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and im 14
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I meant ...

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I am very overweight and I need to lose weight fast
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I'm 13, I'm 5' 0
& I weigh 117-118.

I feel fat, any suggestions to be 100 lbs? thank you!! :)
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Janessa and Liz stop w/ the chain ...

 I'm 5'7 122 pounds... is this a good weight???
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Do my thighs look chubby?
Hi, I am being honest here. I think I have chubby thighs and would like to know if they really are or if it's just my perception.

Also, I would like to know if my thighs look better or if the thighs I want look better. Please, I'm looking for honest answers.

My thighs: (please, don't mind the room)

Thighs I'm trying to get:

OK the second one is fake but the 1st one is fine.. mine looks like that too

The girl in the first pictures thighs aka you are better.

The girl in the second picture needs to eat.

worry wanda
omg your legs look way better now then the ones you want to get! please don't change anything , your legs are muscular and that is beautiful!

Froot Loop

A love story baby just say yes.
Ok thighs u wanna get are WAY to skinny! She doesnt even look like she has muscles in them! U could break them! Nah ur legs look fine. Lol!

♥Beach♥ ♥Bum♥
Absolutely not
You look normal and should not be trying to look like those models because most of them have eating disorders and trust me that's not what you want to do to yourself
Your beautiful

your thighs are the farthest thing from chuppy hun theyre perfectly thin the way they are
and those models legs and thighs are way to skinny it gross just be happy with your thighs theyre perfect i with i had your thighs!

You don't have chubby thighs at all.
Seriously, the thighs you want are rather creepy...they're too skinnny.

Be happy with yourself!

Marissa C
your thighs are awesome..they are basically the same as the thighs you are trying to get. Trust me people would die for your thighs

Dr who
yours look better.

Information Police
Just my opinion, but you have GREAT looking thighs and for some reason you want sickly anorexic thighs.

Te Quiero Senor
Yeah good luck with the legs you want to have . . .I'll be honest, you probably won't get them . . your legs are fine

hahahaha time to worry about something else, darlin

Bill G
Xana,unless you are shooting for the aneroxic look, which I hope you are not..........your thighs are perfect........you are a very thin gal to start with, so there is nothing wrong with your legs or thighs......period!!! You look great!! Now can we see the rest of you?? :) I'm sure you are a very pretty girl.

Oh my god. You must be 14.

The thighs you are trying to get are GROSS. Good luck throwing up everything you eat.

'Cause legs that actually walk distances longer than the runway don't look like that.

Get over how you look. Once you get over being a teenager you'll see things more clearly.


Yours are fine. the ones your trying to get look like paris hilton anorexic - sickly, disgusting. Yours are perfectly normal

Nestor M
No you look to have average thighs.
Be happy with what you have :)

they look normal.. the model thighs are too skinny

your skinny, the picture you want is for models that are trynig to kill themself by starving

Mittmouhd R
yours are fine, your target painfully thin

wtf!?!...ur fine the way you are...you don't need to get all that skinny!!!

☠☠☠ The Other Way ☠☠☠
no their absolutley fine!

your thighs look fine.... the second pics looks sickening..

Your thighs are fine- I wish mine looked like that. Seriously- you're fine.

They're not chubby. Yours look better than that anorexic model's.

They are okay.

Ew but the ones your trying to get is horrible they are gross.

Your thighs= nice toned good looking

thighs you want= anorexic

Funk Me Sideways
Your thighs look fine!! Damn you, media and society! Stop ruining our children!

the second picture looks like someone on crack.

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