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Steak and cheese
I just got my wisdom tooth pulled today?
I should of added that i do not have any chest pains anymore...about 3 hours ago is when it stopped.Im talking about what i can do for the pain from my tooth being removed.
Additional Details
And i was prescribed an anti biotic and ibuprofen(i don't even know what ibuprofen is,besides the fact that its supposed to kill the pain).It's been about 8 hours since the tooth was pulled and i took 1 pill of the ibuprofen(about 4 hours ago) and within 1.5 hours i felt like i was going to have a heart attack.I started getting severe chest and abdominal pains.I'm obviously not going to take those again and im wondering what i should do about the pain? I'm not sure what to do.

take another motrin (ibuprofen)


Steve B
call the dentist.........

Either go to the ER or phone your emergency dentist.. when i had all 4 wisdom tooth pulled i looked like tweety pie and the pain is horrendous just after it, but it does settle down.

Try asking your doctor for kapak, that is a powerful drug used a lot in dentistry over here in the uk, but im allergic to that and i had a bad reaction to it but it does work for loads.

monkey person
Call your dentist. If it is pass Business hours, they usually have a way to get to you for emergencies. I consider this an emergency.
Call and listen to their answering machine for instructions.
If this fails go to the hospital to the nearest Emergency room.
Calling your dentist is cheaper -or no cost.

Dr L
Try to relax. Maybe your favorite music, or talk with best friends on the phone. Anything so you don't think about your recent trauma. You sound like you are doing much better already. If you are taking 200 mg. Ibuprofen you may want to check the package for the correct dose for your weight. Most adults can take 600 to 800mg safely, but check the dose on the package for your weight. Tylenol can be added safely for most people. Every hour will get better.

kissin' kitty :D
that happened to me too when i got mine removed, call the dentist and he will get you new medicine and numb it for you.

If you're still having chest pain go to the hospital. You can make it through the tooth pain with no problem. I would say take some tylenol, but you may be allergic to that seeing as how you're reacting this way to ibuprofen which is pretty much the same thing.

You might have to talk to a dr. It could be an allergic reaction. Ibuprofen is a non narcotic and it just helps with pain. What is the anti biotic called? Call your doctor to prescribe you a new medicine.

malek o
u may have allergy to that antibiotic,,,but about ibuprofen i don't think so,, its problem only with peptic ulcer, so u need to take it at a full stomach

visit ur dentist

Zephyr - That Skate Kid
Call an ambulance, it sounds like your having a allergic reaction, and a serious one at that

Do it now, if you've never taken ibuprofen before and this is happening its not normal

First that sounds like an allergic reaction. Second if your tooth was just pulled that recently and the pain is that severe i'd seriously suggest calling your doctor as soon as possible on whatever emergency line they gave you. Maybe try some tylenol. And try and get sleep until you are able to reach your doctor.

Cool Dude
I'd suggest that the first thing you do is call the dentist, the hospital emergency room or poison control center and ask what to do regarding your reaction to the ibuprofen (see the website below). Ibuprofen is the active ingredient in Advil.

You might try taking Tylenol instead (active ingredient: acetaminophen).

its like advil.

Go to the hospital.

Sounds like you took it on a empty stomach..it is highly unlikely that you are allergic to ibuprofen....it's an over the counter NSAID (non-steroidal anti-imflammatory). Take it with some food, or a glass of milk. It's pretty much in the same catagory as Motrin, Tylenol, Aleve, ect.

Go to the hospital you may be having an allergic reaction.

Go to the hospital immediately!

Ibuprofen is the generic name for Advil. It should NOT cause chest pain.

I'm not trying to scare you, and you are most likely fine. But chest pain is not to be taken lightly, especially if you are on prescription medication. Get in there, ease your mind, and chances are they will give you something safe for the pain you are in.

That is NOT a normal reaction to ibuprofen but then again, I am not a doctor. Please stop taking them and go to the ER or your dentist who pulled the teeth out and perscribed the ibuprofen. This is not something you want to take lightly. You need to find out what happened. And if you are in severe pain, you need medication that will treat the pain without giving you the same type of reaction! Good luck my friend!

Ibuprofen is the painkiller in Advil. It is available without a prescription in 200mg doses, the prescription doses are much higher. You are probably allergic to it. The known side effects are of the stomach and liver, so the chest pain is most likely from an allergic reaction. I'm surprised you were prescribed those- most of the time dentists give narcotics like Vicoden or Percocet, or often generic hydrocodone. However if youre sensitive to pain killers, these might not be a good idea. Call your dentist tomorrow and explain your reaction. In the mean time, Tylenol is the safest and most gentle pain reliever, it contains acetaminophen and is available as store brands aswell.

-As an added note, several people have said Advil and Tylenol are 'pretty much the same.' That is NOT true! Advil is an NSAID, which is alot more harmful, much more likely to cause allergic reactions, stomach ulcers, there is even a class-action suit pending over NSAIDs causing liver failure. Tylenol, acetaminophen, is the safest painkiller you can buy, as long as you take a normal dose, not the extra strength ones. It is even safe in pregnancy and even comes in infant doses.

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