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What to do about a dental abscess?
I just has a root canal done on my eyetooth because of an abscess that is located WAY UP in my gums, beside my nose. When the dentist opened the tooth up he expected drainage, but nothing came out - he said the abscess is in the soft tissue. I have been taking 500 mg of amoxicillin and my everything still hurts. He said just hang in there, but will this abscess just go away or will my gum need cut opened and the abscess drained? I'm so confused.

Sorry! I dont know what that is. Sounds like you should call him agian and so no IT REALLY REALLY REALLY HURTS then hold your tounge and say APPLE

sexy steeler's fan
Well an abscess is an infection of the tooth, usually there is no way to save a tooth once it's infected, except for a root canal, and that can only be done twice. one root canal and one re-treatment of the tooth after that the tooth must be pulled..sorry

EDIT: An abscess is actually an infection of the root of the tooth, a root canal is the only way to get rid of the infection, since you had the first root canal, you can have it retreated. If by chance that does not work, the only other option is Extraction.

The abscess will probably come to a head (Eeew--gross I know--but that's what usually happens) and this bitter tasting gunk will come out--you will see the whitish abscess develop on your gum most likely......use hot salt water -swishing in your mouth--and also holding a hot waterbottle on your side where infection is and it will speed up the process--bring it to a head and help the antibiotics to work.
When you see it...take a clean tissue...and press on that spot and burst is yourself if you happen to look in your mouth and it's there...sop the mess up and rinse well..and it will then just go away.

Crystal S
Your taking the amoxicillin (an anti-biotic) which fights and kills the infection. So your dentist as of now believes that the meds will kill the infection. lets hope that thats the case. make sure you finish them all because if you dont there could be a little of the infection left and it will grow back. when you got the root canal he may have drained most of it. which may be why its not daining. and yes abscess are very painfull. i would suggest just relaxing and taking your meds on time

stay on the antibiotics

Gloria A
Just keep taking the antibiotic, make sure you take all of them. Ask the doctor to prescribe some pain killer. Put some ice pack to avoid swollen, chances are that the abscess will go away.

I had a big abscess in my lower tooth and the dentist took almost three hours draining pus, but he gave me antibiotic and pain killer. The next day I had my throat all swallen. After a month I went back and everything was ok.

It should go down on its own. As long as you take the antibiotics.

Keep taking the antibiotics. It can be a very slow process. Keep in close contact with your dentist. The abscess will eventually go away, but it might be painful for awhile. Assume that the meds will help. Don't think beyond that right now. If the abscess needs to be drained, you can rest assured you will be numb and won't feel it.

Sounds like becuase it was in soft tissue it was (for lack of better word) absorbed, thats why the antibiotic. You have an infection in the soft tissue which is causing the pain. Should the antibiotic work there should be no surgery neccesary. Time will tell though, I would trust the dentist

try putting a cotton ball with hot water drenched in salt on the affected area as long as you can stand it and it will bring the infection down

Witherman Henry
Finish the antibiotics, try and get some hardcore painkillers (Legally, of course) and finally, check in with your dentist or GP every week at least.

The pain will ease and the tissue should stop swelling.

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