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 whats the best painkillers to get rid of toothache?
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simmy s
breath smells!!!!!!!!!!!?
is there any way to make your smell good in the morning, even after i brush my teeth my breath smells,,,beside listerine mouth wash becuase i cant take that in the plane and next day i dnt want my breath to smell bad...please help...thanks

Chew Gum

Johnd Frankenstien
wht do u eat?

elephant <3er
Try those films that you put on your tongue, not sure their exact name. They are at most grocery stores and walmarts.

Change your toothpaste to a smell you like. Different people are accustomed to different types of toothpastes.

And what kind of food do you eat? Garlic and liver will often smell horrible, and too much meat will cause your breath to have a heavy amino acid smell, which means a rancid, solid taste. Try adjusting the food you eat.

Check your local dentist to see if there's anything wrong with your glands. Does your mouth have infections? Have you failed to wash your teeth every 6 months with the dentist?

And try not to eat artificial "breath mints" to help with your breath. They are only a temporary stimulus and will cause a long-term problem with your mouth, especially your gum and cavities.

use breath mints, they also have listerine breath strips

You can take a small travel bottle of mouthwash on the plane. That'll do the trick. I think it has to be under 3.4 oz of fluid.

Go to the doctor.

First and foremost, you're not alone. Everyone has a lil' stank going on in the morning. If your breath still smells after you brush, floss and gargle, then it might not be your teeth. It may be your stomach and if that is the case, you should try liquid chlorophyll. Whole Foods sells something called Chlorofresh which is mint flavored and it worked wonders for someone I know. Give it a shot.

gum and mints are great

You need to go to a Dentist. It could be a bad tooth or gum problem, and you can't really cover that up!

Try taking Cinnamon pills, they usually will give you little cinnamon smell on your breath for awhile. Also you can eat citrus fruits, that will help.

julez w
either you don't brush your tongue or i don't know

don't eat anything sugary for a start.... sugar is what cause bad breath..... secondly using normal tooth paste should do the trick with regards to the mouth.... and then if you really want to have better breath look at your diet.... maybe stop eating pork and eat more vegies....

great101 o
Try herbal tooth paste.

brush your tongue!!! That's the main reason why your mouth smells is because of the bacteria that's on it. So brush brush brush your tongue.

remember to b rush your tongue and also gum.

most smell comes from your tongue.. buy a tongue scraper. Try some mints :)

try brushing your tounge as far back as you can go

stop brushing your teeth with Shiit?

you may have stomach problems
do you eat Korean food? my exwife used to have terrible breath after eating korean food

sorry can't help ya

They do make small mouthwash that you could take on a carry on as long as it's a small ammount.

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