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 Does it hurt to get your braces off?
This Monday i'm going to setting a date to get my braces off my friend told me they hurt but i dont no if he is jut mesing with me so it would help a lot to let me know,


 what would leaving a whitening strip on my teeth do?
if i left it on for like 2 or 3 ...

 My teeth are really getting me down?.?
I need major dental work to fix my teeth because i was born without any adult ones and now im 21, they are all started to fall out. Im really depressed about it because my dentist told me it's ...

 how many chewing gum do you chew a day?
i chew half a pack a day, sometimes a whole pack :)...

 I just got my wisdom tooth pulled today?
I should of added that i do not have any chest pains anymore...about 3 hours ago is when it stopped.Im talking about what i can do for the pain from my tooth being removed.
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 I'm scared to get braces... please help?
My dentist said that I needed to get braces. I have no idea what to expect. Please help me?...

 my husband had a tooth pulled. he developed a dry socket, it is really infected bad.?
they want to put him in hospital and run antiobiotics thru him. he refuses to go. has anyone ever had a experiance like this....

 What can i used to make my teeth whiter?
I brush my teeth twice a day and still get them pulled out.. What can i use to make them more white??
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I am from A...

 Is it possible that a tooth hurts but doesn't need a root canal?
I have teeth that my dentist has put fillings in, but they still hurt - one on each corner of my mouth. He says that root canals won't help with the pain. Is this true?
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 Why can't I eat Doritos with my braces.?
Hey. I just got braces like 3 days ago and on the list of food i CANNOT eat. One was Doritos! I was like Huh? The rest was like okay Pizza Crust i get or carmels and stuff but doritos?!...

 how to get white teeth?!?
My teeth are yellow-ish.
And i realllllyyyy want them white!
what works goood.
And is there anything i can do at home. whitening toothpastes dont work :(...

 how do i make my teeth stronger ?
see i drink a lot of soda and the dentist said i need to slow down cause the citric acid in the soda is rottening my teeth away' so if i continue drinking soda by the time i turn 21 i would lose ...

 Can a Root Canal be avoided?
I think I might need one...what can I do?...

 If I'm thinking about becoming an orthodontist, what are the pluses & minuses?
I'm 14 and thinking A LITTLE about what I want to be when I get older... they're making you pick classes in high school that relate to it or something i dont know... But I was thinking ...

 Toothache when breathing in?
I have a toothache when I breath in. It feels like I'm eating something that's too cold, except for I'm not. I have braces, but I don't think that's why I have pain. It'...

 I have to have a tooth Pulled. Its a molar.I'm scared to death. What do I do??

 how long does is take to recover from getting your wisdom teeth surgericaly removed?
im getting my wisdom teeth taken out in about a hour. and i have a party to go to tommorow night. do you think i will be up for it?...

 What color braces should i get?
i'm getting my elastics for my braces changed tomorrow.
i need help decided what color/colors to get!
any one know something that looks good cuz i have no idea!...

 i do this weird tongue thing? help =(?
i have this thing called an "open bite" jaw
so when im relaxing my mouth always seems to be open, and whats more my tongue sort of sticks out

it's not like, sticking ...

 I tore up my mouth by eating too many Doritos!?
How can I continue to eat tons of Doritos without hurting myself? Captain Crunch also!...

Why don't babies ever have bad breath?
Although some of them eat regular food and they never brush their teeth, babies' breath is always fresh. Why is that?

Donna M
Just for a completely different idea on the subject........ in her book Heal Your Body, Louise L Hay shows the mental reasons for physical ailments in a person's body. The reasons given for bad breath are: rotten attitudes, vile gossip, foul thinking.
Obviously, babies aren't capable of these things at such a young age.
Anyone out there with bad breath, maybe you need to take a look at yourself :)

Bad breath is usually caused by poor oral hygiene or stomach problems. Babies do not usually have these problems.

No decay yet.

I don't know (wish i was still a baby --l o l); BUT some babies sure have foul smelliing bowel movements!

They don't have teeth. Thus, the germs can't decay the teeth because they don't exist yet.

ArchWired.com Braces Website
For one thing, babies don't have any (or many) teeth, or eat solid foods which stay on teeth to produce bacteria that smells bad.

There are many things we "adults" eat that are not things babies would eat... so they don't get the "strong" foods like garlic, onions, and other bad-breath culprits.

I have smelled some pretty bad breath on some baby's. Especially after they send their last meal back up! LOL!!

Blue Scrub
Because the mouth is almost bacteria-free before the eruption of teeth.

They don't eat solid food...once the solid food starts and stomach problems crop up and teeth don't get brushed and tongues don't get cleaned...then theres bad breath...

Adults and adolescents smoke.
Babies do not eat garlic.
There are no tooth decays because there are no teeth and absesses usually smell fowl.

There is many reasons why.
But it is not impossible for a baby to get infection in the mouth.

I have smelled some babies breaths that could kill a horse.

I think it is the general lack of teeth, and they are all just naturally sweet.

No teeth. Not enough bacteria built up in the system yet. Diet.

because they're babies and thier teeth aren't bad yet.

[email protected]
how could somthing so cute ever have bad breath.besides ther sh*t stinks .

cos they dont eat as much junk as us and smoke

First off to the posters saying decay is the main cause for bad breath...go get educated. People with perfectly healthy teeth can have bad breath.
Generally it has to do with diet, they don't eat a huge variety of foodwhich can attribute to bad breath. Some adults have bad breath due to periodontal disease...babies don't have this either. However, a baby can have some foul smelling breath after they have had formula or spit up like one poster said.
Lastly...a parent should always brush the mouth of an infant...even before teeth erupt they should use the soft finger brushes specifically made for this purpose and wash the gums off with water using one of those brushes. If they don't do that, their teeth should begin to be brushed at first sign. Milk is one of the leading causes of tooth decay in infants and young children. Those who typically are sent to bed with a bottle or cup of milk or those young babies who drink milk and have parents who do not brush their teeth and gums...milk sitting on gum tissues or surfaces of teeth is a disaster waiting to happen for tooth decay as it has quite a bit of natural sugars in it.

because the food they eat is all organic, special grown, unprocessed, and has to additives or preservatives[most of them] and its all natural fruits and veggies[usually]. besides they dont have any teeth, which food can get caught in, and rot. if you ate the food they ate, you would have fresh breath to.

Chris M
HELLO! have you ever been close to a baby after they spit up?

Cause the smell comes out the other end.


Before and after birth, the antibody protection is the greatest. However, when manufactured milk and baby food are introduced, the bacteria levela will rise.

There are also no infections or sores. They also do not have teeth. Although teeth provide a great service to humans; they also provide an incubator for bacteria growth.

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