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<a href="http://s184.photobucket.com/albums… ...

I'm a 47 yr old female who will be getting dentures. Any advice?

Larissa D
my only advice is to spend the extra money on a premium denture they look much more natural than the economy ones that most people get!

It will take a little while to get used to them--don't give up! Practice reading the newspaper out loud to get used to talking with them in. Keep them clean or they will cause your gums to become irritated, you can brush them with a denture brush and toothpaste. Take them out at night to give your gums a break. Don't be afraid to call your dentist if they hurt or need adjusting--it is usually only a 10 minute appointment. Also go in for an exam once a year to make sure they are still fitting right and to make sure your tissues in your mouth are healthy. Good luck :)


hahahahaha.. just be patient and good luck, it's no biggie you've got this!

I don't have them but my mother-in-law does.
She has had them since she was in her twentisl.
She said the dentist told her to take them out at night. No exceptions. She also said he told her that if they are at all uncomfortable,come see him.

Robin M
As a denture wearer my advice would be to get as much information as possible.Knowledge is power and it is good to walk in that office knowing what is what.A good place to start is "Dentures,A new Smile"....it is a support group for people who have dentures or is going through the process of getting dentures.Here is the link:


Before you have all your teeth extracted please contact me.
[email protected]

Horrible experience
maybe I can spare you some heart ache!!!

Yea, don't take them out in public to clean them. Rattle them at your grandkids, they will go bonkers over it. On the serious note, you should leave them in most of the time so that your gums and dentures will keep a tight fit. Some people only put them in to eat, but they end up with more trouble because they become loose.

I remember when I got brave but in pain a lot and it was time. it was scary but now they have such neat procedures that don't scare the heck out of you/ My problem was that they hurt and I didn't want to give them time to heal. They need to be left in and only take them out enough to rinse out your mouth with good warm salt water and campho phoenic and out the back in. No taking out at night is what most are doing now. Then after the soreness in gone there will be a sore now and then but still keep them in so the dentist can see the correct spot and be able to scrape them down a little. things may be different now but I don't know how. lots of luck to you.

I have some for you. When you first get them it will feel like you have a CD case in four mouth. When you take your first drink of water, be standing over the sink. There is a good chance you will choke a few times. The first day or two eat very soft foods like potatoes and gravy. BTW when you first get home, you may start shaking and get real cold. Take a warm bath, to get over the shock. Good Luck.

I fully agree with Dr Albert that you opt for implant supported dentures if you can afford. I would like to add here that you may opt for ball type implants for removable dentures. The Invoclar Vivadent provides comfortable dentures called BPS Dentures. You may also look for options overseas like countries thailand, india, hungary, etc. You may make internet search for something like affordable BPS dentures in india, etc. Good luck.

Good for you. Be patient. Good luck.

all the good advice you've probably already ignored......just don't lose 'em I suppose.

my mother has them. she said once the dentist tells you that you need them, they send you to have an impression made of your present teeth, therefore, so they can get the overbite right for your dentures.some people just have their teeth pulled, and wait a few months for the gums to heal before putting the dentures in, and some get put to sleep and have their teeth pulled, and when they wake up, their dentures are already in. she said after that, if you notice your mouth or gums getting really sore from the dentures, to take a small piece of sand paper and sand the denture down where its hurting. you will be fine.

answer man
its a good idea to get implants if you could efford it about $3000-3500 depending where u go.but if you cannot efford that just get couple so that ur denture could have a better suction and rest so when ur talking or eatting it does not come out. it worth the little expence and time.

Have you considered looking into dental implants? They're more natural and are easier to take care of. Just a suggestion. Good Luck!

I don't know if you drink or not, but I would say try to be aware of them when you are drinking, my mother in law has dentures and when she gets tipsy those babies start poppin off and she looks pretty silly.

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)

i can not really give you advice..but i know what you are feeling because i am going to do the same thing jan of 2007
due to periodontitis
i am very nervous about it
the one thing i can say is that i am going to one of the painless dentistry places..highly recommended
they use nitrous oxide,which is laughing gas or they have a 24 hour pill that will make you feel no pain at all
i hope this has helped some..good luck and best wishes

if you can, then you shoudl totally try to SAVE SOME LOWER TEETH.

As dr. Albert said, lowers don't EVER fit well.

I would honestly rather saw off my own left foot and get a prosthetic foot rather than a full, tissue-borne lower denture.
Implants would be the way to go ther,e but cost goes way up, unfortunately.

If you can save 6,4, or even TWO teeth on the lower and get a lower partial, even if it only lasts 5 years or so, it is TOTALLY worth it.

The dentures when you 1st get them may, or may not, fit you very tightly! That is until you eat anything with seeds then they may get between dentures and gums and cause pain! Good luck hun!


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