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Bonnie&&Clyde were just fine
How in the world can I lose 20 pounds in 2 months???? ?
I'm 13, I'm fat, and I hate it.

I used to be really skinny but the summer changes a bunch. Any way I'm 5 foot 4 and I'm 125. DONT GO TELLING ME THATS NOT FAT!!! I Think I am and I can think that

How in the world can I lose that much before December 15th?

Thanks so so much
Additional Details
Healthy wayS!!!! GOD GUYS

Diego C
it is not difficult ... i lost almost 40 pounds in 3 months. I started eating vegetables and food without fat in measurable quantities distributed in breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also went to a gym and did spinning and in 3 months i had lost 40. In 2 months probably i had lost 30. It depends also in your methabolism.
PS: You are not fat ;)

Walking burns more fat then running so try walking every day. Have a lot of Protein. Drink water when you feel hungry but if you still feel hungry eat a healthy snack.

do alot of jogging and running every day, also do lots of leg crunches and situps, the mountain climber, and also dont get too worried, because your only 13 and you once you hit a growth spurt you'll get taller and thinner.

Jessie yo!
play raqet ball.

drink ALOT of water and buy vitamin pills.
whenevr you get hungry drink water.

im not saying dont eat at all, eat fruits and vegstables , salad.
but not too much.

the vitamin pills should help with keeping you healthy just in case

Sorry, but at 5'4" and 125lbs, you are NOT fat !!!! You probably have a gorgeous figure -- a REAL WOMAN's figure like Stevie Nicks (look her up if you dont know who she is -- she is a great songstress & song-writer and there are millions of women who'd kill for your figure (including me!!!). I used to weigh 120lbs at 5'2" and I had a gorgeous figure and kept that figure til I was 45 when a Drunk Driver hit me from behind destroying my lower spine and causing me to be laid up in bed in traction for 8mos and I gained 55lbs -- now I'm fat !!! But even tho I have to fight thru the constant back pain I have taken off 15lbs in the past 6-weeks so i imagine I'll drop 5lbs more in another 2-weeks. so that's 20lbs in 2-months, but you are fine!!! Great actually !!! All you need is to eat good food for fuel, vitamins & minerals & go to a gym and work out with weights -- muscle burns twice as much fat & calories !!!! When you call around make sure that they'll have someone who can instruct you for the 1st few days and who;ll keep your health and safety in mind. If you're closer to 14 than 13, then 14 is you biological age. You'll use that age for your trainer. But have your mom go with you the 1st time or two to make sure it's a top quality gym !!! She may have to sign for you. Or have her get agood machine like a BOWFLEX do-it-all gym for home -- it's only $25 a month or so and that way you can use it all the time w/o having to wait for a ride, but if you can bike to your gym that's even better. If you tighten up your body 125lbs will be nothing. Most kids today are flabby from lack of working their muscles? Are you one of them? If so, get to work -- use those muscles, you'll feel great!!!!!!!! Have you ever heard of "runners high", if not -- look it up !!! Weight training has the same effect without punishing and ruining your knee & ankle joints for life !!!!!!
When you begin working out for 30 mnutes to 1hr per day ( two -1/2hr sessions) you will begin to feel your body have a beautiful shape firm & tight, it will also release endorphins into your blood stream -- the "feel good" chemicals your body makes naturally !!! Have your mom prepare or buy veggie trays & fruit trays at the grocery store (just for you if no one else will eat them) and have her stop buying junk food altogether -- kept it out of the house and you cant eat it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eat a good breakfast (once you wake up, its VERY important, this increases your metabolism (its kinda like waking it up after you putting it to sleep from the night before)) Metabolism increase = more calorie burn throughout the day

snack no more than 150cal snack, like yogurt

healthy balanced lunch (half the plate should be veggies, and the other half whatever you want, portion control, remember what you are in taking, distinguish what is healthy or not)

snack, same as above

healthy balanced dinner, same as lunch, but change it up a bit, and never eat late.

eat everything low in fat! (add more veggies, eat stuff that is naturally low in fat, healthier meals) (it takes longer for your body to remove fat from the body vs. removing calories, so keep low on the fat count)

Drink ALOT of water, i usually drink like 12 glasses a day(carry a large 1.5 liter of poland spring with you, and try to drink two of those a day)(very important, it flushes out your toxins)

Increase your daily activities, instead of sitting down and getting lazy to go do something ( not saying you are) but go ahead and do it(have the initiative in the back of your mind)

and dont forget to read those nutrition labels on the fat and calorie count, you dont have to like sit down and count it and stuff, just know what is good for your body vs. what is bad.

