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 What can i do to prevent the pain caused from braces?

 I don't have a job, where can I go to get a tooth exstracted at little to no cost?
I am having a lot of pain with this tooth....

im 15 and im getting braces in a week do they hurt and how do they get put on. thanks im a little nervous on getting ...

 OUCH, I had my WISDOM tooth extracted today!?
I had my wisdom extracted Tuesday, today is Friday! I only took 3 of the 16 pain pills. The side effects were worse than the relief! I used ice pack, tylenol, salt rinse...whining, holding my cheek, ...

 HI anyone know if i can put on braces only for the upper parts of my teeth?
or do i need to put on both top and bottom? and how much does it cost in Singapore if i only put on the top part?...

 My boyfriends teeth? help?
ok so i love my boyfriend alotttt...ive been w. him for 10months and dumping him its not a solution.. lately wen i kiss him i notice that he has like plaque or sumthing on the root of his teeth like ...

 I'm getting braces and I'm nervous?
I'm 13 and I'm getting them for a year and a half. I'm going into 9th grade next year and I'm really not excited to get them because all of my friends have already gotten them off....

 my wisdom teeth operation hurts.. cures?

 is it painful to get braces?
well i have 2 get braces but im afraid for painful reasons do they hurt to get them on ??...

 I'm getting braces What to expect?
I'm 13
Additional Details
What foods can i Not Eat?...

 If you dont have a retainer when you get your braces off,do your teeth go back to being crroked?

 What does it mean if there's a hole in my tooth?
It doesn't hurt, and it isn't blackish or dark. It's just like a cave I noticed that I've never seen before. I could stick a toothpick in there and it'll stay. It doesn'...

 What are the effects of grinding your teeth when you sleep?
Or is it just a case of sore teeth in the morning?
Additional Details
Spar: Because my mum has told me that I've done it since I was a child, and I wake up a lot with sore teeth!...

 Fear of dentists ? Help please?
Ok, ever since I was a young kid, I have been scared of the dentist, my first dentist wasn't very child friendly and I think that may be why. Every time I'm going for a regular checkup I...

 How old are you, and how many fillings have you got?

 how bad can teeth be?
ok, for starters i am 19, and i can't say that i took the best care of my teeth until somewhat recently. i know of 4 in the front that have decayed a little bit, and im sure i have a good amount ...

 How do you get rid of Onion Breath????
Hi guys I know this is a very random
question but I really need your help.

I love onions and I recently made a
dish that has many onions on it and
im probably gonna be ...

 How do you get rid of bad breath?
Can you help me because i brush my teeth in the morning but people say it smells really bad it might be that i keep my mouth closed for a long time anything matters as long as it kills bad ...

 How do you know if you have an abcesss?

 How many teeth have you had removed?
I had 4 wisdoms in the 90's and 3 removed while I was in Florida last month!!!...

why is it more adviced to brush teeth up and down or circularly?is side to side bad for your teeth?
most people seem to "know" it's "the right way" ..but i want to know the reason ..thank you!

Yes, even though tooth enamel is very hard, over-brushing from side to side will wear it away at the gum line. I have done this to my own teeth by overbrushing.

it probably gets between the teeth better. and make sure you get the gums.
flossing is also at least as important as brushing. it prevents a lot of gum disease when you get older. ..........that's what my dentist said.

I do not think it is the right way.It is just a myth .

you have to massage the gums too. in this process. you will miss out the deep spaces between teeth in side to side brushings.

♥ lavender baby ♥
that is why there is the mirror for you to check on if you had brush it the right way.
i would say brush both up and down and the cirucular brushing. i do those since im using those battery operated circular moving toothbrush. while the brush is moving circular i brush up and down.

it's to stop gum receding. by brushing down on your top teeth and up on your bottom teeth, you're bringing your gum up. also, it gets the bristles through the gaps of your teeth and brushes out bits of food better.

they say when you brush in a circular motion it stimulates your gums

Eating oranges, celery or other high-fiber fruits are better than tooth brushing.

Tooth brushing is not necessary to good dental health, if one eats these foods each day.

I haven't brushed in over 14 years...nor seen a dentist. My teeth are healthier than most who do.

Well it is not hard!
Up and down, the bristles get in between the teeth.

The Weird One!
Up and down can damage the gums making them bleed so that is why we are taught to move the brush in circular movements or so I was informed anyway!

It is easier to remove the food particles which get stuck in the teeth while eating, by brushing the teeth up and down circularly,for by brushing in this manner the brush is able to reach all the nooks,corners and cavities in the teeth where the foosd particles get usually stuck.Brushing the teeth side by side may not take out all the food particles from the teeth.

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