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I am terrified to go to the dentist, What can I do before appt.'s to calm my nerves?

Hi Y'all,
My friend was like that and then learned to look up dentists that used nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas. After that she never had a problem, since the NO2 made her happy and relaxed.
So... berfore you go, make a phone call to ask if the Dentist uses
the laughing gas... no problems!

john b
Take a Valium.

Well don't drink alcohol it will make you bleed too freely. Try to remember that unlike the doctor the dentist won't do anything to you without giving you pain control first and by the time the pain medicine wears off you'll feel better.

listen to the ocean or somthing that relaxes you

When you get to the dentist, tell him how scared you are and he can give you some nitrous oxide. I used to have the same problem, and now I actually like going so I can get that lol.

Don't know what you could do before, aside from brushing and flossing your teeth. But when you're there, take your cd player or ipod and listen to it while they work.

This is especially helpful to drown out the sounds of the machines, which always make me tense, even when I'm just getting my teeth cleaned.

By the way, when I get my teeth cleaned, I always refuse to be anesthetized (numbed) because the recovery takes longer.

If you let the dentist know that you are terrified most of the time they will prescribe you Valium and tell you to take it an hour before your appointment, just know that if you go that rout that you will have to have someone drive you there and drive you back home.
I would also recommend that you bring a CD player with head phones to listen to.

depending upon your age(if over 21 have a drink before going) if under 21 relax the dntist is only there to help you. they don't get off on your pain its a matter of putting mind over matter

have dental sedation.

Chick with pets
Some dentists will give you a sedative to take before your appointment. You may want to explain your terror to the receptionist and ask her for help. They might also choose to give you laughing gas if requested.

Obi-wan Kenobi
Read an Archie comic book. They are so calming and funny. It works!!! Try it.

Tell them you are really nervous and they will really make you feel comfortable and walk you through what they are doing, instead of sitting there in fear. Trust me, you'll calm done and not have so much anxiety about this- if you exlpain to them how you are feeling, buy just saying it - it'll help you.

Don't work yourself up, try not to think so much into it, easier said than done I know.
But it's really not as bad as you think- as most everyday things people get nervous about.

Deep breaths help.

my son became a dentist just recently.

he did it because its easier to meet guys.

Take a Valium, xanex, anything calming. It will be OK. Dentists have come a long way. They have lots of drugs to deaden the pain, gas too if you need it. Good luck.

Going to the dentist is really no big deal. There can be some pain, but it's worth a little pain to keep your teeth. Imagine how horrible it would be to have no teeth, or to have to wear dentures.
Tell your dentist that you're a little apprehensive, ask them to explain the procedure. I don't like the dentist either, but it's just one of those things you have to put up with. Good luck :)

I have the same fears. What I do is plan for something fun or good after the appointment. Something like, going to rent a movie I've wanted to see, buying a CD, just doing something that's a treat for me. Then I focus on that - what's going on after the appointment - and less about the appointment itself. It really does help me with the anxiety, because it reminds me that life will continue as normal when the appointment is done! ; )

Chuck C
Look into 'gentle dentists' in your area. Gentle usualy implies that the dentist uses some sort of sedation.

Find a dentist who specializes in dental-phobic patients. They are all over now. They will put you in a twilight sleep--even for teeth cleaning. Look in your local yellow pages. There are plenty who do this.

I recently went to the Dentist for a filling, and they were really nice to me. They gave me a bit of laughing gas and they had headphones and a TV on the ceiling. You should find a nice dentist like that. Go for the Exam, but if you don't like them, look for someone nice to do work. (Tell them you are a nervous patient).
The laughing gas didn't work on me, but most people say it is Terrific. I just watch TV and listen to them talk.

seriously... smoke some weed.. a LOT of weed...

My step-mom is the same way. She went to her doctor, and explained the problem, and the doctor prescribed her a pill that she could take half an hour before her appt. to calm her down. It was nothing very strong, she was still allowed to drive and everything, but it just made her more relaxed, and she didn't mind going so much. Hope that helps! Good Luck!

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