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i have yellow marks on my front two teeth, inside of the tooth. they are instrinsic (always been there, part of the natural tooth) and i need to change my teeth as i can't smile. would it be ...

 Is laughing gas used for pulling wisdom teeth?
If not, is anything else used to numb the pain.

Also, how is laughing gas put into the body(is it injected or inhaled or something)

Lastly, does getting a regular tooth pulled ...

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 What is okay to drink when you have braces?
I got braces a few months ago. I went to the dentists for the first time in 6 months today and he said that drinking gatorade and powerade and other drinks like that is bad but he didn't really ...

 Will my braces leave white marks?
Since I've had my braces put in, I've found it hard to keep my teeth clean because I can't find a place the sell the special tiny wire brushes for in between in the right size I need. I...

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 My boyfriend brushes his dogs teeth with his toothbrush?
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i hate my teeth to the point that i never smile, even in photos, and they really affect my self confidence, because there quite yellow and i never had braces. i plan on getting them surgecially ...

 My teeth are yellow help!?
I ma 15 year old guy and my teeth are yellow and decaying, i never brushed much when i was younger because i have sensitive teeth and now i brush only in the mornings, but i dont want to have yellow ...

 do top braces hurt really bad i'm getting them on today?
please answer really soon!...

 I'm 18 years old is it to late for me to get braces?
I also have a severe overbite and because of it I have a lot of ear pain and sometimes jaw pain....

 If you can't afford dental insurance, do you think the dentist should give you a small discount?
If you don't have dental insurance, tell me how you can ask the dentist for a small discount or if he should give you a discount....

Pain when applying braces?
Hi, im getting braces soon. My Orthodontist said "After all your teeth fall out!" (<scoffs> and he calls himself a professional!) anyhoo, will it hurt?: i have a big gap between my two front teeth, and my tooth beside, (at the right side) growed towards the back, so that is a lot of work to do! any of u had the same problem? if yes; did it hurt?

Jeffy Reginald McJefferson 3rd
your dentists sounds funny, laugh with him, c'mon

David K
It hurst becuase your teeth are not used to pressure . The pressure will go after a few days.

YESS UGH it gets horrible pain, but it's suppose to hurt, pulling your teeth together to close the gap doesnt come easy,
i have braces but now im used to the pain, or well i dont get it anymore..he will give a treatment that my ease the pain. so dont worry.

actually i got my braces on during the summer, and it never really hurt that bad, but eating makes your teeth very sensitive when you have braces

I was soo scared when I got mine on in December, but they dont her at all. Your mouth feels a little sore when u eat so u will have to stick to softer food (No steak, thick pizza etc) but other than that it is fine and totally worth it my teeth are already straighter!

kenzieeee !
well while you are getting your braces you just feel pressure.
it doesn't really hurt.. until afterwards.
but i was in the same situation as you because i also had a big gap in between my teeth.
it took about 2 weeks until my teeth my teeth felt normal again.
just make sure you load up on the pain killers before you go !

My sister's teeth overlapped each other. She just got her braces on last week. They don't hurt her as much as we all thought they would but she still takes pain relievers sometimes because she feels a little pain. The biggest thing though is the braces rubbing against her inside cheeks and her gums.

well...i got braces t0o...but it doenst hurt me so...but the first time the dentist applies it to me...it hurts a little bit..specially when she's putting the brackets...but dont w0rry it will pass...
g0od luck...dnt think that it will hurts you...

it wont hurt when they put them on you wont even know but after it will hurt and i have that problem but they might put something diffrent on that tooth but it wont hurt but it will hurt after you get them

when getting the braces themselves put on, it doesn't hurt, but by the end of the first day and onto the second day it will hurt pretty bad. Usually painkillers can help, but it will take some getting used to.

Well, for one thing the pain varies depending on the person. For my brother it was okay, for my sister it was terrible and for me it was great. Yes there will be pressure, but you can just take an ibuprofen or tylenol for that. It wasn't any pain that I couldn't stand. I had to get a tooth pulled and have a gap, but the braces will eventually "move" my teeth to close that gap. I think that's what will happen with the gap between your front teeth. They'll probably give you "power chains." I actually have them now and they just move your teeth together. It hasn't been really painful for me. Just when you get them on, for the first week or so you won't be able to eat anything hard because your teeth will be sensitive. It didn't hurt for me, I just couldn't eat anything hard...you'll understand when you get them.

I hope that helps!

.Just Be. ♥
Ok some of my friends sais it didnt hurt them a few said it did.

My case was it hurt later on the day i had them put on, it really ached my jaw and i couldnt eat for 2 days cause of the pain, its quite frustrating.

you might be different though and it might not feel as bad.

i had sort of the same thing, and it does hurt the first week, but later on ( i have had them for almost 2 weeks now :) ) they stop hurting and u barely even know they are there

Random Girl
Get them put on is completely 100% painless, but it takes FOREVER!
You're teeth will be very sore and very sensitive for about a week after you get them put on, but only for about a day or two after you get them tightened.
Don't worry, Braces arent very bad at all. Just know that they'll be uncomfortable until you get use to them. For example, talking feels really awkward, so does eating, and just even having them there feels strange but that all goes away fairly quickly. And you'll feel like your lips are bulging out, at first but it doesnt look any different, trust me!!!

Good luck!! Keep in mind how gorgeous your smile will be when its time to get them off!!! :)

[ M ]
Nah It wont hurt when your getting them on. its just pressure. really it doesnt hurt at ALL!.
But take tylenol before you go. Because for the first couple days, you will be sore, not gonna lie about that. but it goes away.. =]

Good luck.

i had a similar problem.
when you first get your braces mine didnt start hurting for a couple of hours, but then it does hurt pretty bad for a few days but it goes away. he'll probably put a chain on your front teeth to close of the gap, but he probably wont do it right away. i have a chain and it hurts a little worse than regular brackets, but it all goes away.

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