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 Is it possible that a tooth hurts but doesn't need a root canal?
I have teeth that my dentist has put fillings in, but they still hurt - one on each corner of my mouth. He says that root canals won't help with the pain. Is this true?
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 Why can't I eat Doritos with my braces.?
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 how to get white teeth?!?
My teeth are yellow-ish.
And i realllllyyyy want them white!
what works goood.
And is there anything i can do at home. whitening toothpastes dont work :(...

 how do i make my teeth stronger ?
see i drink a lot of soda and the dentist said i need to slow down cause the citric acid in the soda is rottening my teeth away' so if i continue drinking soda by the time i turn 21 i would lose ...

 Can a Root Canal be avoided?
I think I might need one...what can I do?...

 If I'm thinking about becoming an orthodontist, what are the pluses & minuses?
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 Toothache when breathing in?
I have a toothache when I breath in. It feels like I'm eating something that's too cold, except for I'm not. I have braces, but I don't think that's why I have pain. It'...

 I have to have a tooth Pulled. Its a molar.I'm scared to death. What do I do??

 how long does is take to recover from getting your wisdom teeth surgericaly removed?
im getting my wisdom teeth taken out in about a hour. and i have a party to go to tommorow night. do you think i will be up for it?...

 What color braces should i get?
i'm getting my elastics for my braces changed tomorrow.
i need help decided what color/colors to get!
any one know something that looks good cuz i have no idea!...

 i do this weird tongue thing? help =(?
i have this thing called an "open bite" jaw
so when im relaxing my mouth always seems to be open, and whats more my tongue sort of sticks out

it's not like, sticking ...

 I tore up my mouth by eating too many Doritos!?
How can I continue to eat tons of Doritos without hurting myself? Captain Crunch also!...

 Are my braces awful ?
And how old do you think i am?
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<a href="http://s184.photobucket.com/albums… ...

 how much advil is too much advil?
I get really bad tonsillitis, and i took 5 advil today to help the swelling go down. I never take this many, and I don't take advil often. Will this have an immediate effect on my liver?...

 how can i whiten my teeth ?
well pretty much my teeth need so some whitening and i just want to know anything that ...

 Are there any tricks to straighten my teeth without braces?

 i've got the worst tooth ache ever, if i go to the dentist and have to have root cannal how much does it hurt?
i've got the worst tooth ache after i've been drinking slim fast three of my teeth are killing me. I've stopped drinking slim fast but my teeth still kill.. how much does root canal ...

 Ahhhh my braces are killing me?
I got my braces today and I haven't felt any pain until now. My mouth is killing me and my teeth feel loose. What kind of medication should I take?...

 Does baking soda make your teeth whiter?
does brushing your teeth with toothpaste and also baking soda right from the box make your teeth whiter?...

 What to do about a dental abscess?
I just has a root canal done on my eyetooth because of an abscess that is located WAY UP in my gums, beside my nose. When the dentist opened the tooth up he expected drainage, but nothing came out - ...

Michelle H
hi i have tooth ache needs coming out i very scared of them and my hands sweat?

Dont worry ive had 2 out in the last couple of years. Get the dentist to give you plenty of anaesthetic and you wont feel a thing.The worst part is having to pay for the damn thing

Larry E
If it has to be pulled go have it done. If you don't the pain will get so bad you won't be able to stand it. Just make an appointment and go get it over with. It won't go away by its self.

Big Ed
I have gone through the same thing recently. I put it off until the pain was absolutely unbearable. Dont wait, just go to the dentist as quickly as you can. Close your eyes and let the dentist do their thing. Anything they can do to you will not even come close to the pain of a toothache. Afterwards you will be wondering why you waited so long.

Mistress B
Ask your Dentist or consult your Doctor. Explain the situation and I am sure they will be happy to prescribe you some Diazepam, depending on your current health. Take this just before going for your tooth extraction, it will calm your nerves. They are human, and will be more than happy to explain things step by step. Don't be afraid to ask the Dentist or the Nurse any questions.
I have seen hundreds of nervous Patients go through my old surgery, and the majority I have always managed to put their mind at ease.
You will be fine I am sure.

Just lie back and think of england

slippery magoo
Lay down & open up wide bud, then we can all get some PAIN relief!....

David S
Well, it's gonna hurt like hell but it will all be over soon. You could dab some cocaine on the gum around the tooth, that'll make it go numb without having to have a Novocaine shot.

I'm the same as you, Ive been today for a filling,which i think is worse than having your tooth out, your dentist will reassure you, mine tells me to raise my hand if i wont him to stop, i don't because i wont it over with as quickly as possible, just ring explain how you feel,they will get you straight in so you wont have to agonise over it, thinking of you.

Yer it's scary,I had both my front teeth fractured so they had to come out,never had any teeth problems before,so I was petrified but my dentist was iver a very good dentist or there's nothing to it,I was really surprised,honest you'll be fine,yep the needle ent nice but it's over & done with so quickly & go's numb,just close your eyes,you'll be ok :)

Michelle, tell your dentist that you are very scared. They are human beings and they will understand and they will help you. The will talk you through the whole thing, they will make sure you receive as little pain as humanly possible and the proceedure will be over before you know it.
Dentists do whole courses on human fear, they know how to deal with it, just talk to them and they will help.

$Sun King$
There's no reason to be scared. The only discomfort is the needle that is used for freezing and all it feels like is that someone is pinching the inside of your cheek.

You don't have to watch the needle. Just close your eyes and think of a sunny place and you'll be fine.

If you are feeling tense during the procedure, just try to take some deep breaths and relax.

If you are really scared, see if the dentist can give you some laughing gas before he/she starts. You will forget about all your cares. LOL!

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