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 IS there any at home remedies for a abscessed tooth? I am in alot of pain and no dental insurance :(?

Im getting braces this month and want all the info on them!! what are spacers? ALSO I HAVE SOME MOLLARS THAT ARE BABY TEETH STILL WILL IT MESS UP MY BRACES?? thanks all info on pain and facts would ...

 is it supposed to hurt when your wisdom teeth are coming in?

Additional Details
im sure they arent impacted.but it even hurts to swallow.the other side didnt hurt that bad....

 is it dangerous to sleep with retainers on teeth?
cuz i just wear at home but sleep with ...

 For how long do you brush your teeth?

 is it normal to have 1 wisdom teeth?
i havnt got all four yet only one. and the one that is growing now is not fully grown. only oneside is coming out so it looks like a straight line meaning its njot fully developed yet. should i wait ...

 I am terrified to go to the dentist, What can I do before appt.'s to calm my nerves?

 breath smells!!!!!!!!!!!?
is there any way to make your smell good in the morning, even after i brush my teeth my breath smells,,,beside listerine mouth wash becuase i cant take that in the plane and next day i dnt want my ...

 i am 16. what should i do.?
i have yellow marks on my front two teeth, inside of the tooth. they are instrinsic (always been there, part of the natural tooth) and i need to change my teeth as i can't smile. would it be ...

 Is laughing gas used for pulling wisdom teeth?
If not, is anything else used to numb the pain.

Also, how is laughing gas put into the body(is it injected or inhaled or something)

Lastly, does getting a regular tooth pulled ...

 Root Canal?
ok im going to the dentist tommorow for a root canal..does it hurt that bad? im going to get the gas, but does it hurt after u wake up?...

 NEVER gotten a CAVITY FILLED! help! and wisdom teeth pulled!!?
ok im gonna get my first cavitys a week before my 16th birthday!! i have never had a cavity before this and now i have 2 small ones!! im so nervous! i know the procedure so i wanna know about the SHOT...

 although i brush my teeth regularly my teeth are not as white as i would like them! Any ideas??

 What is okay to drink when you have braces?
I got braces a few months ago. I went to the dentists for the first time in 6 months today and he said that drinking gatorade and powerade and other drinks like that is bad but he didn't really ...

 Will my braces leave white marks?
Since I've had my braces put in, I've found it hard to keep my teeth clean because I can't find a place the sell the special tiny wire brushes for in between in the right size I need. I...

 I'm always chewing on something. Possible Oral Fixation. How do I stop biting?
Ok so I'm 14 and I always have to have something in my mouth. I got my braces off about a year and a half ago and ever since then I have to be chewing. Gum and food helps a little but doesn'...

 What does the 'B' in Oral B stand for?

 My boyfriend brushes his dogs teeth with his toothbrush?
Now while I think this is disgusting - he refuses to switch the process - unless proof is given that it’s bad. CAN anyone help??...

 Baking powder OR baking soda help whiten your teeth?
Hi! I was just wanting to looking for a natural way to help whiten my teeth to do whenever i do brush my teeth everyday. I came across a lot of websites on the internet saying that baking SODA does ...

 do girls care about teeth on a guy?
i hate my teeth to the point that i never smile, even in photos, and they really affect my self confidence, because there quite yellow and i never had braces. i plan on getting them surgecially ...

stephen s
can chewing gum give you cavities?
My Grandma said it could and i just wanted to know so i know when to stop..

☮♥=) LOL☮♥=)
well it depends what kind if it the candy kind then ya u can get cavities but if u have the mint kind then it is okay.

Bella. <3
Sugar free generally shouldn't, but the ones with sugar in could, in theory.

the sugar will , i dont think anything else will ..
The odd bit is ok but if you get sugarfree as far as i know you dont have to worry

wen u chew gum, only chew it untill the flavor runs out

Anything with sugar can. I would say your safe as long as you brush your teeth twice a day and floss once. Don't worry!

Brenda T
Yes, if it has sugar in it.

hey Stephen! It can definetely cause decay if it contains sugar... but no doubt it is less harmful as compared to candies and chocolates. this is mainly because chewing action itself cleanses your teeth and stimulates the flow of saliva which further helps in cleaning your teeth. you can try sugar free chewing gums which contains xylitol. studies have pvoven that xylitol is not only non-cariogenic but it prevents caries or cavities too. and it is not harmful to ur health as is aspartame containing chewing gums.

Buy me a phone!
if it is sugarless it can prevent cavities!! ex:orbit

yes if its not sugar free

There is no chance if you chew sugar-free gum, but it would take a lot of sugar gum to give you cavities.

hahahahahah idk i chew it all the time...oh wait u should see my teeth......hmmmm

dalma jen
Try sugarless gum. it is healthier for your teeth.

Not sugarless chewing gum.

nisal d
Only chewing gums that contain sugar.

hi, firstly i would like to tell u that chewing gum is a very good excercise for gums and teeth. not all chewing gums gives cavity but the once which have sugar. also once or twice also its ok but regularly eating it, gives cavities...

Yeah, sugar gum can. Candy is way worse, though.

yeh, try sugar free if you enjoy chewing gum all the time

does it have sugar, if yes than it can eventually

Anything that can get stuck between teeth and gums.

є l l ι є ♥
if its sugar free then you have a greater chance that you will, but if its sugar free you wont get them.

Chewing sugarless gum can actually PREVENT cavities.
Eating cheese as well.

Chewing gum may give you cavities, yes. But like any other food and drink, cavities may be prevented if you brush your teeth. Simple as that. Plaque takes 24 hours to harden, so as long as you brush your teeth, you won't get cavities. Cavities don't pop out of nowhere.

My advice to you is to keep chewing gum and to brush. Tell your Grandma that she's right, but that you won't let it happen.
Best of luck!
Note: If a gum is said to be "sugarless", it means it has aspartame in it, which is strongly rumoured to be a carcinogen (it'll give you cancer). Don't worry though, it would take a LOT of aspartame (at once) to give you cancer, so don't believe this rumour. Unlike cigarettes, it doesn't add up overtime, it's something you have to consume all at once.

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