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 how long does is take to recover from getting your wisdom teeth surgericaly removed?
im getting my wisdom teeth taken out in about a hour. and i have a party to go to tommorow night. do you think i will be up for it?...

 What color braces should i get?
i'm getting my elastics for my braces changed tomorrow.
i need help decided what color/colors to get!
any one know something that looks good cuz i have no idea!...

 i do this weird tongue thing? help =(?
i have this thing called an "open bite" jaw
so when im relaxing my mouth always seems to be open, and whats more my tongue sort of sticks out

it's not like, sticking ...

 I tore up my mouth by eating too many Doritos!?
How can I continue to eat tons of Doritos without hurting myself? Captain Crunch also!...

 Are my braces awful ?
And how old do you think i am?
Additional Details
<a href="http://s184.photobucket.com/albums… ...

 how much advil is too much advil?
I get really bad tonsillitis, and i took 5 advil today to help the swelling go down. I never take this many, and I don't take advil often. Will this have an immediate effect on my liver?...

 how can i whiten my teeth ?
well pretty much my teeth need so some whitening and i just want to know anything that ...

 Are there any tricks to straighten my teeth without braces?

 i've got the worst tooth ache ever, if i go to the dentist and have to have root cannal how much does it hurt?
i've got the worst tooth ache after i've been drinking slim fast three of my teeth are killing me. I've stopped drinking slim fast but my teeth still kill.. how much does root canal ...

 Ahhhh my braces are killing me?
I got my braces today and I haven't felt any pain until now. My mouth is killing me and my teeth feel loose. What kind of medication should I take?...

 Does baking soda make your teeth whiter?
does brushing your teeth with toothpaste and also baking soda right from the box make your teeth whiter?...

 What to do about a dental abscess?
I just has a root canal done on my eyetooth because of an abscess that is located WAY UP in my gums, beside my nose. When the dentist opened the tooth up he expected drainage, but nothing came out - ...

 Any ideas for braces colours?
Tomorrow I'm getting my colours changed...and I need some ideas!!I have black right now should I keep them?Anyway any colour choices,EXCEPT PINK,would be helpful.....

 I just got my braces yesterday and I feel an horrible pain,what should I do?

For how much time I will feel this pain?????...

 Does brushing your teeth really make your teeth whiter?
or does it only keep teeth from becoming even more yellow?
ive always wondered what would happen if you stopped brushing......

 I just got braces and they are hurting very bad?
I just got them this morning and it didn't hurt when I got them, but then they started to hurt a while after. I haven't been able to eat the simplest things that seem it would be typical to ...

 white thing on my tounsil?
it hurts when i swaller its not big like a pimple its just flat like but big and i took it off and my tounsil was bleeding now its like4 days later and 1 of my tounsils are smaller then the other

 WHo has had there wisdom teeth pulled and how did u find it?

Additional Details
how did it feel i ...

 Bleeding gums - but not gingivitis?
There is one specific spot on my gums, between two teeth, that bleeds very easily when I floss. It's been this way for maybe about 4-5 weeks.

I had a routine dental exam a few weeks ...

 can root canal pain cause a fever?
my tooth that i got a root canal done hurts so bad i got it done along time ago. last night i could not go to sleep. ii took motrin to relieve the pain. now today i feel like i have fever...... can ...

I'm scared to get braces... please help?
My dentist said that I needed to get braces. I have no idea what to expect. Please help me?

Expect agonizing pain followed up by relentless pain, constant cleaning and elimination of gum and other favorite stuff to eat, drooling, and regular revisits for adjustments, or you could just stick with the buckwheat teeth and be ugly but happy....

expect needles and alot of pain for the first few days

well when are you getting them?
what you could do is brush you teeth every night!!duh!!and take care of them!!

yea me to. but i've asked a few friends and they say either they are asleep the whole time or that they numb your mouth so it wont hurt that bad. also the first time you go the just put the squares on not the line. after a while you get use to it then they put the line on.

i have to get braces too. and that's not true what that one guy said...about the guys anyway. they'll still talk to you. i think the BEST thing to do would be to get clear braces, though, or better yet...Invisiline.

somebody's a mom!!
my sister just had braces and she is so happy she did. why? because her teeth are beautiful now! go ahead and get them. yes, there will be some pain. be sure to follow all of the instructions.

