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 I got my braces off, but I didn't get the result I was looking for. Now what?
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What does it make you feel like mentally & ...

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Home remedy for mouth sores! How to prevent it from happening?Thanks....

 jaw hurting?
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 why is it more adviced to brush teeth up and down or circularly?is side to side bad for your teeth?
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 my gums look inflamed and always bleed?
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 Wisdom teeth removal?
So i am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and i am really afraid, i an not afraid of needles but i am more afraid of AFTER the surgery. I just don't wanna get sick from my painkillers. Also ...

 Root canal being done help!?
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 Has anyone tried Crest Whitening strips? Do they really work??

 is teeth grinding a mental disorder?
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 How can give my sister braces?
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How would I go about giving her braces for her birthday? If I...

 Is brushing your teeth necessary?
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i used crest white strips a few ...

 Can you die from rotting teeth?

 underbite? is this something to worry about?
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 can i sue my dentist?
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 What can i do to prevent the pain caused from braces?

 I don't have a job, where can I go to get a tooth exstracted at little to no cost?
I am having a lot of pain with this tooth....

im 15 and im getting braces in a week do they hurt and how do they get put on. thanks im a little nervous on getting ...

WHo has had there wisdom teeth pulled and how did u find it?

Additional Details
how did it feel i meant

I had three done at once all impacted they put you under your still aware of what's going on around you I heard my oral surgeon talking to his assistant about his marital problems. Anyways I bleed quite a bit and make sure you get the pain medication filled immediately and take it asap (before the novocaine wears off) otherwise you'll be sorry (I waited and it hurt like hell) Other than that it wasn't bad. The pain level really depends on your toleration to pain I'd say from a scale of 1-10 my overall pain was 5 the only day I had to take the pain meds was the first 24 hours after that if I felt like it was starting to hurt to bad I took Ibuprofen. I swelled up and bruised really bad too, but that went away rather quickly and the holes in the mouth I don't remember how long they took to heal usually they don't stitch you when they remove wisdom teeth so it was kind of a pain to clean though my oral surgeon gave me a syringe to squirt water into them to help get the food out. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

I've had all four pulled (at different times). The first time I had two taken out. One came out OK. One got infected and the side of my face it was on swelled up and I had a 104 degree temp. One taken out by itself was ok. The last one was supposed to take one hour and it took three. Of course, your experience may be completely different, but if it's affecting your other teeth, you've got to do it.

I had all 4 removed and it was horrible. You have to either only drink liquid until it heals, or constantly use a syringe full of water to get the food out of the holes. If food gets in there and the hole starts to close you can get something that i heard is not very good.

It was great. They put me out with some really, really good stuff. I was flying. Then I went home and slept like a rock, very peaceful. Once the drugs wore off I didn't feel as great, though. But it was just a day or two of discomfort and jello and then I was back in action.

I had my top two pulled...they were exposed..however the bottom two are impacted and will have to be cut out..they are your very most back molars..may be exposed..may not be

I had 3 of mine pulled. One cracked, and it did not hurt until almost a year later, and the other 2 had cavities, so had to have them removed, and the last one is still good, but the dentist said eventually it will need to be pulled, as they usually get cavities, because it is too hard to brush thoroughly back there. it didn't really hurt, they numb you up good, even the first one which required oral surgery, because it was brittle, that pulling was even a little fun because I got the laughing gas that time,.

Had all four of mine cut out because they were impacted. He had given me vicoden, and that didn't touch the pain. I found that Ibprofien worked much better. I had those disolving stitches, and one was too long. They didn't clip it, so it kept tickling the back of my throat. I had a weird thing on my panoramic x-ray, so he dug further back on my left jaw to see if there was anything to worry about, so that back part healed the slowest. Because he nailed a nerve, my left jaw got a knot on it, which went away after a month or two. I also got sick later that night because blood had slid down my throat. After I threw up, I felt so much better.

I think the worst thing of getting my teeth extracted was the horrid dried blood smell. It just turned my stomach. Reminded me of the icky dried period blood smell in the trashcan. *gagging* THE most disgusting thing I have ever encountered.

Oh, I forgot. The orthodontist who took my teeth out gave me novacaine and on top of that, a sodium penolthal drip. (I know I misspelt that.) I was pretty coherent not long after I got home.

From experience, put a towel over your pillow at night. You might bleed out, and I don't know if you want to stain your pillow case.

~ ΓΆ?Β¥ ~ Annette ~ ΓΆ?Β¥ ~
I've had my wisdom teeth pulled. The dentist takes xrays to see where and how they are in the gums.

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