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white thing on my tounsil?
it hurts when i swaller its not big like a pimple its just flat like but big and i took it off and my tounsil was bleeding now its like4 days later and 1 of my tounsils are smaller then the other
Additional Details
when i swaller the one that is smaller hurts

You need to go see the Dr. you might have strep throat.

Could be mono. Go to a doctor.

lol not mono its puss pockets
and one is probably swelling because of an infection or a virus i would see your doctor
mono is when you are really tired and you sleep like 24/7

It is strep throat and it sux more than anything. Go to the doc and get antibiotics, its the only way to get rid of it. Warm tea and broth help. Good Luck, I've had it twice.

anita b
You have tonsilitis that white is the proof it's infected .You are going to need antibiotics and while you are getting the prescription filled buy some posicles.

Pop Tart
uh go see a docter
as in now
thats really not good at all.

Is the thing in your tonsil white or yellowish? It could be a tonsil stone or tonsiloth, make sure you gargle with warm water with salt as often as you can, once an hour to soothe the tonsil and kill the bacteria and to prevent it from getting infected. If your tonsil remains painful, swollen or bleeding after the water and salt regimen, go see a doctor.

I had something like that a few times where a small white-ish thing would be on my tonsil but it would come off on its own and it didn't hurt or bleed at all. Your could be infected, so ask your doctor.

Virginia E
Your tonsils are part of your immune system (recent medical discovery sorry to our parents who had them out earlier). If the swelling dies down in a few days I would not be worried. If it gets worse or persists I would see a doctor.

Next time leave the 'white thing' alone. They can happen on the throat or the tonsils and while they can make swallowing painful they don't do any harm, they go away on their own over time. If you have fever or aches and pains or any other symptoms you should see a doctor.

It could be pus. Your tonsils are the filters of your throat and they collect all of that stuff so it could be the beginning of a throat infection.

You have an infection. You need to get antibiotics at the Doctor or your health visitor.
Get well soon.

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