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Am I fat if I'm 14 yrs, 5"1, and 114 pounds?

No, does not sound like it, but then again, there are a lot more factors involved... what size bone structure do you have...womenly curves, etc.
114lbs sounds fine. If you are worried, just watch that your clothes dont become too small.

Renae T
No your just right. Medium, Average, Not fat. And whatever you feel comfortable in is what's really right.


Kerissa W
no it's normal to weight that much trust me I weigh about the same as you

Nope your not fat.

I checked your BMI.

your bmi is 21.537
and should be in the range of 15.8 to 23.3
so you're just fine!

Silent Drippz

so don't think you are

katie d
i'm 17 yrs 5'2 and 103 pounds but its height that matters. i think thats probably the perfect weight. go on google and look up bmi calculator and then type in your age and height and weight and it will tell you if your in the right weight group

nick e
im a guy and 5"11 and a wrestler and im 130


Not at all, and dont let anyone tell you that you are too fat. Eat and enjoy while your metabolism will burn it, as you age it will slow to an extent.

Chunky Monkey
you're actually still 6 pounds underweight technically. if you want to look thinner then i suggest u lose weight and at the same time build muscle.

Tyler C
i don't know about any of that stuff but stop worrying obviously your not sure whether you fat or not asking people the right question is are you comfortable with your own body ignoring other people's comments the only time you need to worry is when your own mom calls you fat (making a joke and being serious at the same time)

No NO NO NO No No No no no no no

{MiSsY mCcAlL}
not a chance! you probably have a slim build.

no you are not fat you are perfit the way you are

John Jacob Jingle himer smitt
Is this a cry for attention, or do you feel like you're fat?


This place doesn't lie. you're right in the middle of normal.


Definitely NOT! My friend is 12 and she is 105 pounds and she isn't fat. I have another friend who is 115 and she is muscular and tall but NOT fat. Your average. If anyone has ever told you that you were fat look at them and I guarentee they are heavier then you. If they aren't then they have some insecurity like talking to boys that you don't.



Jay R
No! As long as you have a good image of yourself the way you like yourself than you are beautiful! don't listen to people that are twigs!


Micah The Kimball
No, thats actually perfect for your age!!

ღ£Ðwå®Ðz§ løv£®ღ
no ur not !!

No, your normal.

not at all honey - you are just right!

I love The Beatles
No way! I'm 14 yrs, 5"2 and 139 pounds and look pretty good so you must be fine. :)

George Washington Fall!
Absolutely not! You are very healthy!

nope. you sound absolutely perfect.
You may feel wide or larger than you should be, but even if your done growing, you will lose some weight as you get older. Its weird, but it happens. This is why its called the "awkward stage". You dont really feel proportionate.
But everything will even out.

Sherri E
There is nowhere on the face of the earth that you would be considered fat, except for Hollywood and the catwalk. For some reason they think that the majority of the population only want to watch movies that have size zero women in them, and we only want to wear designer clothes if we first see them on a size zero model that is flat chested and taller than 5'9.

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