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Am I overweight? I keep getting different answers and different weights I should be??
Im now 14, 5'9 160 pounds

Should I be 100 pounds (somebody said this but It really seems awkward and anarexic)

Im going for 140 pounds being normal but I dont know if thats still to fat?
Additional Details
Okay, thanks for the responds guys its a lot more clear now!

omg...no way should you be 100 lbs..whoever told you that is seriously messed up...i think you're probably actually at a really healthy weight, and 140 would definitely not be "too fat"...it depends on how you feel about yourself, and if you don't love yourself you really won't be comfortable at any weight.

Ewww, no definitely not 100 pounds. I'm 5'2, weigh 100 pounds and I'm skinny enough. You'd be okay whether you were 160 or 140. 160 may be tending toward overweight, but you're still fine. 140 is perfect.

Amy =]
OK you arent really over weight but it would help to lose some..im 14 and 5'8 weigh 139 and my doctor says im healthy.
being 100 lbs when your that tall isnt really healthy...

Well i look at it like this your tall for your age cause I'm sure you got more to grow you'll be taller and skinner.Right now don't worry about it don't gain anymore just in case if you want to lose weight do it but to me your body is going through changes and you will get taller.Don't get any bigger.

No that seems right to me.

no, honey, ur NOT overweight! ur just where u need to be! with ur height and age, that weight is completely normal. the weight range for ur height/age is like 130-170, so dont sweat it. if u still feel uncomfortable just continue eating healthy and exercising.

Caitlin R
130 would probably look best.

for your heigth being at 5'9, 100 pounds is way too little. 140 is a good weight to aim for

Dude there is no way you are overweight, I've been considered underweight and I'm 6'0" 160lbs - I was 173 at one point.

hi your still young so when you grow that fat will go into the height so dnt panic lol

Chris Z
If you have an average build, and average amount of muscle at 5'9 you should be NO LESS than 145 lbs.

At 5 feet you should weigh 100 lbs, and after every inch add 5 pounds. 9 inches x 5 lbs =35 + 100 = 145. So, you should weight at LEAST 145.

matters your muscle and bone mass and many other factors but 140 at 5'9 is amazing im 110 at 5'4 and im a big football player so its good for me and it would be ok if i was 130 and a big bulky guy. 100 is way too small

what alot of people dont get is there is different bone structures and also if you are muscular that adds weight also. but even in my opinion 160 for someone as tall as you still sounds a little thin.

no ur not but ur close to a point where u would be considerd overweight

I think you are just fine (especially for 14).
My husband is 160 lbs, 5'8", 56 years old, and very fit for his age.

Do you feel overwieght? Are you exercising enough? Are there parts of your body that you could tone?

I know you are still 14 ~ so you need to be careful how much weight you gain every year.

Amanda D
At 5'9 your weight is fine if your built with "bigger" bones. If you have bigger bone structure and you get too thin then you're gonna look really wierd. My friend is 5'9 but well over weight, but she's built like a football player so if she did lose alot of weight then she would not look right. If you have smaller structure, then I don't think it would hurt to go down to 140 (just not any less). You can't always depend on articles and stuff that sayas that your wieght should automatically be something at a certain height cause not every one has the same bone structures.

If you keep getting different answers on here, then quit asking the folks on here and GO TO A DOCTOR!

idk.... i kno tht you shouldnt be 100 and 5'9. im 5'1 and 107. and my doctore says its the perfect wieght for me. i think tht if your doctore says your over you should listen but dont lose more then you need. my brther is like 5'8/9 and hes about 144.

Depends if you're male or female but it sounds like you're a female.

140 pounds sounds realistic. Get there first and see how you feel, if you feel you need to lose more, do it

Jordan :)
go for 250. chub is the new skinny,thats what ur mom told me.

In my opinion, you can be whatever the hell you want to be. But, your only 14, your still growing, and your almost 6 feet. As long as your not extremely obese, it's all good.

160 is way too fat. I would say 130.

Hershy's Kisses
140 pounds is good for your height anything under that you will be anarexic and believe me iv been 105 im 5'2 i got really dizzy and not feel well at all my iron was very low.dont be stuiped like i was its not worth it eat right and work out the the best thing you can do.

Nurse Susan
Optimal weight for 5'9" - for an adult - is 135 to 152, [ 20 to 24% body mass index ] according to BMI chart.
145 would probably be perfect.

Pingle Lingle. :D
100 is too thin!

Past 100 lbs add five pounds for every inch..

so 9 x 5 is 45.

That means you should be around 145. :)

100 pounds is not enough, your at a good weight now

You have to be careful. If you use BMI, you will not get an accurate number as it is not intended for anyone under 18 and it does not take into account muscle mass.

Try to aim for body fat percentage instead. We all weigh different, we all carry that weight differently so nobody can tell you how heavy you should be, it is up to you.

If you are female and want to lose fat, aim for 14% (get a pair of skin fold calipers and measure your bodyfat, this will give you an idea of how much work you should do). If you are a guy, go for 10%.

140 is probably perfect for you. Eat healthy, stop snacking after 8:00 on junk and get out there and exercise.

We all need at least 1200 calories just to live, aim for 1800 and see how that works over the next three months. 5-6 small meals a day at 300 calories each.



Cee Cee
You are pretty tall so your weight at 160 is fine...and if u wanted to lose weight to be 140 u'll still be healthy!

140 would be good. if you try to be 100 pounds you'll die at your height. dont do it.
but yeah 140 would be great!

If you were 100 pounds, you would be close to dying and I doubt that you want that. The middle of the BMI (body mass index) for the healthy catagory is 21.7

For someone 5'9 to be in the middle of the healthy would be to weigh 146-147 pounds. Right now you are at 23.6, and that is considered healthy. The lowest you should be at your height would be 125.

if your healthy and happy about your size then that's all that matters. cause that should like me. I'm 17,5.7 and 160 and my Dr said I'm healthy and when i was your age i was 210. now that's overweight

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