can do it - just decide and tell yourself that there is no going back!

Monica V
motivation and comitment

Shoshana S
The best way to do this is to drink a LOT of water. Eat lots of vegetables. Walk as much as you have the time for, at a fast pace listening to your favorite CDs. And stay off of junk food and anything high in fats/oils. You will definitely lose the weight this way!

Drink plenty of water. Eat five or six meals(smaller portions) during the day. Eat a large breakfast. You will burn it off. Eat your last meal of the day earlier. You burn more calories earlier in the day. Stay away from fad diets. The Adkins diet(and other high protein diets will cause your body to use your fat reserves, but it is hard on the kidneys.

Less in one end
More out the other

1.Stay away from the computer for awhile/watch little tv 2.NO JUNK FOOD/SWEETS (fats/oils/sugars) 3.Eat dairy products, vegetables, and fruit. drink a lot of water or juice. 4.Get moving and be active. You don't want to be like lazy me and not go outside at all! All i ever do is go on the computer (mostly internet) and watch tv! I'm pretty healthy, but soon this is all going to get to me!!! So don't be like me! (actually I should be taking my own advice) 5. Start counting carbs and calories. (watch what you eat) Do those 5 steps and you'll be on your way to losing weight!!! h.t.h.g. (hope this helps girl) :-)

Shh. Calm down. :)

Motivation is the hardest part of losing weight; once you start on a routine, it gets easier to do every day.

There are a lot of ways to lose weights, many diets to choose from, many different forms of excerise. It can be very confusing.

I lost twenty pounds in a month by cutting my diet down to salads only -- but allowed myself a lot of dressing, and one 'normal' meal a week. Every day I also did 100-200 sit-ups, but I'm sure you could replace that with a thirty-minute walk or jog, push-ups, or some form of excerise.

Good luck, love.

consult your Dr. they should be able to give you the proper advice to loosing weight the right way for your body. Or at least be able to refer you somewhere or to a support group to help you. If you really want to loose weight you have to do it right with a healthy diet and exercise. your Dr should be able to tell you how to cut your calorie and fat intake properly

no one can get u to do it. just remember you have to do it yourself. i was in your shoes once. i just got up one day and started walking. then i want on a diet. i talk to my neighbor, who also was on a diet. we started walking two miles together. remember once your motivated its easier. then find a friend to stick with it with you.

Hey there! It would not be wise for you to lose 15 pounds in such a short time. It's not healthy, you would have to starve yourself, and then when you begin to eat again, you will gain it ALL back and even MORE! It's best to lose 1 pound a week because you can do it safely. Do you like to walk? If so, find a nice walking trail close to where you live, or walk the track at your school. Just walk, walk, walk every day and you will be surprised how much weight you can lose....WITHOUT dieting. But also, drink a TON of water. Hope this helps sweetheart...

It depends on what your eating and how you live. If you are sitting at home everyday and not doing anything except eating and sitting/sleeping/lying down your gonna gain weight. And also if you eat a lot of junk food you will obviously gain weight. If you really want to lose weight start by eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. (skipping meals can make you gain weight) start reading the labels of your food and try and watch out for food with lots of saturated fats and high frutose corn syrup (trust me its in almost everything) it is a type of sugar that makes it so you don't stop eating. Also do a little bit of exercise for 1 hour, 3 days out of the week will help too. If none of that helps you lose weight then you may want to see a doctor because you could have a serious medical problem. Hope it helps!

Huda H
heres a good website try it http://diet.virginia.com/diets/freediets.htm

eat healthy foods like fruit and vegtables, try to stay away from the high calorie foods like chips and soda. You can exercise too. like walk around your neighborhhood or go swimming. Hope I helped you some

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