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tooth hurting and face is swollen need help?
ok so a few days ago ..well like last week i started getting a toothache , then each night its started getting worse to the point i couldn't sleep anymore. so i went to the dentist and turn out that i have to get a root canal done..but i wont be able to get it done till later cause of money issues. so they game antibiotics and motrin 800 mg...i have been taking them for 2 days now but now my face is getting more swollen.. and theres a bubble on top of my tooth ..so i dnt know if the antiobiotics is making it swollen because the infection or some other reason..but please can somebody help me..???

Go to the emergency room! They will treat your infection, that IS what you have....do it NOW!

dentist definately also gp
might be alergic

i hope u get better

contact the dentist.

Just get the tooth extracted. Tooth infections are very dangerous
since they attack the heart and lungs. Also the sinus and brain.
The antibiotic may not be doing its job or hasnt had time yet. The
bubble is what is called a fistula. It is the bodys way of drawing the bacteria to a place it can push it out like a zit. Start by mixing
hydrogen peroxide and water 50/50 and soaking it for 30-60 seconds.
repeat this 3-4 times a day. Dont let the peroxide slip down your throat or you will vomit. Dont worry it doesnt taste bad. It will
bubble and foam and help kill the bacteria and disinfect the nerve.
Do this 4 times a day for 3 days. This is even more crucial
than the antibiotic and works fast. You have a day or 2 of misery
ahead of you though but you should notice a difference by tomorrow.
Do this. No excuses. Vicodin will help with the pain. Pain
killers are not always affective with infection since the substance has trouble reaching the nerve do to the fact that
the nerve is full of puss in the form of white blood cells trying
to fight the infection. The peoxide foams the puss out so the
pain killers have a better chance of reaching the infected nerve.
I know your pain and wish I could do more. Just do what I said.

Hey bebe your probably allergic to the medcine use hyrodgen peroxide 3% it will kill the infection in your mouth it will foam in your mouth thats is when you know it is killing the infection on the bottle it will say oral rince....... it works had the same problem..

it will take another day or two for the swelling to go. keep taking them and get the root canal treatment as soon as possible. mean while do warm saline rinses. for more information on root canal treatment you can visit the following link
further they have the facility for free dental consultation by the dentist

OMG I am so sorry, I went through two root canals back to back in August and it was worse than being in labor with my son! I took so much vicodin and tylenol I ended up puking my guts up (sorry a bit graphic). There is a place you can get credit so you can get it fixed. My dentist offered it to me but I ended up putting it on a credit card (I'll be paying on that for a looong time!) They know they got u! I don't have a medical background but if the infection doesn't get better it can get in your bloodstream ~ you should call and talk to your dentist or get a second opinion.

I had this problem about three months ago, I feel you on the money issues(got them too). I was advised on the root canal but I decided to take the antibiotics and got the tooth pulled(much cheaper). Did they prescribe you clindamyecin? That is what I was prescribed and the swelling and pain went away. I had to take it for a week. Hope this helps.

Gargle some peroxide for now. It will help it feel better for a bit. If your peroxide bottle doesn't tell you how to do it, the link below does. You have to mix it with water. The infection is causing the swelling, try a putting warm washcloth on you jaw.

The bubble is filled with pus, dead blood cells, that the antibiotics have killed. You could pop it, but you have to be careful doing that.

You have an abscessed tooth. Unfortunately, the infection was already so far progressed when you went to the dentist that the root canal was needed immediately, and the antibiotics alone will not help anymore. Although they are trying to fight the infection, it has progressed to the deepest nerves at the root of the tooth, and now is trapped within you gum.
I'm sorry, but waiting any longer to fix the tooth will not be okay at all. You will find yourself in severe pain, and the procedure you will need to fix the problem will become much more painful and complex. Also, infection in the mouth is like infection anywhere else - if you leave if untreated and let it fester, not only will the abscess on that tooth get much worse, the infection will spread and deepen - your gum, other teeth, or even jawbone could become infected. If that were to happen, you would need much more extensive dental work and possibly even surgery. Trust me - it won't be good. It's time to see the dentist again, even if it might set you back money-wise.

You need to see a dentist immediately - call as soon as they open and schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning, they will put you in immediately as yours is a dental emergency. Call work and tell them its a medical emergency, because it is. You'll need serious dental work - they will perform the tooth, drain the abscess, and prescribe you another hefty antibiotic and probably a pain killer. If you haven't been to the dentist regularly, you may need other work done as well. Filling cavities, root canals, etc. are all sometimes painful, but they are far less painful than pulling an infected tooth. I suggest taking the better road. Ask your dentist to do a full exam while you are in; best to get it all out of the way, and avoid further problems like this one.

In the future: dentist every six months, regular brushing and flossing, and keep an eye on problem areas! Dental heath is as important as everything else. I don't mean to lecture - but you need to take care of yourself.

Ladybug P
you have an abscess on your tooth.. Get a hold to some pure garlic capulses.. take them and go to the dentist peace...

i had a root canal two days ago And need one more. i typed holistic remedys for tooth pain and it stated tea bags.so i slept with one on my gums. call me crazy but it did seem to aleviate some pain. you need to have the dentist extract the bubble of pus. oh, is there a dental school by you? sometime they do it for free or alot cheaper then a regular practice. even call a dental office to ask or in the dental section the ads say graduate of, maybe see if a school is listed on their ads that is close to you. google dental schools. good luck.
please get it treated soon though. my doc says infections can spread to other body parts and eventually cold cause damage.

I am not a dentist but you should definitely see one immediately. My dad had a friend with a bad toothache who kept putting it off. When he finally went in to the dentist they rushed him to the emergency right away. The doctor said if he had waited just a week more he probably would have died. It was some kind of infection.

You have an abscess and it needs to be drained. You have to go back to the dentist and they will drain the puss out (you can't do it yourself, there is actually a bubble of puss on the root of your tooth so they have to make a hole in your tooth for it to leak out, the bubble on the gum is caused from that) DON'T TRY AND POP YOURSELF.

Once it is drained the antibiotics will be able to start working better and your pain will go away. Don't hold off on getting the root canal for too long because the problem will keep coming back.

Sounds like an infection to me.

Screw the money, you need this taken care of. If you don't have insurance, look up "Care credit", that's what I used when I got 6 fillings taken care of. It's like a credit card for doctors and you pay a small amount each month until you pay all of it. It's very helpful for people without insurance.

See if your dentist is a provider.


you have an abcessed tooth. the antibiotics didn't cause the swelling...that's just naturally what happens. keep taking your meds...make sure you take them all. and get to have it fixed (or pulled) as soon as you can. good luck.

It for sure sounds abscessed and you need to get to a dentist ASAP. An abscessed tooth can kill you if the infection gets into your brain. One thing you might do is if you live in or near a large city look in the phone book and see if there any dental colleges there. Most of them will offer free or reduced costs so the advanced students can get more practice. Don't worry as they are supervised and are in their final years of school. If it is too painful placing a cotton ball with vanilla soaked into it on that spot will help the pain.

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