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Super Freak
when getting a shot at the dentist's office.....?
i got a shot of novocain (in the hinge part of jaw) and almost immediately my heart started racing, and i became very shaky, and felt like i couldn't get enough air...kinda like what a panic attack is described as.....i told the doctor that i felt weird, and the he said i would be fine, that that happens sometimes, and so we sat there, his assistant was patting my hand, for assurance i guess.i got the distinct impression that they were being extra calm, like trying to keep me calm.it lasted only a minute or two and we preceded, but it was very scary.
it was not my first trip to a dentist, or my first shot so what happened? i don't have any phobias about the dentist (or anything) and i don't have panic attacks (and if that is what it is, it's the only time)
is it possible it was a reaction to the novocain?
i didn't ask while i was there because i was embarrased :(

suicidal romance
congratulation you've had your first panic attack!

be thankful you are not like me i get them on a regular basis and have ended up in er a few times

Sounds like a normal panic attack because you were nervous. If it only lasted a second and you lived through the ordeal, I would not worry too much about it.

I wanna talk to Samson
Just sounds like a panic attack.

Amber J
i mean my dentist said to me when i got two teeth pulled he said that i was the only girl that he did not hear scream but i cryied you will get used to it i would rather have a shot in my arm though

Sounds like a typical panic attack. Just because you've never had them, it doesn't mean you won't. You may have gone to the dentist on numerous times, and may have gotten the shots and it not bother you then, but on a subconscious level, you may have been a bit nervous and just didn't notice, and that would be what triggered the panic attack.

Sounds to me you have a very good dentist if he was able to stay calm and try to do the same for you.

it sounds like a panic attackt but maybe you were nervous and then just lost it or maybe the novocaine had a bad reaction within your body which called you to be very anxious?

You were probably just panicking. It would have taken longer for you to have a reaction to the novacain. It's possible the needle could have hit a nerve and it was just your body's natural reaction, but I honestly think it was a panic attack.

You had a panic attack. If you had an allergic reaction to the Novocaine it wouldn't have stopped without intervention.

Novocain is a sedative, so it probably would not cause the reaction you described in and of itself. That, and your symptoms went away on their own. Sounds psychological. Scary, though.

dont ever be embarrassed to ask questions at the doctors office no matter how silly they are to u. they make a whole lot more sense to the doctors then u think, mabey he did something wrong and patted u on ur head to make u feel better about his messing up, of course if it was not that big of a mistake for him hes not gonna tell u, when doing procedures like that they are supposed to make u feel as comfortable as possible even if they are drilling in your mouth. so if u felt that way u should have asked mad questions. although i think that sometimes that can be a reaction to having the shot and novicain at the same time. i dont think that it was supposed to make ur heart race tho, do some research about novicain and find out.

the dentist must have injected the LA into your blood vessel. The Adrenalin in it would have cause the increased heart rate. There is nothing to worry, it happens often.

It could have been a panic attack, but I get that every time.

My dentist told me that the novicain does have that affect for a few minutes - speeds my heart rate and makes me feel slightly dizzy and out of it. It only lasts for a minute or two.

It's normal - no worries.

it could just be a regular panic attack. but also if you didn't have anything to eat and they gave you the medicine, then that could have some impact. i know because my brother went to the dentist and didn't eat anything, got a shot, then he passed out and they had to rush him to the er. so i'd say its a combination of a reaction and a panic attack.

this is very common when getting any type of drug injected especially for pain. It always happens to me when I go to the dentist put it passes just breath deep, slow and easy next time and it will pass quicker.


Daniel B
Sounds as though the dentist placed the anesthetic in a vein in the jaw. this happens from time to time. When this does happen the epinephrine in the anesthetic can cause the shaky feeling and heart racing. Nothing to be concerned with; this does happen occasionally while giving anesthetic

It's the novacaine, it does that.

Reaction to novocain definitely.go consult a medical expert on this.

You got a reaction to the epinephrine in the Novocaine. Next time tell your Dentist to leave out the epinephrine in the Novocaine. IT IS NOT A PANIC ATTACK. Most Dentist do not tell the patient about this known fact but all Dentists know about it. It speeds up your heart rate and makes you feel very jittery. That in itself can make you very scared because you don't know what's going on. You can receive shots many times and not get this reaction but it sometimes happens. The first time it happened to me my Dentist helped me to stay relaxed and in a few minutes the reaction of the epinephrine subsided. My Dentist told me to remind him every time I get a shot of Novocaine to leave out the epinephrine. And believe me I do just that. Apparently, the reason they put epinephrine in the Novocaine is it helps the Novocaine work for a longer duration of time and the Dentist may not need to have to give you additional shots of Novocaine. I would rather get the extra shot of Novocaine then experience the feeling of the epinephrine. And most people don't react to the epinephrine like you and I do. Just remind the Dentist next time to leave the epinephrine out and you'll be fine with no more issues like you just described. I feel the Dentist should have explained this to you when you experienced these feelings because he knows what's going on don't kid yourself. I hope this helped explain what happened to you. Now knowing what happened removes much of the fear.

Marilyn G
You needn't be embarrassed. I am a little concerned that your dentist didn't speak to you more fully about what happened so that you understood what was going on before leaving his office. It's possible for it to be due to anxiety, if you feeling anxious before you went in, but if not, then I would be more inclined to think you had a reaction to the epinephrine. Dentists rarely use Novocaine any longer, but I agree with an earlier answer, use xylocaine or lidocaine WITHOUT epi. Just because it didn't last very long this time, doesn't mean it can't happen again and be more severe. I'd want to make sure and if your dentist doesn't give you a satisfactory answer, then see your physician. I would want to know for sure one way or the other. Good luck.

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