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IS there any at home remedies for a abscessed tooth? I am in alot of pain and no dental insurance :(?

I don't know, but if you have health insurance and it gets bad enough to go to the hospital, you may be able to use you health insurance. They will pull it out at the hospital, but at least you get to have your cake and eat it too (with one less tooth that is)

I'm going to tell you what will work for most infections. Please don't be afraid to try it its really not that bad. Get a bottle of peroxide mix 1/4 of glass with just about 1 tablespoon of water(thats all it takes). Hold it on your sore tooth for 3 minutes, then rinse and repeat. Do not swallow any. It won't taste good at all but it will get rid of the infection hopefully. Keep trying it 3 to 4 times a day. If this does not work you will have to see a dentist.
Most large cities have dental schools where they train dentists and very often they give free dental care. You can take ibuprofen and a non aspirin combination of pain relief but do not over dose these pills, as they will then have to pump your stomach. That means they push a hose down to your stomach through your nose. Not fun I know. Try heat at night, and there is a pain reliever at the drug store you apply to your tooth also, but it will not get rid of an infection.. I feel for you. Been there. Good Luck

gargel salt water

lyndell v
You really need to see a doctor to prescribe some antibiotics, and he might be able to tell you how you can get free dental treatment, we have it in Australia for low income earners.

You need antibiotics for that.

Warm salt water rinse. I think oil of lavender should offer temporary help too.

2th girl
anything that you do at home will only relieve the pain on a temporary basis, but try 600mg of ibuprofen (Advil) every four hours....the symptoms may go away temporarily but the infective process will continue and you could end up with severe swelling. I'd recommend that you go to your local ER where they can at least prescribe antibiotics and a pain medication, then call local dental offices - some offer payment plans or they may know of a low cost dental clinic in your area. good luck -

Richard L
Go to a dentist as soon a possible! The abscess will not go away and will get much worse and could lead to serious medical complications. If you can't get to a dentist tomorrow (Saturday), go to a medical clinic that is open. If none are available in your locality go to the nearest hospital emergency room. The infection must be cleared up before any work can be done on your tooth. It will cost you a lot more if you delay.

princess M
Mix equal parts of table salt and baking soda.Mix dry ingredients together.Dab a cotton ball in water to moisten,dip it into the powder,place between teeth and cheek do not place inside of the tooth.
Leave in the mouth overnight or for a few hours during the day.This poultice will draw the abscess out of the gum and form a pimple on the gum which can be broken by pushing on it. This will relieve pain and pressure.When the abscess breaks spit out the poison,it will be bitter so you will know it is the poison.Do not ingest the poison.The cotton ball can be removed,If the tooth does not quit aching,this process can be repeated until you can get to the dentist.

I hope this was helpful,Good Luck!!! :)

You need to see a dentist. An abscess could get worse and you could develop an infection that could cause serious health issues.

Im not sure if you want to, but you can have the tooth pulled. Its cheap to have it pulled rather than a bridge,root canal,implant.To have it pulled is not expensive

You might go to a local emergency room to see if they can treat you for a general infection. Its law that no ER can turn people away because of lack of ability to pay, or lack of insurance. In the "good old days" they would yank the tooth with a string tied to the door. The ER might be able to help you clear the infection, relieve your pain, and get you in to a dental clinic where you can get your teeth taken care of. Good luck, and hope you feel better.

Lisa E
Clove oil or juice - soak on gauge put around tooth. Take aspirin for the infection. See someone with or without insurance you need to. Otherwise you may lose the tooth and get a real bad infection.

go to hospital Er room, they have to take you, however.
there's a product called glyoxide. get it on some floss and floss the tooth and around it.
also squirt some on tooth and kinda swish. do this once per hour for at least 3 hours.
It's hydrogen peroxide in a glycolin solution. it's like putting hydrogen peroxide on an infected cut. also listerine makes a whitening gargle that if you use that around the tooth, the peroxide in it will help. worst case, get the hydrogen peroxide and swish it around abscessed tooth, try to hold it in that area.
sorry you are goign through the pain.l
perhaps a dentist would alos take a payment plan.
take ibuprophin to get swelling down which is causing pain.

Shale S
Try Aspirin to aleviate some of the pain and reduce swelling, also cloves put around the tooth act as mild painkillers. If you can get clove oil it is quite effective.

Abscess= SYMPTOM of a larger problem. Its an infection of your tooth/gum.

Antibiotics can treat the abscess, the dentist needs to treat the larger problem once the infection is undercontrol.

Abscesses can be serious. Pay what you need to see a Dr. = minimally the charge will be for an exam and possible xray, as usually can not treat a tooth with an abscess/infection present. After that, the dentist can give you a treatment plan and you can go from there.

You can treat the pain, but not the abscess. See a dentist ASAP

If you go to a minor emergency clinic or even the emergency room, a doctor there will prescribe you some painkillers and some antibiotics. It will only be a temporary fix. The hospital or clinic can get you in touch with a free or low cost dentist that can fix/remove your tooth.

For right now, rinse out your mouth with Listerine as often as you can stand to do. It is also helpful to saturate a cotton ball with Listerine and hold it against the abscess. The Listerine will kill a lot of bacteria, remove the nasty taste from the abcess and offer a little pain relief. But remember, do not swallow the Listerine!

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