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 I'm a 15 year old girl, 5'4, 150 lb. Am I fat?
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 how much should a 13 year old female weigh?

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 Am I conciderd skinny?
Please be serious
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83 pounds
7% body fat
should I lose weight?
please I am serious so be nice cause i feel very ...

 Which one weighs more fat or muscle?
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 Is 5"6 150 pounds overweight?
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 am i considered overweight?
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 Do I look anorexic? How much do you think I weigh?

yes, I am tucking in my stomach, but not very much. I'm only around 5'1, keep in mind. How much does it look like I ...

 i starve myself, and then purge when i do eat.. but i have a question...?
if i ate healthy like 3 meals a day would it help me lose weight faster?
ever since i have been doing this i have lost weight..
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Do you think I eat a lot?
I weigh 98 pounds and am 5'2''. I think I eat like a pig and way too much. Okay so today I ate:

breakfast; a cup and a half of cereal with 1% milk.

lunch; 2 mini non-fat yogurts, 2 chicken nuggets

after school-2 slices of whole grain bread, 3 pieces of chocolate

dinner- about 1/3 of a plate of pasta and a few slices of potatoes

I seriously think I eat more than normal because compared to the rest of my anorexic family and my friends I eat so much. So do you think that is a lot? BE HONEST. And since I want to lose some weight if you find anything wrong about my diet please tell me. thanks<3

truthfully i am kinda like you. i am 5'4 and i think i eat a lot. ESPECIALLY compared to my friends. but when i read what u wrote i almost fainted. i do not think you eat a lot. and maybe right now your eating a lot because your growing. thats very true. usually when you are eating a lot, that just means your growing. The first step to getting taller is to grow out and then that fat turns into height!!!

Raymond B
your ok just make sure you drink a half gallon of water a day.

Good luck:

FROM THE STAFF OF BOEAFITNESS<a href="http://boeafitness.com/index.php?o…

Moose Tracks ♥ ♥
i dont think that u eat a lot!!!! just eat healthy [[which u are! ]]
dont worry about how much u eat! or about what people think about u!
hope i helped! =]

Stanley G

talk to a doctor or a nutritionist.
this is not the proper forum.

nooooooo way!!!!!!!! u are thin!!!!!!!!! 98 pounds?!?!?!? wow, u r small. thats not a lot. dont worry about your weight. be happy with ur body. im a f***ing twig. just skin&bones. i hate it. if you got it, FLAUNT IT!!!!!!!!!!! haha. hopes i helped!!!!

I'm guessing you're joking.

Or you are sick and you need reassurance that you're skinny to make you feel better about yourself.

If you are 98lbs at that height you must look like a skeleton.

Why would you want to abuse your body like that?

You are under weight for your height. You need to maintain, not lose. You actually eat somewhat healthy, although you are missing veggies which if you are that worried about your weight are negative calorie treats (you burn more eating them than they have in them.)

Hello Kitty 2442
you are insane! not a healthy diet plan. Eat more fruit and veggies if you want to lose weight (I think your weight is goog though)

je t'aime<3
compared to your anorexic friends and family, yeah your slightly a pig.

compared to normal people, your annorexic.

you need to eat healthy if you wanted to lose weight.

tj m
98 pounds means you need to eat a cow to catch up with normal human weight which is about 120-140 for a girl

sounds like you are on a strict diet! Eat more!!!

yea u needa eat MORE cuz my health teacher said that when u try to starve urself u actually get fatter!! just eat the right amount

You're not eating a lot - it's that you're not thinking enough.

That's not enough calories or nutrients - and if you think you need to lose weight - get real help. You don't need a nutritionist, you need a shrink.

You're a girl right? A young girl? Worried about her body more than her mind? Work on your brain, feed your brain.

Weight doesn't mean anything - being healthy means everything - being wise means everything.

I don't think thats too much.

Today i had :

Breakfast - Missed

Lunch - A salad

Tea - Some bread and potatoe wedges with houmous

Supper - A quarter of a bowl of ceral

But i'm a fatty and need to eat less.

OMG YOUR SUCH A FAT PIG!!! omg im jk u need help. u eat way to little! I eat more in snack than you eat all day

Are you serious? Go find a hobby!

okay honey u don't need to lose weight and you don't eat to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

please whatever you do don't be anorexic please

Cha cha
I eat pretty much the same as you expect I rarely have breakfast. I dont think thats a lot at all. And dont worry im not fat so doubt you are too

Ella B
well, how old are you?
because as you grow, you have to eat more then what you're used to. Please tell me and I'll get back to you :D

no u have a high metabolism sounds like u need to eat more if ur 5'2 and u only weigh 98lbs

You have no weight problem, just a very high metabolism. You have to eat to satisfy your body's needs. Eat and enjoy it.

~Big Benz~
whoa whoa whoa!!!98 pounds!?!?!? you need to gain a little bit more not lose more!!

Sue :3
ok so its not funny when u say that ur fam is anorexic...or is that a joke

u dont eat alot u eat healthy and u have all of the major food groups in ur diet and y r u trying to lose weight

bottom line its fine its not like ur eating chips and junk food

Sharlette C
That isn't more than normal thats LESS than normal. Your family and friends must be really anorexic. You do not need to lose weight in fact you need to gain A LOT

girl, you eat BARELY ANYTHING!!!! dont compare yourself to anorexic people!! you dont wanna be like them, right?

you don't eat a lot.

thats very little food..

gurl u need 2 eat more....

god, ur just screamin attention!!! U R NOT FAT, stop tryin to get attention.
98 pounds, r u serious!
u can eat a lot and have a fast metabolism
means ur skinny!

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