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Mandolyn Monkey Munch
How can Cheese Pizza be that bad for you?
Now I know pizza is considered a high fat food. And I understand with pepperoni and other meats on it, it becomes greasier. However what about just plain cheese pizza? Cheese may have fat but it is healthy. Tomato sauce is healthy as well. Is it mainly in the bread? The dough?

i wish
hon if its thin crust its healthy if its pan its not its as simple as that

cheese is milk with all of the protein removed, leaving the only fat. but you need a little bit of fat in your diet. so you can enjoy a little cheese. maybe some cotija cheese. it's delicious. look it up

theres a lot of fat in it. the dough is not good for you. i have heard that eating too much cheese later causes cancer, but im not sure about that. yes cheese is healthy but having too much can make you gain weight.

its the way each pizza places make it..some pizza placeslike papa johns or pizza hut may not put so much fat in baking their pizza with cheese while dominos does..it depends i guess

Cheese is not healthy. Your information is faulty.

no its just the grease from the cheese when you heat cheese is lets out grease stuff and it gets in the pizza watch buy a pizza pick up a slice and squeez it and you'll see all the grease drip out all over

Pam B
Of all the pizza, cheese is the healthiest. Add veggies to make it even more healthy. Still a bit high in calories/carbs. Everything is good in moderation.

Ammar M

iloveyouu :)
omg, pizza can actually be healthy, even though all the people on here don't believe it can. If it's made on a whole wheat and/or thin crust then thats healthy. The pizza sauce is healthy and if you use part skim mozzerella or lowfat cheese then that's okay too. The grease can easily be blotted off with a napkin too. It's the thick stuffed crusted, extra cheese, meat lovers pizzas with like 500 calories per slice that give pizza such a bad name. :)

It contains a lot of Sodium, Fat, and Carbs; from just the cheese and bread alone.

if you sleep with one on your face,, it might smother you

Too much bread can put on weight and also too much cheese can make you constipated.

Fran A
It just depends who is eating it? What is your age and weight and how much of a pizza you are going to it? What kind of pizza you are eating.

In case you are eating a dough crust pizza, Is it whole wheat crust with how many grams of fiber

In case the Pizza you are going to eat has white flour & no fiber in it.

How many Fat gram in each slice and what are the toppings.

A sausage pizza is a, with white crust and and sausage is a health disaster..

But if a teenager wants to eat a slice it is fine and he can eat it with no harm done.

If a 65 year old eats one slice of that pizze he /she could have several problems, like acidity due to sausage and tomato sauce and fats.
He can have high blood sugar or elevated blood sugars if he has a sadentary life style.

If you have done an hour of exercise and your system is feeling active and used, that slice of pizza might not bring any bad effects on your body.

To eat a regular resturant style pizza is a health hazard just like a burger and Fries.


1.) Grease- The Cheese onthe pizza
The Olive oil that is added to it

2.) Fat- From the meat
From the cheese
From the anchovies
From the Olive oil

3.) Cholesterol- From the oil
From the meat

4.) Germs &
Bacteria- From the way they handle the dough in the back room. Please do not ever eat pizza! I worked atb a pizza place once. Discussting! They would accidentally drop the dough on the floor, pick it up and put it into the pan,ect. They only pass health inspection because they have a general idea when the inspector will come around.

5.) Sodium- from cheese
from anchovies
from canned veggies
from canned mushrooms
from canned sause

Diana H
Greasyness.. HEART... fat.. i like cheese pizza but still....

it's from cheese, cheese comes from cows and cows has fat?

Cheese comes from cows, happy cows come from California cheese,

Cheese is really high in saturated fat (the type that clogs your arteries). Though eaten as part of a balanced diet it is ok. It does contain some calcium which is important in your diet but there are healthier ways to get calcium - low fat yoghurts, milk etc. The white startchy bread isn't great either but if you only have a slice or two a week and eat healthily most of the time you will be fine.

Lots of fat.
Plus it's contains CARBS that will spike our insulin levels...

If you only eat a slice or two, no problem. If you stuff yourself, BIG PROBLEM.




♫★Lυnα★♫ >:)
its because of the grease.

mmmmmmm PIZZA

oh. yeah erm... nobody wants healthy pizza! whats the point?

People just see it as a junk food (I don't think that'll ever change), but you can make pizza with whole grain dough and low-sodium sauce.... I'm with you though, I'm not sure why pizza is considered such an unhealthy food....but then again...sometimes people will eat a LOT of it all at once, and anything that is not eaten in moderation can be bad for you.

HELLO!! CARBS (crust) and FAT (Greesy Cheese!) Totally bad for you!

healthy and pizza dont mix, but plain cheese is better than a meat pizza, but in my opinion if your going to have pizza have it how you like it

I'm no nutritionist but I think the main problem with pizza is, in fact, the cheese. Cheese may contain protein and calcium which are both important for a healthy diet, but in truth people obtain enough of these from other sources, such as meat and milk, and thus cheese becomes merely an unnecessary luxury. The healthiest pizzas I've seen (like the ones they serve at high class Italian restaurants) are those with very little cheese on them, with it being fairly distributed in small, sugar-cube sized lumps around the pizza and being allowed to melt. This means that the cheese is in only certain locations, like pepperonis would be, as opposed to spread over the entire pizza base.

Alison H
its all of the extra crap that they put on it, MSG, lots of bad stuff. ICK.

1 slice is 500 calories of carbs and fats together, its too much...

it is very greasy and fille with grease and fat.
its yummy though isnt it???
omgg my mouth is watering...

Rick Astley
I love pizza

Ryan A
Best thing you can do is order it light on the cheese and with extra sauce. The lycopene in the tomato sauce is very beneficial for you. And you'll cut down on grease and calories.

♥ FTW ♥

Its processed cheese- Canned tomato sauce (SALT SALT SALT)

Pizza is bad for you. It can be made healty- but anything like pizza hut or dominnos... FATTY STUFF

But SOOO good :P

too american
Cheese is not only healthy but also very high in fat depending on the type.Plain Cheese pizza can be very greasy!It all depends on how you get it made & who makes it!Remember regular pizza is high on calories no matter what kind it is!

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