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 my gums look inflamed and always bleed?
My two upper front teeth on the right look red around the tooth and gush blood the second a toothbrush touches it. I think it might be cause I stopped using mouthwash and brushing before bed cause I ...

 Wisdom teeth removal?
So i am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and i am really afraid, i an not afraid of needles but i am more afraid of AFTER the surgery. I just don't wanna get sick from my painkillers. Also ...

 Root canal being done help!?
help im so scared of going to the dentist. I am 17 and i'm scared of the dentist and im getting a root canal! my cousin had one and she said it was painful and she cried a lot(she's 17 too) ...

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 is teeth grinding a mental disorder?
is it a mental disorder or just a mere emotional problems and stress? i need an opinion especially from an expert..a dentist probably :)...

 How can give my sister braces?
for her birthday. she's 13 and in need of them. My dad doesn't have us on dental. I'm 19, can I put her on mine?

How would I go about giving her braces for her birthday? If I...

 Is brushing your teeth necessary?
iv brushed my teeth maybe 20 times since last summer only thing i do is scrape the plaque off with my finger nails and my teeth do not hurt there still white..
i used crest white strips a few ...

 Can you die from rotting teeth?

 underbite? is this something to worry about?
well i've always had it and i never cared but is it something i should worry about?, my top teeth go behind my bottom teeth when i close my mouth ,although its not all of my teeth,only the front ...

 can i sue my dentist?
I went to the dentist to have a temporary filling taken out and to check if an infection had gone, she was drilling at my tooth and there was a weird noise then she changed her drill so assumed she ...

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 I don't have a job, where can I go to get a tooth exstracted at little to no cost?
I am having a lot of pain with this tooth....

im 15 and im getting braces in a week do they hurt and how do they get put on. thanks im a little nervous on getting ...

 OUCH, I had my WISDOM tooth extracted today!?
I had my wisdom extracted Tuesday, today is Friday! I only took 3 of the 16 pain pills. The side effects were worse than the relief! I used ice pack, tylenol, salt rinse...whining, holding my cheek, ...

 HI anyone know if i can put on braces only for the upper parts of my teeth?
or do i need to put on both top and bottom? and how much does it cost in Singapore if i only put on the top part?...

 My boyfriends teeth? help?
ok so i love my boyfriend alotttt...ive been w. him for 10months and dumping him its not a solution.. lately wen i kiss him i notice that he has like plaque or sumthing on the root of his teeth like ...

 I'm getting braces and I'm nervous?
I'm 13 and I'm getting them for a year and a half. I'm going into 9th grade next year and I'm really not excited to get them because all of my friends have already gotten them off....

 my wisdom teeth operation hurts.. cures?

 is it painful to get braces?
well i have 2 get braces but im afraid for painful reasons do they hurt to get them on ??...

 I'm getting braces What to expect?
I'm 13
Additional Details
What foods can i Not Eat?...

my braces dont hurt?
i got my braces this morning at 9 and now its 5 and they dont hurt AT ALL. i was really hungry and made a frozen pizza and im eating it right now and it dosnt hurt. WHATS THE DEAL were the pain

first day it doesnt really hurt the next day it starts to or u just dont feel the pain

Adjusting isn't really noticeable until maybe the next day. You'll feel things start to shift around and that's when it starts to hurt. I'll say you'll feel it by tomorrow morning. Good luck! Don't forget to take some pain-reliever medicine often.

i wish that happend to me my teeth hurt for 3 weeks after i had them in
i was on almost only liquids and soft food for 2 1/2 weeks and ive had them on 8 weeks now and i have just started being able to eat wiyh my front teeth

Fibbers! {MCRmy}♫
yeah when i got my braces on, same thing happened to me
everyones like they KILL and im like uhh no. thats great, you get to rub in poeples faces that they never hurt you. actially, i had no braces pain for the 1 1/2 yr i had them. even after they tightened the wires.
its okay and normal
other people will be jealous
we're luckkky people :D

don't complain then. hahaha. it took me a week or two to get used to mine. tomorrow you might feel somethings but its a good thing you aren't now;

I got mine on at 9 this morning too! Lol. Mine hurt a little but barely. I had some rice and pork and maccaroni. I think it's gonna get worse. I've heard that in the next couple days it could feel like you got hit in the mouth with a baseball. I guess we'll find out. It's different for everyone though.

Everyone has a different tolerance to pain. Your body may react well to the braces and you may not feel much. Lucky you!! You will probably have at least a little discomfort by tomorrow, though.

Good Luck.

>>>la la la<<<
The first day it doesn't hurt that much, and your sort of lucky because it hurt for me to eat a cookie. It's the second day that's worse. The second day your braces usually start to hurt. And I don't get why your mad your not in pain, shouldn't you be happy? So that's why they are not hurting right now, they don't hurt right away, the hurt more the next day. Watch out not to eat hard things by accident tomorrow!

I hope you don't get any pain.... but mostly likely tomorrow you'll be asking some one for pain killers! and some wax from the brackets ripping into your lips and checks. GOOD LUCK!

Dan C
some people over exaggerate the pain of braces. they don't hurt as much as people say. that being said i have braces and they didn't need to do much work on my teeth. i have had mine since september 2007

Lilly B
take pain killers every so many hours because they will start to hurt

I had braces and they didnt hurt till that nnight when i was trying to sleep it was EXTERMELY PAINFUL

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