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 i poked my spot with a toothpick and now it really hurts?
i couldnt pop it but then i poped it with a toothpick the next day which is today it began to ...

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 can anyone tell me a remedy to stop a tooth ache from hurting I'm in pain please help!?

 I'm thinking about becoming a Dental Hygientist. Is this career anything like sitting at a desk all day long??

 i really like this boy named Brad?
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 braces question please helpppp?
i am about to put braces......my question is... will i be able to sing with it on? will it affect my voice or way of talking?
is there any type of braces put not on front but back side of teeth ...

 whats the best painkillers to get rid of toothache?
I have very senitive teeth i do use the right toothpaste for my teeth but every now again my wisdom teeth hurts. I have been taking Co-codaamol and ibuprofen every 4 hours but its not gone yet. When ...

 I can't afford braces with the money i make?
I started working last month because I need money for braces. I only get like 200 dollars a month. I talked to my dentist and she said that my braces would cost about 5000 since I want invisalign. I ...

 do u think black and pink braces would look nice?

 I Have A Braces Question?
I just got braces early this afternoon, and I'm not sure on a few things.
Okay so I have two questions:
1. What food are Okay and Not Okay to eat while having braces (is sugar free gum ...

 No Insurance..I need relief of toothache such as root canal.Im going to the hospital, can they not admit me?
I went once before to the dental clinic in the hospital, they took me in. I havent paid the hospital bill. I am in alot of pain and would like something to be done whether its an extraction or root ...

 what can you do for a tooth ache?

 Is Brushing and Use Mouth wash such as ' Listerine ' Enough ?

 Question about BRACES!!?
okay! I've had my braces on for two years and I've been through just about everything you can go through with these braces. It's been hell.

well, I (unfortunately) have to ...

 can coke dissolve a teeth?
is it ...

 Can you use too much mouthwash?
I have flouridated mouthwash (ACTS I think). It says only use it once a day. I've been using it alot. I think i might have a cavity in my wisdom tooth and it's freaking me out. I don't ...

 I am 28 am I too old to get braces?
I just turned 28. Both of my siblings got braces in their teens - I did not! My teeth are not the worst in the world, but they are not exactly straight and this actually prevents me from smiling!! As ...

 How can I pull out a tooth myself?
Is there any why I can do this myself without going to a dentist?
It's a baby tooth so I don't think there is the problem of roots or anything..
Any suggestions as to how I can do ...

My boyfriend brushes his dogs teeth with his toothbrush?
Now while I think this is disgusting - he refuses to switch the process - unless proof is given that it’s bad. CAN anyone help??

Alex S
This has got to be a joke. Did it happen to be on April First that you saw this or he told you about it? It sounds so unreal that maybe he's stll laughing at how gullible you were to take him seriously! Is there any chance it was a good humored but gross April Fool's joke? Sure, people use toothbrushes on dogs, but they don't share. People don't even share toothbrushes with each other (mostly, anyway)! To see visible evidence of germs on a toothbrush, all you have to do is pour a little bit of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) over it and watch it fizz. That white fizz is what's left as all the little bacteria get oxidized. Do it on your own toothbrush once in awhile, and you'll see why dentists recommend changing toothbrushes often!

If there's a possiblity this was an April Fool's joke, you can return the little joke by pretending you take him seriously and giving him a little "care packet." Buy two new toothbrushes -- one, a soft adult size one for him, and the other a baby size one for Fido. Then, make a big deal of giving it to him as a present, telling him it's because you felt sorry for him not being able to afford more than one toothbrush. To play along even more, you could even go to a vet and get the special doggie toothpaste and make a special doggie care packet for Fido (including doggie breath mints), and a separate care packet for boyfriend (named Bruno?). As a matter of fact, I'm visualizing two, separate little ornate gift baskets -- almost identical -- personalized with their names on little mugs, to put side by side in the bathroom. How cute, matching "Bruno" and "Fido" toothbrushes and cups!?

On the other hand, if you're really, truly sure that this guy shares a toothbrush with his dog, well, you've got three major, major problems. One, you are kissing a guy who thinks nothing of sharing a toothbrush with an animal that licks its butt and drinks out of the toilet. This is disgusting in the extreme! Two, you are kissing a guy who is such a cheapskate that he won't even spring for a second toothbrush in the house. Three, when you voice objection he doesn't listen to you. None of these portends well for the future. It sounds like it's got to be a joke. But, if you're really, really sure that it's not a joke -- then I think you need to dump him as fast as you can, and run like hell!

Emily Answers
I do have proof! A dog's mouth is pretty healthy but when they like themselves or other dogs they have germs on their tounge that spreads on teeth and around its mouth. When your boyfriend shares his tooth brush with the dog the dog's germs and other dogs germs spread in his mouth and when the dog gets his teeth brushed the dog may get all the germs in your boyfriends mouth. It is good that they have such a tight relationship though that is really good.

Doesn't he care about his hygeine?!!?!!? If he did care, then he'd probably change his ways, but I guess it's what he wants to do! Doesn't he know that dogs likc their butt all tha time?!! They DO! that's grosss having a butt smelling toothbrush in his mouth!

would you lick your dog's booty and privates?? well, the dog does. so, if he uses the same toothbrush as a dog, he is licking dog booty and privates. and when you kiss them, those germs go to you! ewww sick!

Does his breath smell like dog-butt?
Do you kiss him?


I dunno about bad but it certainly is ICKY....does he also sniff his friend's butts and lift his leg to pee?

I would highly suggest a new boyfriend!!!!!

I assume you also kiss your boyfriend which means you are also kissing Fido.
Buy another toothbrush.

You need to dump this clod immediately, if you need a BF find one that makes more sense and is concerned about his health and yours. That should be enough proof ! If one toothbrush stands between you and him, that does not say much for this BF.................distance is your best friend

Doesnt he know his dog licks his own ***? So basically your boyfriend is licking dog *** which can be bad

that's prbably not healthy. go online and try to print out proof of what can happen if he continues that nasty habbit.

Then he kisses you? Or even puts his mouth on other parts of your body?

Drop him like the dirty boy he is.

eww I hope you don't kiss him. That's gross.

You're right - thats IS disgusting! Forget the proof - just tell him you won't kiss him whilst he still uses the same toothbrush as his dog!

I did a little research, and it seems that it's not THAT bad. A lot of the germs dogs have are germs that can only infect dogs. However, they can carry some diseases, and if your boyfriend were to have an open cut in his mouth, he might catch something nasty. Also, that's just unsanitary...and that leads to uncleanliness and unhealthiness. I mean...A dog's mouth is everywhere xD.

I wouldn't kiss that guy until he stopped doing that, lol.

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