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I just had a baby 4 months ago and now my gums are bleeding what can I do iuntil I see the dentist?

Swish your gums with warm salt water
It'll help the bleeding.
It was recommended to me by my oral surgeon

Jill B
For a good artice "Bleeding Gums" visit:

Bleeding gums are a symptom of gingivitis or more commonly termed infected gums . The basic cause is food debris left after eating that breaks down forming a sticky film termed dental plaque . This plaque adhers to the tooth surface particularly at the gum line and because it is seething with bacteria ,it causes reddening of the gums and associated bleeding from the engorged and fragile tissues . Eventually the plaque absorbs minerals from the saliva and hardens into calculus which is a very rough bacterial laden product that cuts into the swollen gums and further increases bleeding
The cure -a dental hygene appointment and improved oral cleansing with thorough brushing several times a day. For now ,mouthwash rinses several times a day ,use of dental floss between every tooth ,and thorough brushing to remove all the softer deposits . A good aid to proper brushing that will show you all the plaque I am talking about ,is the use of Disclosing tabs found at your local pharmacy . They will actually color the dental plaque so you can see it and better clean it off . You should expect good results in two weeks unless you have a lot of dental calculus which can only be removed at a dental office .

Nebula D
I'm a dentist.

Depends on what you mean by "bleeding".

Are they bleeding spontaneously? Or are they bleeding when they are jarred in some way (e.g. from brushing or flossing)?

How much do they bleed? Is blood pooling up around your teeth? Or is it just a little red strip around the gumline?

Is the bleeding everywhere? Or is it localized to a certain area?

If you were in my office, I can think of several other questions I'd ask you. As you can see, you need to see the doctor.

Gingivitis can certainly occur during and soon after pregnancy, however, it is not caused by pregnancy directly. It is generally more of a symptom of mom neglecting her oral health in light of all the other major events in her life.

change toothbrushes
use dental floss
buy a dental plaque metal pick and use it for tartar
use listerine twice daily
avoid drinking alcohol
always brush before bed

Are you sure you aren't pregnant again?? Might wanna check that. In the meantime - switch to a softer bristled brush, use Arm & Hammer dental care with baking soda it it. Also, you might need to see if you're getting enough vitamin c & rule out anemia.
Take your pre-natal vitamins - they're still good for you cos they have so much stuff women need . . .

Dr Matt W (Australia)
On the assumption that it's simple gingivitis, and you're going to have it checked out soon anyway (See Nebula D's answer above), then:
1. Brush gently and thoroughly at least 2x daily, despite any bleeding;
2. Use a mouthwash containing CHLORHEXIDINE (e.g. "Savacol") after brushing 2x daily. If it's not in the supermarket, then your pharmacist will have some. Don't bother with the more common washes that contain cetylpyridium or triclosan (e.g. "Listerine") - these do nothing better than freshen your breath.

Okay, bleeding of gums is just a symptom. Let me ask you, do you have more signs of bleeding such as nose bleeding (epistaxis), easy bruising, increased use of pad during menses? If you do, you may have a problem on hemodynamics (clotting/coagulation problem). You may need to see a doctor ASAP for lab work-up. I do hope I was able to help you.

Buy a soft brush and get a sensitive toothpaste like sensodyne.

use listerine, sounds like gingivits. listerine is really good for that.

See a doctor.

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