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 How much would you guess I weighed?
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Ignore the lovely background, haha! This is ...

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Please tell the turth
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I am not asking for attention, some boy called me a ...

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 am i fat!! I know you hate these questions?
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 This guy called me fat, am i? ?
I posted a question that was asking how fit i am on a scale of 1 - 10

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 am i overweight?
i am 16 years old, 5ft 1 and i weight 10 stones
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10 stones = 143 ...

 How can i gain weight?
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Am I fat?! be 100% honest (pictures included)?
So I'm a 14 years old girl. I'm 5'2 and weigh 111lbs. I feel so fat! I would do anything to lose 10 pounds. I used to run a lot but I no longer exercise often. I also eat like CRAZY and have a very slow matabolism. I hate how my thighs are like humungo. And I have a big jelly stomach. A lot of my fat goes to my wast too. Also my arms are driving me nuts. I know many of you guys probably use the BMI thing. I already know im "healthy" on it, doesnt help. But I mean honestlyhonestly am i fat? even a little? a lot? go ahead and hurt my feelings, i dont mind. I just want to know the truth. What can i do to faster my matabolism? without excercising..

ps. sorry if one of the picture is "inappropriate".

Additional Details
Well first of all, i really am not trying to seek attention. Im really not that pathetic so please, back off. I actually have considered a gym membership, but i never come through because im a really lazy person. i barely excercise anymore also because im lazy. i do run a few miles every week though..by force. I'm not interested in taking diet pills or starving myself..

please tell me you're not serious. Do you have any idea how gorgeous you are? Holy crap dude, you are almost the exact opposite of fat. If you want to see fat, feel free to track down my myspace lol

If you want a faster metabolism (god knows why, you're already a friggin smoking) without exercising, the only thing you can really do is hit up all of the food groups. Focus more on fruits and vegetables and eat less sweets.

your deff. NOT fat and your thighs are not huge. your fine for a 14 year old. what you should do is buy clothes that flatter your torso area a bit more. jeans that go a little higher and shirts that arent as tight

if you seriously think youre fat, its probably just your age.

it sounds rediculous, but i went through that stage when i was 14-16.
i was 5'4 and about 120 and i thought i was like, huge huge.

youre def not fat.

most importantly, if you do think you're 'fat' start exercising again. this is the only way you can actually lose weight in a healthy manner. there's no use sitting there thinking you're overweight if you're not going to do anything about it. but honestly, as a 14 year old girl, you shouldn't be worrying about this issue.

Jeff M
Your body is perfect, don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat.

im kinda like that too = 5'3 and 115 around last time i measured i was 105 but i know i def gained some weight cus i eat ALOT but i have fast metabolism though. I have the same problem with the "jelly belly" and fat thighs so like yah.. im planning to run everyday in the morning now for like 20 minutes

u have no idea what fat looks like....the fact that u think your fat tho is kinda disturbing......sheddin 10 pounds would turn u into mary kate lol......as 4 the metabolism, i lose 50 pounds in 1 summer......hard work runnin my *** off and not eatin **** but sandwiches haha

Your body is great girl. Keep it up.

­ ­
You are a very healthy weight and you look good.

Katie C
you are deffinitly not fat!!! im 5'1 and 130ish i think i feel fat, but compared to everyone im average. you are skinny. dont worry

Waldo Wasnt Here
You are not fat. Don't wory about it. If you seek metabolism boosters here is a list:
1.) Drink caffeinated green tea with a sich of lemon.
2.) Eat legendary fruits like pomegranates, goji berries and acai berries.
3.) Eat spinach (I eat mines steamed)
4.) add plenty of spices like cayennem cinnamon, or hot sauce on your meals, as they pump up metabolism.
PS: your pics show me you look thin. Don't push yourself.

Jimmy John Jenkins
Too skinny. Eat more or you will suffer later in life. You might be afflicted with anorexia . . . you might need to see a mental health doctor. There is no reason why you should think you are fat . . . you are in NO WAY FAT and I encourage you to go see a doctor to help you mentally get over that fact.

Nah youre good, lose anymore and youll look skeletal like, where your at is good.

You aren't fat, you shouldn't be worrying about it. You should be enjoying being a teenager and focus on living a healthy life, not obsessing over being skinny. I am 5'6 and 160 and get hit on, you have nothing to worry about. Focus on being yourself, people are going to like you more for your personality then for the fact that you are skinny. The average woman is 165 lbs, you aren't even close. And, you are only 14, you shouldn't really be taking pics of yourself in your bra and underwear and posting them online for pervs to see!!

No, you are not fat. You are not even heavy. You are at a good weight for your height. As you go through puberty, you put on weight around the hips and thighs - for child bearing. It is natural, and most girls feel the change makes them look "fat"

No way you have a cute little body and you are be self consciences

No way! You have like the perfect body. Im very jealous.
You sound like my friend who thinks shes fat and she not. You are like the perfect size. dont lose or gain weight.

:O you are super skinny! omg!!! do not try to lose anymore weight, your size is like perfect!!!!!! i'm the one who should be worrying about my weight

No your not fat, if you lose any more weight we wont be able to see you.
Your fine at your current weight.
You will need to change your eating habits because in a couple years they will catch up to you.

Mini C
This is wrong...

your not fat so dont stress and dont worry what other people think

you have an amazing body
I'm green jealous!))

No, you're not fat.

Abc D
absolutely not! your a healthy weight =]

definently not

uhhhh... no.

your not fat but if you don't exercise and eat a lot then you might gain a little weight. start running a lot or cut back on your food intake.

you're giving pedophiles a good look aren't you?

Andrea V
am 5'3 and weigh 110 pounds are you saying am fat too?

no your not your over reacting

kay well for one.. you know you're not fat.
and two.. stop trying to fish for attention.

Brandon D
Not at allllll. Your are like the perfect size because most guys dont like girls who are twigs. :]

Dont lose a pound!

And if people are calling you fat, tell them to shut up!

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