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Root canal being done help!?
help im so scared of going to the dentist. I am 17 and i'm scared of the dentist and im getting a root canal! my cousin had one and she said it was painful and she cried a lot(she's 17 too) how can i relax. I am flippin out and really nervous! Can anybody help me?
♥Dallas Princess♥ would appreciate the help

Whoa! calm down. I have had more than 1 root canal and lived through it. LOL While I have to admit that they are not my favorite thing to do, it's not the worst thing to go through either. Explain to the dentist that you are very nervous about the procedure and he can help you be more comfortable with it. You need to remember that not every one's pain level is the same. While your cousin may have had a bad experience, yours may not be any thing like hers. Try to think of this as getting rid of a problem that you have and that you will soon be back to normal and able to eat without hurting. In the future, I wouldn't tell my cousin about any dental problems that you are experiencing so she can't scare you to death again. I'm sure she meant well, but you don't need to hear negative things about this type of problem right before you go through it yourself. Good luck and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Your main problem is fear of the process, have the dentist or her or his assistant show you what will be done. Knowing what is going to happen usually reduces the anxiety quite a bit.

Brittany D
I had a root canal when i was 15. I felt no pain. I suppose it depends on the dentist that you go to. If you go in expecting it to be bad you are going to feel pain whether it hurts or not. Before hand tell the dentist that you are nervous, and a lot of times they will do as much as they can to help you calm down. The office i went to had movies that i could choose from to watch while my mouth was getting worked on. I chose the princess bride and my dentist was quoting the movie as it went along. his favorite character was Inigo Montoya which made the whole experience something to laugh at. Honestly, I would rather go have a root canal than get my ears peirced.

Well the only reason it would hurt is if you have an infection in the tooth then the numbing medicine cannot do a proper job so that may have been the cause. Just make sure you have no infection. The only thing that might hurt for a second is the shot and then after that there is no pain. I had a root canal last year and I too was scared to death. It was no worse than just a filling. It took a bit longer, but wasn't bad at all.

OMG. Chill out. People have root canals everyday. It is so not a big deal. I have had one that took three hours. I went home, slept, and went right to work the next day. No big deal.

Caitlin F
Sweetie, I can honestly say, from experience, that root canals are not bad at all.
I had a root canal when I was about. . .14 or 15 and even then, it didn't hurt. I'm 16 years old now and it's just fine.
The dentist just sits you down in the chair, and they will take a mold of your tooth, it's not bad at all.
The next morning or so, you will have to maybe go to a different dentist and they will narrow down your tooth, don't worry, they make sure that you're numbed well so you won't feel a thing.
Then, a cap will be put over your tooth and you will have to go back to the other dentist.
They will put a permanent cap over your tooth called a "crown."
It may not be in that order, but that's what happens. They find how deep the roots are, take them out, put a crown over your tooth, and you won't feel a thing. You'll feel a little weird at times with it, but you'll get used to it.
Trust me.
Good luck sweetie!

Ask them to put you on the gas that they have.

Before you're going to do this, ask the doctor for extra strong anesthesia. I know the one my doc uses has a blue strip, which is lighter and a red strip which is very strong.

Tell the doctor to give you a couple of minutes so the anesthesia will take effect, and if it still hurts, ask him to add some more. After that, it won't hurt at all, just weird sensation which is not pain.

Don't worry I had about 10 of them since about 14 years old.

hey i have worked in a dentist office and i have seen many root canals and they are not that bad i have to get one myself to tell you the truth and they are not that bad i have seen many of them and you have have to be numb and you wont feel it

i no ur pain! i have had the start of a root canal done and after the 1st appointment, didnt book the second longer one cos it didnt hurt anymore. bad mistake! dont leave it any longer bcos the pain just comes back and gets worse and worse and costs more money... i went back yesterday and was so scared but it ended up not being bad at all. as soon as u r numb u will not feel a thing and u will b fine... its the whole lead up to it that makes it worse! the pain b4 ur root canal (when ur tooth started hurting) will b so much worse than the actual root canal itself... i have the rest of mine in 2 wks! good luck :)

concerned parent :(
Awww honey!!

First of all, think about what your cousin has shared with you. Have you ever heard anyone say anything optomistic about their dental visits? I think not.

She did you a dis service by causing you worry.

Take a deep breath. Your dentist is NOT going to willingly cause you pain and discomfort. They are not out to get you at all. They DO want you to be comfortable...always.

First of all, your dentist will use an anesthetic to put the area to sleep. Because a root canal involves the inner most part of the tooth (the nerve canals and pulp), he may take extra precautions to ensure you are truly numb. Remember to communicate with your dentist! If you feel something other than slight pressure, or scratching, then you need to let him know.

Because the procedure it lengthy, they may use a bite block to help you keep your mouth open and prevent your jaw from getting tired and sore.

They will probably have to take some x-rays during the procedure, so be prepared for this. This is how the dentist makes sure he's getting all the decay and pulp cleaned out.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to talk with your dentist. Let him know you are nervous and fearful...no matter what the fear is. He won't know unless you discuss it with him.

Sometimes the dentist will let you know what you can do if you're feeling discomfort (ie; raising your left hand). I have never seen a dentist NOT stop due to discomfort.

You will be okay, honey. It's a long appointment...but it's better to take care of this now before it grows into something worse.

If you go in with an open mind, and positive attitude...you will do okay! :)

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