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what would leaving a whitening strip on my teeth do?
if i left it on for like 2 or 3 hours

i <3 me u do too!!!
it depends if it one of those 1-3 hours things or 1 week or something look on the box it is supposed to whiten your teeth

do it for a week or two and you should start to see your teeth become whiter. one day isnt enough though

Just me
whiten it?
A lottt?

Michelle R
Probably make them whiter...

i think for crests it's only needed for 30 minutes and it is supposed to make them healthier and paler

whiten ur teeth?

probly not much difference than what the directions say

whiten your teeth a lot? I would drink a some milk and not put in any strips for like a week, just in case.

prolly not much you gotta do it like everyday for like a week or two i think

whiten your teeth??
It all depends on what brand you use and the ingredients in it. make sure you read the product well before using it.

don't leave it on for that long ever again. It can think your enamel. and ultimately cause tooth decay (that's if you do it to the extreme). but there's a reason the box says to leave it on for only 30 min. Better be safe then sorry.

lalalala (:
it'll, of course, make your teeth whiter.
and it might also make them more sensitive :P

You could ruin your teeth. Bleaching isn't healthy for your teeth anyway and should only be done by a dentist or at least follow the directions on the home products carefully. You are going to end up causing tiny holes in your teeth that will be easy for food to get caught in causing cavities. What do you think the instructions and warnings on the packages are for?

nothing bad would happen the paste on them will disolve in about 30-35 min. so there would be no reason to keep it on that long

Haven't you seen the friends episode?


my opinion
That is not good for your teeth. You need to follow the directions carefully. It could ruin the enamel on your teeth and cause holes to form. You can do alot of damage.

You should be careful because you teeth get very sensitive when you bleach your teeth. It can also cause blisters in your gums and on your lips. It is okay to leave them in for about 30 more minutes, but if they do not dissolve, any longer could cause some problems.

im not sure if your supposed to leave it on that long, usually if left for a long period of time it makes your teeth weaker.

La vida es buena!
It would make your enamel soft and thin, and would probably make your teeth/gums really hurt!

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