(this is based on a 5meal a day diet, so you wont feel hungry!) =)

You cant. At anyones age it would be a shock to the system let alone your age. In the adult world of crash dieting, they may lose a vast amount in a short time but see them a year later and they are always bigger than they started. Dont worry your weight is fine. Just help your self by playing sports or any activities, DONT eat as much sweets or junk foods and sugary drinks like coke etc.
You will have the clearest looking skin during the rest of your teens and all the other girls will be jealous of you and all the boys will be knocking at your door!!!

Bubbles -- Hello First Its great you are taking care of your self. Don't weigh your self- esteem! Please talk to some-1 you trust can give unbiased, Objective view. Your parents have your best interests @ heart. Maybe c Doctor, nurse, teacher, clergy who know U if 4 talk w/ 'rents isnt working. U really dont know who is online even if they give great advice. Or Not, who wrote, "dont eat", that's nuts. My idea is eat well, no junk, even watch juice drink calories. Get buddy w/ whom U Exercise. Get plenty of rest, keep clean. Weight will adjust OK unless there is some problem. Then deal with that w/ Dr.

I'm sorry for not answering your obviously desperate question, but I'm SO sick and tired of these. " i'M 13 AnD sooooo FAT!!1 HOW CAN I LOST WAIT?" questions. You are not fat and you don't need to lose weight! ^^

Marcus O
Good old fashioned diet and exercis eis the best way. You have to work at it. Also, i did a search and found this site that has some basic but good tips on weight loss. I hope it helps and good luck:

Don't listen to half of those dummies. Anorexia is a horrible thing to do, although funny to say, it doesn't work. Just work off more calories than you take in.

125 is actually the right weight for your height and age.

So you can go and lose weight and be underweight and unhealthy, or you can accept that your not fat and accept that you are fine and at a healthy weight. You are 13, you will gain and lose weight for many more years to come, with puberty.

I hate how 13 year old girls now think they are fat when they are not and have to fit into that size 0 to look cool. I use to weigh 95 pounds and i'm 5.0 now i'm a healthy 120 at 20 years old and very healthy and happy.

Stop trying to be the skinniest girl around and accept your curves.

dont eat a night pass 8 you cant eat
trust me it works

You are still growing and so I would recommend you don't starve yourself, but instead choose wholesome foods that will provide the nutrients and vitamins you need. So basically, eat healthy and exercise, exercise, exercise!

I would recommend you talk to your family doctor or a dietitian regarding your concerns, they will be able to give you guidelines to follow that will help you lose the weight you want while not hindering your growth.

Thats not fat LOL well... if you want to lose pounds this is what i did... well i'm not fat so yea.. lol so this is what i Would do.... eat right... eat vegitable go for a jog every morning and do exercise, pay attention in class... don't do drugs and eat a balance diet. Yea....

OK. I know you're going to hate me for saying this. But you are not fat. Your kind make those of us who do have actual weight to lose depressed.

Look, if you don't believe me why don't you head over here http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ and enter your weight and height and figure out that you aren't fat. you are NOT fat. enter your goal weight and you will magically find out that if you lose 20 pounds, you're gonna be underweight. yet another victim of the wannabe anorexics...what's so great about being paper thin? i don't effing get it

OH ps. If you starve yourself at 13, you're going to stunt your growth physically and mentally. I'd reconsider

Do at least 20 minutes of high intensity cardio every day, along with at least 20 minutes of resistence training - lift weights and do squats and lunges. The added muscle will help you burn more fat and make you more toned.

