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Do I look anorexic? How much do you think I weigh?

yes, I am tucking in my stomach, but not very much. I'm only around 5'1, keep in mind. How much does it look like I weigh? (I don't think I'm anorexic, but many people say I am. I eat constantly, though. I don't know how much I weigh because I don't have a scale) I'm 16 and haven't had a period in 7 month if it counts for anything.

sex pistols fan
tou need to gain about 50 pounds.........seriously,you are way to skinny and you probably weigh about 70 pounds im guessing you look almost anborexic if not already.

i cant see you, theres an anorexic woman in the way...............................HAHAHA… look like u weigh 3 ounces

Neil G
Your question is the first one I have answered seriously today.

You are a young girl with a naturally great body who probably undereats to stay slim. Unfortunately, if you keep this up for several years, you will begin to look like a worn out hag with your hair falling out before your mid 20s!

Look - all you need to do is exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet of smaller, more frequent snacks (4-6 times per day) that are fairly high in protein (low fat/skim milk, some eggs, cottage cheese, lean beef, chicken, turkey, and fish), moderate in complex carbs (i.e. grains, fruits, & vegetables), and relatively low in fat. Your total daily caloric intake should be at least 1,400 - 1,600 calories, but could be more as it seems you might also have a faster metabolism, especially while you are young and still growing (not fat!).

Even if you were to deviate from this schedule sometimes, at your age and with your genetics, you would still be slammin'! However, based on your current photo, I would say you are at the start of a slippery slope.

I cite your excellent genetics because of your naturally athletic yet feminine appearance. You have a nice hip/waist/breast ratio, and believe it or not, your appearance would probably improve dramatically with a less obsessive approach. Your breasts would also fill out more and your ribs would not show. Ribs are not attractive.

In other words, simply live a sensible lifestyle, like you would have normally before you became so body conscious. Eat when you're hungry, remain active, and you will look great!

In summary, I would say not to be so self conscious about your body, and nature will take care of itself. It's unfortunate to see so many beautiful young women destroy themselves due to a lack of physical/dietary knowledge, peer pressure, and distorted self-images. Hopefully my e-mail should give you some positive feedback and more encouraging advice.

You will know you are on the right track when you can honestly answer how you look and feel for yourself. For example, you know damn well as I do that if you don't have a scale at home (highly doubtful) there is one at school. Based on your photo, I would guess your current bodyweight at 90 lbs. However, based on your structure, your "natural" bodyweight should be closer to 100 lbs. At 5'1", 10 lbs. is a significant difference, but not one that will make you look fat, simply filled out to a healthier bodyfat level, which should be about 10 -15% for a teenage girl. By the time you reach your early twenties, your bodyweight should probably peak at about 105 lbs. Trust me, you will look and feel much better this way. Ironically, undereating will force you to loose valuable muscle tissue and make you look (and feel) worse, even though you weigh less!

Good luck to you - I hope you find confidence with yourself, and meanwhile, realize your full potential! I'd bet you're pretty and pretty smart too!

Are you involved in sports? I used to be a competitive runner, and I didn't get mine for several months either. And let's be honest, you're the only one that knows if you're anorexic or not. We can't judge you- no one sees what you eat all day and how much you exercise. My guess is, if you're genuinely concerned that people think that about you, you're not.

Kelly V
you shouldn't expose yourself like that on this site. But I think you look fine

Thin Kaboudit
Yes, you are anorexic. Missing your period for seven months indicates that you are either pregnant or very, very ill....and you do not look very pregnant. Go see a doctor at once.

No! You do not look anorexic. Please don't listen to anyone on this site. If you are eating healthy, you just have a fast metabolism. You are young, your body is changing. I can't believe that people would actually tell you to gain weight at that age, no wonder why adolescent obesity is escalating! Your body will gain weight later in life when the time is right. Enjoy your size, you look like a model and not many women do. Also, I recently read a journal article stating that it may not even be healthy for women to menstruate every month (considering that our bodies were meant to be pregnant often and have many children.) So basically, ask your doctor if you are concerned. Otherwise, don't listen to anyone but yourself. People tease you because they are lame, ignorant, and (probably) jealous.

get to a doctor!!! 7 months is way to long to go without your period. You look really skinny!!! Your ribs are poking out and you look really unhealthy. You might have that health problem where you can eat as much as you can but will gain no weight. It's really dangerous and eats your insides and going without a period for a while is a sign of that. Get to a doctor ASAP and i'm sure you'll be fine. Yes you do look anorexic and my guess as to how much you weight would be like 90 pounds.

Anorexia is a lack of eating, so if you eat normally then you are not anorexic. However, missing your period for that long is a sign that you are far underweight. It can have serious consequences. I would definitely talk to a doctor about it.

Kookie M
You don't eat all the time your very skinny and the reason you haven't had your period is cuz your body can't take the blood lose so it doesn't let it. Get help honey!!!!!!

Oh dear God.
Uhh, no offence, but yeah...you do.
One gust of wind, and POOF you're gone.

OMG!!! Yes you are anorexic!!!you're sooo skinny!!
u need help!

♥simply beautiful♥
i hoep u dont cz thats how my ribs look 2 and my back bone shows really bad too i say u weight about 100 cz im 5ft3 nd i weigh about 110


If you can see your ribs, you are underweight, and seeing as how your ribs are clearly visible in the picture, you do the math.

I would let your parents know so they can take you to the doctor. Your period stopping is not a good sign. I'm not saying necessarily that you are anorexic. Do you eat well? Often enough? I am also 5' 1" and many folks think I'm too thin. I am not as small as you, but I am close and I weigh 117 lbs. I would put you at about 110 lbs.

Please do let your parents know so they can get you some medical attention. You could be facing some health issues.

yes you don't look it , you are

This should not be a light hearted question. It's obvious that you are too thin for your frame. I should not be able to count your ribs. You say you eat constantly, if this is the case then maybe you should go to the doctor to see what's going on with your body. Also talk with your parents... they may help.

Rachel :]]
wow that picture makes you look tall, cuz im only 5'1" and in pics i always look short.
It looks like you weight about 90 pounds
Just because you eat constantly doesn't mean you don't have an eating disorder. Because you haven't had your period in 7 months, and you are very skinny, you could be an over exerciser.
If you exercise to much it makes your period stop.

WAAAAYYYY tooo boney

Well, you look like you weigh between 85-95 pounds. You do look anorexic, you look unhealthy. I'm not saying that you are unhealthy, you just look unhealthy. You are too thin. You probably have high metabolism, but yes you do look anorexic. Sorry.

sorry but you have serious issues if you need others to tell you if your skinny. if you do eat constanly though you could possibly have a tapeworm and maybe see a gyn about the period thing but i think its bc of the small amount of body fat you have. id say you wiegh 70-80s but you should consider seeking medical help

yes you do look anorexic & i 'd see a doctor about that whole no period for 7 months

I Speak the Truth
You look gross, gain at least 20 pounds. You don't look cute at all, we guys don't like it, gain 20 pounds. Its gross, Honestly. Gain 20 pounds, we don't like to chew bones.

City Gurl
you look like u could use a few bigmacs

Yes that's very jack from a nightmare before christmas

You kinda sound like you are bragging?

If you haven't had a period in seven months that mean your body is shocked... wow I'm envious.

Mia Bella
You look fine to me.

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