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Skye D
Am I conciderd skinny?
Please be serious
I am 14 years old
83 pounds
7% body fat
should I lose weight?
please I am serious so be nice cause i feel very fat

Lily <3
way to skinny honey, you need to put on some weight, you shouldnt be 83 pounds when your 14 years old

I would say invisible! YES you are skinny!

The Ben Stevens Project
NO you are WAYYYY TOOO Skinny now...and did you notice the spell check feature to your right.

sarah h
You are absolutely not fat. In fact it wouldn't do you any harm to gain some weight.
7% body fat is extremely low. I would say you are very underweight and I would like to know what you are eating. You should eat three proper meals a day, including plenty of fruit and vegetables.
I suggest you talk to your doctor - either your diet is not right or your metabolism is unusually fast. She will be able to give you some good advice to keep your weight healthy. Good luck, and no, you're not fat.

i wouldnt worry about it i donno

Yes, you're considered skinny.

uhm u need to eat something i weighed that much when i was like 9 in like 4th grade...ur wayyy to skinny its unhealty
im only 2 yrs older than u and im 5'7" and 120 lbs

Adam D
you're not fat at all ^^
You actually quite skinny, i wouldnt advice getting any thinner
Its normal to not like what chu see in the mirror, the best way to deal with it is to push thoughts like that out of your head =)

there are too many teenagers thinking size 0 and such is normal or looks good - its dosnt. It looks sickening

Blunt Smoker
you're not fat... 7% body fat at ANY weight wouldn't be fat

83 pounds?
yes. too skinny. you need to eatttttttt.
that doesn't sound very healthy sweetie.

Carol ;*
yes, you're skinny, I am too. This is a problem for me. I should eat neston.

Alex T
your actualy underweight
18.5% below is under weight

<3 My Chemical Romance <3
Yes, you are very skinny

wow you are very skinny hun! im 14 and i weigh 115! The average weight for a 14 year old who is 5' is 110-115! you shuld eat more veggies and fruits lol oh and do a sport! that would help. :) dont feel fat...
fat people are beautiful anyway!

if your a boy i would say that's kinda skinny. Because of your height though, it could be a very healthy skinny. If you're a girl, i'd say it's close to normal for your height and age. Don't lose weight, and please get it out of your head that to look skinny you have to lose weight. to look skinny you need to tone your muscles. eat right, work out, and that will happen. keep in mind that muscle weighs 3 times more than fat does so just because the scale says you weight a certain amount, that doesn't mean your fat. I'm 23yo, 5'8", 145lbs but i look really skinny because i don't have a lot of fat, it's mostly muscle from being a fireman. trust me, by the time you're 20 you'll look back and be amazed at what your body went through since you wrote this question. dont worry about skinny vs fat, worry about healthy vs nothealthy and your ability to do the jobs you demand of your body. your college years will thank you for starting this now!!!

zed leppelin
your wayyy too skinny dude

♥ oû êst mon pantalon?☮
you are really thin! you could use a lot more meat on them bones!

you are way skinny!! your BMI is 15.1 which is way underweight.
you definitely need to Gain weight and tone you muscles if u feel fat

Random guy number 1988
how do you know your body fat percentage. from that right there i think you are really skinny. I am 5'8" and 155 pounds. My electric scale tells me i have 17% fat. People still call me skinny even though i don't think I am. i consider myself a little chubby lol.

Anastasia B
DAMN u are extremely skinny. Try to gain weight. That doesn't seem healthy. Are you sure you are 5'3 though? Because usually you are shorter than you think.

um youre absolutely under weight....youre over 5 feet....who is under 100 lbs??? that aproblem get help if youre seriosly that concerened.....

Yo mamma ;)
omg your like anorexic, do not lose any more weight you are already greatly underweight you are supposed to have 18 % body fat

You feel fat at 83 pounds?? I'm 14 and I'm 115 pounds and I have like 9% body fat.
Your not fat you are skinny...you should put some more wieght on though, like not too much maybe get to 99 pounds or something.


passionfruit 87
very skinny. you need to gain weight! honey, you have an eating disorder and it's gonna ruin your life, that happened to me!
please go to your doctor!

no, you're skinny

Marvin Queequay
have u conciderd reading?

google bmi for a scientific answer but id say yes

You're conSiderEd an awful speller...

Skinny, yes.. Smart? Not so much.

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