Also, cut back on carbohydrates - especially sugar.

my ideas is dancing!
also losing weight will give you muscles if you dance!

this is my current answer that will surely help! =D

oh and i rather dance to hip hop because.... WOW its amazing when the music goes fast you'll lose ALOT than you think!
watch this video


if u think its too fast than here's this girl that teaches step by step


i kno her dance was off but she makes up her own and so its not the exact dance to that real video but
Also she does cheerleading steps too on her other videos
just click on her profile and your there

friendly neighborhood mara-man
"fad diets are use-less for permanent weight loss"
that's nnot completely true. im not an expert, but im a 14 year old girl. i lost ten pounds over the summer because i watched what i ate, and i was determined. all you have to do, is not eat for a couple of days.. im not saying to STARVE yourself for like a week. that's horrible. but like choose a day, say friday, perhaps.. or monday.. and dont eat. you can lose like 2 lbs very easily in one day if you dont eat. so like a day per week, dont eat, or eat minimally.. and you'll lose the weight in no time. i went from 5'4 113lbs to 101lbs by sticking with my method. now im much happier, and i can fit into my favourite jeans again. and you will feel better too. i know people are gonna write rude remarks concerning my reply to your question, but this is the reality: you're not happy with your current weight , and i'm not gonna be useless by trying to convince you otherwise. physical appearance is a big issue with females, and the only way you will be happy is by accepting yourself for who you are. since most females dont WANT to do that and believe it's "unacceptable" to look the way you do, it's best to just lose the weight and then be happy and get on with your life. it's simple.
if you ever wanna talk, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Hug A Tree
Go vegan and work out a lot.

Just don't over eat what you make. That was my problem when I first became vegan.

Wow. Do not listen to the people who tell you dont eat. You need to eat. You may lose weight by not eating but once you start eating again you will gain the weight back because your body stores fat so it is prepared for the next time you starve yourself.
125 pounds isnt fat but I understand people can tell you that you forever and you wont accept it until you believe it yourself.
EAT healthy food. No chips, fast food. You can eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains for snacks. That's where I find I have the hardest time eating healthy. And of course, exercising. Even if its just 30 minutes of walking a day. I think you are too young to go to the gym but you could get something like a hip-hop abs video. It is an excellent work out AND alot of fun!!

Tanner T
125 is not fat

Since you're already at an ideal weight, there's no way that you can lose that amount of weight in 2 months. All I can say is don't crash diet and deprive yourself of the nutrtition that you need in order to function. If you think you're fat at 5'4 and 125 pounds, that's sad.

Go to a gym and do some aerobics etc.
Together with that a strong diet and you'll achieve your goal.
You look fine (and hot :P) in the photo, but anyway...

i dont know, but if you find out let me know lol. Oh and your not fat :P

i feel the same way as you but the truth is, we are exactly the right weight. so if you're fat, then im fat too. im 5 foot 4 and i weigh 125 too. just exercise and keep in shape. you really arent fat though even though you dont want to hear that.

Niki 300
I am eighteen, 5'1", and 113 pounds... I think I have an awesome body and am very confident with it. For you being three inches taller than I am, I would say 125 is a perfectly decent weight. If you disagree, then I would say walk, jog, swim, and bike ride for an hour at least four times a week (a variety of those, not all in one day, hah). Make sure you eat well but stop when you are full, and no snacks an hour or two before bed. I hope you learn how to love your body soon, you are really very young to be worrying about losing weight, so good luck honey.

I'm 5' 3'' 13 and weigh 115

<3i am floating away=)
ok first of all...U DONT LOOK FAT AT ALLLLLL!!!!!! im not just saynig that. if i did agree with u i would give u ways. but really guys dont like it when girls r always tryin to loose weight.

Lol, thats certainly not fat hon. But to take off some more, get to a gym and start eating healthy, no sweets, no fats, HEALTHY!

wow I am the same weight and height as you and i think i am fat as well. i am so tired of people getting mad when i say i work out five days a week to try to lose weight. so yeah what i have done to get down to 116 is lots of cardio. running/jogging.. diet has to change alot.. don't take in more carbs than you are burning off. go to the website nutricalc.org or .com whichever one has the software and buy it.. its amazing. You type in what you ate for the day and then what excercise you did and it will tell you if your doing it good. or try mypyramid.gov. thats a free site you will love as well. good luck and to all you who think we are skinny.. stop telling us what we want to hear.. I can handle the truth. I think people just don't want us to look better than them. my personal trainer never said i was fat but she told me how to get my body fat down so yeah i could lose some fat and even if the scale says I weigh more i don't care as long as my legs look skinnier lol oh and don't take or if you are stop taking vitamins in tablet form. my nutrition teacher explained that there is not one vitamin over the counter that is FDA approved so you don't even know if it is really what it says it is. you may take it and be hurting ur liver.. if you know anyone who is taking vitamins inform them of this. if you eat fish twice a week and eat fruit and veggies you are getting all the vitamins you need..

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