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Question about Mouth Piercings?
I'm asking people who have asked dentists etc. or kno from experience. For lip and tongue piercings, what are all the risks for your gums and teeth etc. Also does it affect you tongue's ability to taste certain things at all or ever?

Mr. Singh
if u get more than one it better for ur mouth if u get one it can kill u


Jennifer H
I had my tongue done for a few years. I had no problems with taste, and the only problem that i know of with tongue piercings is people chipping their teeth on the metal ball. my dentist never had an issue with it.

Mary S
well ive had my tongue pierced for 4 years and nothin bad has happend i have my lips too. i can taste everything just fine

i have a tongue piercing and my taste buds are still here
but in some cases taste buds have a small chance of being destroyed.

All I know is that my daughter's Tai Chi teacher said tongue piercings were really bad from a Chinese medicine/acupuncture standpoint. It really messes with your meridians.

I had my bottom lip pierced, and it was nice but after a while I noticed that my front bottom tooth looked longer than the one next to it. It turns out that the ring was wearing away my gums. I recommend not getting any, it's nice at first but when you realize it's effecting your health you wish you would have never done it. :( It got better over time though. I would also bite it while eating but luckily I would wear a plastic one.

Yes It is not normal to wear it. Guess they just like to get attention and show it off.

blood poisoning, speech impediments and you could swallow the barbells without even knowing it.

The only health problems from mouth piercings are mental ones. You have to be mentally unstable to get them done.

lip and tongue piercings are not always eventful experience!
But in certain cases sepsis has been reported!
well risks which are there :
sepsis of the affected area and adjacent oral spaces.
it may traumatize ur lip or tongue accidentally.
it may lead to decalcification and subsequently that may lead to decay.
it often lead to slurred speech.
difficulty in takin food stuffs.
well if not pierced at the correct place may lead to sensation impairment and slurred speech, which may lead to inability to taste food.
frequent ulcers on lips and tongue due to irritation and trauma.
Even if you have decided to get it done kindly take care of the sterilization and disinfection while the procedures is being performed. Kindly pay attention to sterile equipments which are being used and make sure the person has a thorough knowledge of what and where is he or she is piercing it!
Its advisable to get it done under a Dentists supervision!

Never had any experience with loss of taste, but there can be a risk of tooth chipping or general irritation of the gums, pretty much the only thing I've seen.

I have my tongue peirced.Nothing different,.You just are swollen for about 2 days but not so bad.The muscle is just sore.You have to eat soft things like jello pudding ice cream.Stuff like that.And wash with listerine after EVERYTHING!!Some people cant even get there tongue peirced depending in where that big vein on the bottom is..Mine was on the sides which was good so the ring went right through the middle of both the veins but they make you stick your tongue out before they do it to check.

My brother does this and he has both done and it does nothing to you..promise he has his tongued done twice..and his lips to your tongue gets a little swollen for a couple days but it goes down..and your lips just dont really do anything!!

Intrepid Z
risks from mouth piercing:

1) infection and abscess of the pierced area

2) frictional injury called "morsicatio" of the adjacent tissues

3) chipping of teeth (this is the commonent injury and it is irreversible because u cannot regrow lost tooth structre)

4) the infection of the tongue may damage taste buds permanently.

Jessica M
well i have my tongue pierced for a year now and it didn't hurt what so ever. i asked my dentist and he said obviously they don't recommend it because it wears the enamel off Ur teeth faster and also the bottom of the tongue ring when you have your mouth closed it pressed down on the bottom of you mouth which after a nice couple year can cause your teeth you be loose and fall out which is pretty gross but yeah i still keep mine in . :) anyways hope this helps some:)
good luck if you do get it done:)

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