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I brush my teeth 2 times a day, floss once, and rinse w/ listerine 3-4x a day...butttt?
But an hour after I'm done I get a yucky taste in my mouth again and think my breath smells again.

I was JUST at the dentist and she said my teeth and gums look good and didn't have that much build up or anything.

What else can I do?

ρяєɫɫʏ ɫɑρρя
get one of those toothpastes(i think its colgate) where its all day protection

If you exercise alot, it could be ketones from burning calories...Gargle mouth wash after you brush too...That always cleans the back part of the tongue...

A lot of bad breath has to do with diet...not just onions and garlic either. Are you eating enough fruit and vegetables? Too much meat and carbohydrates in a diet can cause bad breath on a regular basis.

A lot of vegetarians think meat eaters "stink". I'm not vegetarian but when I get body odor or bad breath, I cut back on the meat and carbs and in a day or two, I smell better.

Dehydration is also a problem. If you're not getting enough fluids, the toxins in your body will try to come out in you saliva rather than when you go to the bathroom. Drink water and fresh juice instead off coffee and sodas.

▐▀▀†▀▀▌ =MMA= ▐▄▄†▄▄▌
sure u dont got a cavity go to another dentist one that will cost u to get a checkup becuz those r the dentist that will let u know the litlle thing they ccan fix up on just to make money

it's probably your imagination. But, if it would make you feel better, they have very small bottles of mouthwash at walmart in the pharmacy section. small enough for you to carry in your pocket if you wanted to. Why don't you try that? Hope this answer helps sweetie.

M e g a n *
well a couple of ideas are to try buying a tonge scraper........watch what you eat....make sure your eating plenty of fruits and vegietables.(try to stay away from smelly foors like garlic and onion.) one thing that i have tried and if works magnifiantly for me is if you tap a tiny bit of proxide(a cap full will do) and mix it with a cap full of water,then just use it like mouth wash and Dont swallow it!

i hope this helps

You are not drinking enough fluids.

joanne t
Don't use listerine would be one thing, it has alcohol in it which kills bacteria but only provides more surface area for new bacteria to recolonise. Colgate Fluorigard mouthwash is best. Or dentyl ph.
You sound to be taking very good care of your mouth, there seems to be no reason why you should be getting halitosis..it could be a problem with your stomach.

Stay hydrated. A lot of nasty tastes and bad breath comes from dehydration, so drink a lot of liquid. You could also carry mints or gum for a quickie refresher. And be sure you're brushing your tongue, because a lot of the bad breath germs are on the tongue.

Get a tongue scraper from Walmart....

the toungue scraper is a good idea ...

maybe carry a toothbrush with you for after snacks? ... do you smoke or drink? what are your eating habits like? (garlic, strong spices, and dairy can cause residual tastes) if you are in the process of losing weight, just get gum and chew like crazy, there will be a smell until your weight stabilizes where you want it ...

my things are keeping a bottle of water around and some chewing gum and club soda ... they help a lot ...

get your blood sugar checked, too ... that can cause thirst and some other oral-related stuff ... indigestion can be a problem, too ...

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