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<a href="http://s184.photobucket.com/albums… ...

 how much advil is too much advil?
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 Does baking soda make your teeth whiter?
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 What to do about a dental abscess?
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 I just got my braces yesterday and I feel an horrible pain,what should I do?

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 Does brushing your teeth really make your teeth whiter?
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 I just got braces and they are hurting very bad?
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 white thing on my tounsil?
it hurts when i swaller its not big like a pimple its just flat like but big and i took it off and my tounsil was bleeding now its like4 days later and 1 of my tounsils are smaller then the other

My teeth are really getting me down?.?
I need major dental work to fix my teeth because i was born without any adult ones and now im 21, they are all started to fall out. Im really depressed about it because my dentist told me it's going to cost alot of money (in the thousands) to put them right and i haven't got that kind of money right now because im a student. I already have two gaps on my top row which are quite visible and it's getting worse by the day- i just feel helpless, is there anywhere in Britain i can go like a dentists college or something?.
Additional Details
Or maybe i could get a loan??

Vote 4 Pedro
that hella sux

Bill S
It's the UK. Everyone's teeth are bad, don't worry about it.

I guess the National Health Service doesn't cover this for some reason? Seems to me that if you're actually going to lose all your teeth, that it'd be a quality of life issue.

The idea of going to a dental college isn't a bad one, actually. In my country (the USA), I've heard of people doing that as a way to save on dental bills.

Something that also works for some people here, but might not in the UK, is joining the military. Members of our armed forces get pretty comprehensive benefits, though not always the top quality of work.

thats awful
good luck to you.
and u should check google

Maybe you could get dentures? No one would know about them unless you took them out in public.


Take time off from school get the best paying job your can. Financing is available. The longer you wait the more it will cost. You must have good credit. If you need help email me.



Don Alexanders
Try getting a dental plan, or yes, file for a loan if you think you will be able to pay it off later.

Beefoid Los Angeles
i would probably get a loan, just make sure that you can for sure make enough money to make the payments.
we sure don't want you getting into debt. :|
sorry about your teeth :[

Karl Rudolf
I think if you were living in the US you would be considered an interesting patient for a lot of dental colleges and their service would be for free.

I don't know much about the British system, sorry, however, I would contact some dental colleges there as well. Otherwise, you may go to a number of dentists and see if they would donate their time to help you.

Of course, you could probably get a full set of dentures for a reasonable cost, and the British health system may pay for it.

I know dentures are not totally cool for a young person, but that solution may not have to be permanent. I assume the best solution would be implants, but because you are young they may be relatively simple to do because you probably would not need any bone drafts because of your age.

I hope this gives you something to think about.

Better yet, apply to go to college in the US. Your new American friends will be quite good at raising money through cake and cookie sales, and before you know it, you have the money to get new teeth.

Tracy L
First I would try to go to a dentist school so that it would be cheaper. I would for sure get your teeth fixed. Even if it costs a lot of money it will be worth it! You will feel so good about yourself. If you can't get a loan then get one thing done at a time. Good Luck

Joanne T
i don't know if you can fing a dental college, sorry!! i know what its like though, i need some dental work (not as much as you thank god!!) but money is an issue, when you have a house to run and 4 boys to look after!! A loan is probably your best option, and it sounds like it will be money well spent! Surely if you are still in education you should get help towards it though, look into it, ask your dentist they will tell you.

How sad...search on line honey! there has to be a dentist that can help you out. OR go to a dentist and ask him/her where you can go for help! They should know...

I am sorry to hear about your dental woes. Dental problems have haunted me as well. You could see if there is a Dental School near where you live. They are substantially cheaper. There is also a Dental credit card you could apply for that offers 0 interest if paid off in one years time. ( Try Cithealth.com) or ask your dentist for a application.

I had a co-worker that wrote a letter about her situation (similar to yours) and she went to local churches and got money so that she could get them fixed.
I am sorry you are having to go through this.
Hope everything works out for you.

You are young and this is unfortunate. Does your insurance cover any of this situation as you were born with only primary teeth? If not, I would try to seek a loan because this is something that will be with you forever and worth every penny you will pay.
I would go for the dental implants as they are permanent and look and act like regular teeth. Do not opt for take in/out dentures you are far too young for that.
Is there family you might borrow some money from? You should be able to google and see if there are dentistry schools that might do the work at a lesser cost. I am in America so I really do not know how things work for you over there.
Best wished to you, find a way, you will not regret it once all is said and done.

A for Anonymous
If your a student in the UK, you should be able to get free care from the NHS.

In britain you can get dentistry free if your are affected by depression due to low self esteem etc. , it sounds like you may fit the bill here,

contact your GP and ask him to refer you to a consultant for depression (you may have to lay it on thick) once you have the appointment then you can blame your teeth fo the deppression and ask if you can be referred for treatment,

I know all this 'cause I had over £4000 worth of dentistry for free ! , Good old NHS

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