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Is it normal that a dentist extracts 4 teeth to a 63 year old lady in a single day?
My mom needed to have 4 teeth removed, we went to the dentist yesterday and he took them all out in less than 5 minutes, he gave my mom a lot of anestesia, she started feeling dizzy, her legs and arm shaking...she was almost crying. To be honest I did not have any idea about dentist procedure, so I thought it was normal. When we got out of the clinic she told me this guy was an careless dentist and that she had never felt like that before in her life. Now, I need to know if this man was really doing the right thing or just wanted to finish the job in a day to get rid of us. Help here please.

I had seven teeth removed in a single day as an outpatient in a hospital by an oral surgeon. I would never consider letting a regular dentist remove more than one tooth from my mouth ever. If she is having any problems from the removal I suggest you seek further medical attention from a specialist. I hope your mom feels better soon.

Sam G
I have personally extracted 12 teeth at one time. Her symptoms indicate some of the anesthetic may have been injected into a blood vessel inadvertently. The epinephrine in the anesthetic causes the reaction you described. If your mom needs any addtional dental treatment, she could ask the dentist to use anesthetic without epinephrine.
The purpose of the epi is to make the numbness last longer.

Normal for the dentist to remove multiple teeth at 1 time especially if they were near each other. shaking and crying, not normal. If teeth are close together we like to take them out together so they will heal together. The bone heals better/smoother. or sometimes done because if they come out easily it is more torture for the person to do that 4 times. Normally people don't cry if anesthetized properly unless just really scared. If anesthetized correctly they usually just moan sometimes from the pressure of the bone separating from the tooth.

It sounds like your mother has some perio problems which had affected these four teeth requiring their removal, which would mean the teeth were extremely loose, with very little if any bone attachment, making them easily removed.

She may have had a reaction to the anesthetic if she felt light headed and her heart raced after the injections were administered, which is a common adverse reaction (which last two or three minutes) to the epi in some of the different anesthetic solutions. This should have been brought to the dentist attention at that time so that he could have changed to one without the epi, this would have alleviated the problem.

Also if these were upper teeth, they would have laid your mother back with her feet elevated, making the blood rush to her head. It would have been in her best interest to allow her to sit up for a few minutes prior to her dismissal.

Your mother also may have been just shocked at how fast they were removed, the ease with which he extracted them (due to the perio) and his breezy in and out lack of concern type attitude. Some dentist appear to be slightly "care lacking" when seeing an emergency patient that they know is just in for that day "only" and may go elsewhere next time they have a problem. All patients should be treated the same and as potential permanent patients that will seek their care to restore or maintain the rest of their dental health, but sadly, it doesn't always happen.

So to answer your question, yes it's normal for these extractions (or many more) to be done. There may have been an anesthesia problem and she should have been allowed to sit up for several minutes before leaving the operatory. Also, the dentist should have displayed a more caring attitude and taken a little more time to discuss the procedure before performing it. It’s a shame this happened, this dentist could have acquired a new patient to his practice being able to help your mother with her needed dental care. You could check with friends and family for a referral, to find a dentist that your mother can be comfortable with so she may seek treatment to help her retain her remaining teeth. Hope I’ve been of some help and good luck!

Additional information: If these teeth were loose due to infection being present, the anesthetic may not have been as effective as required making these extractions rather painful. Also there are many patients who have all their teeth, or many more than this removed at one time for immediate dentures.

yes it is normal sometimes they can do even more say in the event of getting dentures. It sounds more like the guy's personality didn't mesh with your mothers. In which case I would suggest a different dentist in the future.

So big deal. My neighbor 67 had the twenty that were left pulled the sam day and was given a set or temperary teeth the same day. Sure didn't stop him from eating a steak.

Yes it's normal. Sounds like his bedside manner was left at the door, years ago. Find another dentist that cares about how their patients feel and their level of pain..

keep smiling
its all about what the patient feel..sometimes it does not matter how many tooth you extract (maybe the teeth are loose ) we can extract many while the patient feel well and (want it) unless there are health problems... what ever the case if the patient did not like it so its not good to do it because its his body OK..
The patient must say it:" will you please Dr. extract the other tooth am feeling fine and not tired.." and if the patient want to have more than one of his teeth extracted in one visit it could not be done if we know that he well not feel comfortable after that...goodluck..

Is this her regular dentist? Was he someone new who saw her on an emergency basis? I would call the office and let them know that she felt as though she was treated insensitively. What did she mean by "careless"?
It is not abnormal to have 4 teeth extracted in one day. Also, if they came out quickly, it could be that they were loose to begin with.
Contact the dentist and express your concerns.

Yes it is possible. I had eight out in one day.
My Wisdom teeth were growing above and below my four back teeth ... so to get my wistom teeth out they had to take the other four out.

Less than five minutes is a bit off. Seeing that she was feeling dizzy, did he ask if she was alergic to anything?

No he wouldn't have wanted to finish the job to get rid of your mum ... it's better that it's done at once .. get it over and done with.

Hope your mum's ok now.

Yes, I think that is not uncommon. My mom had ALL her teeth removed in one day for dentures!! I know that sounds terrible, and of course it hurts, but why not get it all accomplished in one visit. At least they're not dragging it out, charging for each subsequent visit.

Good luck.

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