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 is teeth grinding a mental disorder?
is it a mental disorder or just a mere emotional problems and stress? i need an opinion especially from an expert..a dentist probably :)...

 How can give my sister braces?
for her birthday. she's 13 and in need of them. My dad doesn't have us on dental. I'm 19, can I put her on mine?

How would I go about giving her braces for her birthday? If I...

 Is brushing your teeth necessary?
iv brushed my teeth maybe 20 times since last summer only thing i do is scrape the plaque off with my finger nails and my teeth do not hurt there still white..
i used crest white strips a few ...

 Can you die from rotting teeth?

 underbite? is this something to worry about?
well i've always had it and i never cared but is it something i should worry about?, my top teeth go behind my bottom teeth when i close my mouth ,although its not all of my teeth,only the front ...

 can i sue my dentist?
I went to the dentist to have a temporary filling taken out and to check if an infection had gone, she was drilling at my tooth and there was a weird noise then she changed her drill so assumed she ...

 What can i do to prevent the pain caused from braces?

 I don't have a job, where can I go to get a tooth exstracted at little to no cost?
I am having a lot of pain with this tooth....

im 15 and im getting braces in a week do they hurt and how do they get put on. thanks im a little nervous on getting ...

 OUCH, I had my WISDOM tooth extracted today!?
I had my wisdom extracted Tuesday, today is Friday! I only took 3 of the 16 pain pills. The side effects were worse than the relief! I used ice pack, tylenol, salt rinse...whining, holding my cheek, ...

 HI anyone know if i can put on braces only for the upper parts of my teeth?
or do i need to put on both top and bottom? and how much does it cost in Singapore if i only put on the top part?...

 My boyfriends teeth? help?
ok so i love my boyfriend alotttt...ive been w. him for 10months and dumping him its not a solution.. lately wen i kiss him i notice that he has like plaque or sumthing on the root of his teeth like ...

 I'm getting braces and I'm nervous?
I'm 13 and I'm getting them for a year and a half. I'm going into 9th grade next year and I'm really not excited to get them because all of my friends have already gotten them off....

 my wisdom teeth operation hurts.. cures?

 is it painful to get braces?
well i have 2 get braces but im afraid for painful reasons do they hurt to get them on ??...

 I'm getting braces What to expect?
I'm 13
Additional Details
What foods can i Not Eat?...

 If you dont have a retainer when you get your braces off,do your teeth go back to being crroked?

 What does it mean if there's a hole in my tooth?
It doesn't hurt, and it isn't blackish or dark. It's just like a cave I noticed that I've never seen before. I could stick a toothpick in there and it'll stay. It doesn'...

 What are the effects of grinding your teeth when you sleep?
Or is it just a case of sore teeth in the morning?
Additional Details
Spar: Because my mum has told me that I've done it since I was a child, and I wake up a lot with sore teeth!...

 Fear of dentists ? Help please?
Ok, ever since I was a young kid, I have been scared of the dentist, my first dentist wasn't very child friendly and I think that may be why. Every time I'm going for a regular checkup I...

I got my braces off, but I didn't get the result I was looking for. Now what?
I JUST got my braces off today, but unfortunately, my teeth didn't exactly turn out as planned. I had a big underbite and so the braces were used to correct that. However, they must have left them on too long, because now my front teeth are too far out and they don't look very good. Anyway, I was wondering if we would have to pay for the correction?

Well, the only thing I can tell you is to grow a mustache to cover up your mouth.

You may need a retainer now.

Go back and jump up and down till they fix ya

I would go back to your ortho and ask him/her how they plan to fix it. Did they tell you that you would also have to wear a retainer for some time in order for your teeth not to shift back??

I would return to your Orthodontist, and tell them that that is not the result you wanted. (You shouldn't have had them take them off if that was the case, it's much easier to fix when the brackets are already bonded.) Describe in detail to the RDA or DDS what look you are trying to obtain, and they should fix it. Also, remember to wear your retainer religiously to keep the look, your teeth will want to move back in position, if not!!

Go back to the dentist office and tell them the problem,
1. if they try to tell you that you ll be charged to fix it i wouldnt go back ever because they probably do that to a lot of people just to get paid twice
2. leaving them on too long doesnt matter unless they did it wrong and continued to adjust it - i ve had my braces on an extra month than told because i moved but not adjusting for the past 3 months they re already straight so they havent changed since the last tightening

well i hope you used your home assignments for the straighten of your teeth and bite, if so get another opinion and talk to treating doc about it, good luck

As a dentist I always want my patients to talk to me about anything that concerns them about treatment. I encourage you to contact your dentist and discuss what can be done. It could be a simple miscommunication. As far as payment, sometimes you may have to pay more and sometimes you may not. This is usually a case-by-case decision depending on what your expectations are. Just because the teeth are not the way you wanted them, unfortunately, may not mean the orthodontist will agree with you.

You should be able to go back to your orthodontist and get them to fix it for free. The same thing happened to me, they didnt align my teeth properly. I didnt realize my teeth were still off until my dentist told me when he was cleaning my teeth. I went back to the orthontist and I got braces for another 3 months...unfortunately, but no charge.

Go back to the orthodontics and tell them and so what they say.

Picture Taker
Get it on record now that your result is not qhat was promised, if that is the case.

Ortho cases "relapse" a bit in retention and some orthodontists believe in "overcorrection" to allow for this. The judgement as to how far to go comes with experience. Maybe your orthodontist will say this was part of the plan. I just want to put this out there so you don't think it's mumbo jumbo B.S.

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