What is that guy talking about there are not needles!

I have had braces 3 times and I'm on my third set right now. It hurts more if you are older. As a teen I didn't think it was that bad.

My three oral surgeries were worse than braces.

There is some discomfort b/c you can't take the damn things off but you live.

Also, invisalign is WAY more expensive and you don't get perfect results. In fact many people have to get braces for the final 1-2 mos of invisalign treatment anyway.

I had braces 35 Yrs ago and I am sure improvements have been made since then. The pain is not awful, mostly just uncomfortable. It is nothing that a couple of Tylenol or w/e won't take care of. Those people who have told you how horrible it is should be shot with a few of the rubber bands that attach to braces!. It is really not so bad.

Get them. Everyone is getting them now. I need them but I refused.....so now I gotta wait 3 years....and in that time your teeth will be nice and straight so go for it!

You can expect to have beautiful teeth. No need to be scared of straight teeth.

nevidsee h
don get scared.
i got my braces just 2 weeks back.
it won trouble u
except ull find it odd 4 a few weeks

It takes quite a long time when getting them, but it is no way more painful than getting 5 or more cavities filled at one time! Don't worry you'll be fine, and your gums will probably bleed for a short time, but it is healthy for them to, and it makes them stronger.

They don't hurt just a little uncomfortable at first cause there tight but it shouldn't hurt.There r so many things they have like elastic god ones that glow in the dark or you can get every colour to match what you where every day.Don't worry you'll be fine and just think you will be just that much more beautiful it's all worth it in the end no matter how u feel now.

Expect the following;

- A lot of money
- A bit of pain when put on and tightend
- A beatiful smile once they are off

But don't be afraid, the after result is great.

When my ortho. said I had to get them, I first had to wait over a year and a half because I had to lose all of my baby teeth.

Once I got them, the pain started hours later and that only lasted for about a week.

Right now, I still have another year to go and I don't look half bad.

What to expect: It only took 20 minutes to get them on and it didn't hurt at all. Your ortho. will tell you what they are going to do. They continue doing that until the procedure is all finished.

Therefor, don't be nervous. I wanted them, I got them. You should be excited. Think about how your teeth will look once you get them off. Trust me, you'll like them. You just have to get used to them.

Good luck!

O dont be scared. Its really not that bad at all. Basically you go in they apply the metal studs to your teeth with an adhesive that seals them on your teeth. This doesnt hurt at all. Next they wire these studs so as to begin the straightening process. There may be some very slight pain in your maouth for a day or so but nothing more than an advil cant fix. The most important thing about braces is to keep your mouth very clean or you could get severe tooth decay under the braces due to food getting stuck up there. This is easily fixed by brushing everyday and flossing about once a week. O and one of the best things about braces is getting to choose the color of the bands on the studs. Get creative.

A lot of kids have to get braces. And no they are not comfortable when they are tightened, but the results of a healthy mouth are worth it.

I have braces, and there's nothing wrong with them. Sure, your teeth may get sore, but then you get to eat milkshakes all the time : ) And, they look good on most of the people I know. So, really, there's nothing to be scared of. Good Luck!!

Braces are no big deal. At my school, there are more people that have braces than those that dont. Its a little awkward at first to have metal in your mouth, but you get use to it in about a week or so. You'll be fine

I had braces and it's not nearly as big a deal as some people make it out to be. Your orthodontist will oftentimes start by putting spacers (thin metal rings) around some of your teeth as a preliminary measure. These will cause your teeth to feel tight and ache a little, but it's nothing excruciating. The actual process of putting the braces on doesn't hurt at all. The only aspect that will hurt a little is when the wire in your braces is tightened. Your teeth will typically ache somewhat afterwards, but again, it's nothing horrible or excurciating. Taking tylenol or advil will help with it if it bothers you too much. Braces aren't that bad at all, and you'll be glad you got them when you see your teeth afterwards.

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