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 ok to leave a tooth abscess untreated if no pain?
I have had an abscess for about 2 years now according to the dentist...the dentist keeps telling me I need to have a root canal and crown, but I have no pain. Since it doesn't hurt me, I don...

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 Is it dumb going to the dentist with a broken leg?
I've just recently broke my leg due to this i have to walk with crutches and keep my leg straight the whole time. I can walk a fair while with crutches and I was hoping to go to the dentist.

 Is it normal for my teeth to feel like this with braces?
Ok, so...I got my braces on, on Tuesday and they have kind of stopped hurting but I still cant eat solid foods except like pasta because when I put together my teeth it hurts a little and feels ...

 Is losing one's teeth inevitable ?

Additional Details
I look after my teeth now but I did not when I was a child [ my parents would not let me go the dentist, long story ].I was wondering if the decay in childhood would ...

 My teeth are in good condition. Is it a Florida law that I have to have x rays done every year no matter what?
Unless I have a problem of some sort I would just like to get my teeth cleaned professionally and not be required to pay for x rays, goop to prevent cavities etc. When I went to have my teeth ...

 After braces on top and bottom, do you get a retainer for both sets of teeth?
I have braces and I'm wondering since I have them for both sets of teeth if when I have a retainer I'll get them for both sets....

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Ok, here's the deal.
Im 14, and my teeth are pretty crooked, though apparently, not as bad as i thought and could be a lot worse, however i have issues with them and its not overly ...

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 how many people have straight teeth, crooked, chipped,gaped,yellow,white?

 Root Canal & Crowns?
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 I just got braces yesterday and they hurt really bad! Help please?
ok so yesterday i got my braces on and they have been hurting really bad lately!

I cant stand it. It hurts soo much!
What can i do to make the pain go away or atleast to ease the ...

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Except for obviously brushing and mouth washing your mouth [:
Thanks [:...

 I got braces yesterday... it get's better right?
Yeah... i'm on ibprofen and it's bad... help......

 Which hurts more: wisdom teeth extraction or getting braces?
Already had my wisdom teeth removed (6 months ago), getting braces in about three weeks.
Additional Details
When I had my wisdoms out, wasn't able to take medicine until a couple ...

 What can you do about bleeding gums?
(no money for a dentist visit at this time)
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I only have a short time left on my pre-paid internet program. When that runs out I won't have internet access. There ...

If you dont have a retainer when you get your braces off,do your teeth go back to being crroked?

Yahoo Asker
they will slowly, but surely, go back to being crooked. Your dentists should have gotten a mold of your teeth when you took off your braces, and in that case they will be making a retainer or invisalign for you. if he did not get a mold you should be worried, otherwise he/she is making one so that your can put it on.

yes i dont want to be all weird but you really have to wear it every minute that the ortho tells you to. i didnt wear mine for one night and they had already shifted and my retainer was really tight. if you dont wear it youre just making it worse for yourself.

Little Miss Mary
Yes, but they won't be as bad as before you got braces. The hardest thing about a retainer is not losing it.

And don't be a loser and wear it all day. Just wear it at night.


While you have braces, your teeth are under a constant pressure, when this pressure is removed, your teeth move freely. Which means they move back to their original position.

Vanessa F
yup :D well, if you dont have it for a long time.
Usually it takes them like a week to make the retainer, they'll only shift a little then.

But if you never get a retainer, they will shift back to their original crookedness

Your dentist should have explained this to you. Maybe give him a call tomorrow and ask. Perhaps he felt your teeth were firmly in their new positions, and did not see any reason to have you use a retainer.

no, i don't think so
my cousin had braces and now has a wire at the back of his bottom teeth just in case, but it's not visible
i have braces, and they didn't say anything about that
so probly not

They can, though this does not always happen. Whether your teeth will shift back into their old positions depends on the stability of the teeth in their new positions, which greatly depends on the quality of the treatment given and the technical expertise of the doctor. If you had braces for an adequate time period, and the tooth sockets in your jawbones have fully remodeled to accommodate the new configuration of the dental arches, it is unlikely any shifting will occur. If your braces came off prematurely, or if you got braces when you were very young, it will happen. It is up to the orthodontist's training and knowledge for him to decide how long you'll need to be in braces, and if he's correct, you should be fine. Most orthodontists place a lower retainer following braces as a safeguard.

I reallt hated wearing the retainer, and after a month or so of it i ended up skipping days of it, and after a while it wouldn't fit anymore.
Now my teeth have gone more like how they were before, not totally back, but closer.
Wear your retainer

I run fast.

yes they will go back quickly

yes. over time not immediately. it is very important to wear one or the whole processed is un done.

I think sometimes they might not give you one if you don't need it, but I could be wrong. They told me if I didn't wear mine, my teeth would push back out. So yes, they do shift.

yes, your retainer is to keep your teeth where they belong until they are good and stuck there which can take a couple of years, follow your orthodontists instructions which may involve 24/7 wearing for a while then gradually reducing the hours and days you have to wear it.

It is even more important to wear it if you have had teeth pulled

Always Sunny
Yes, they will shift back. Even if you wear it occassionally. Must be worn 24/7!

Over time they will go back. Wear your retainer!

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